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Comment 20 hours ago

I am not a big as a fan as I used to when they raced to the finish instead of micromanaging ways to just outlast someone else through fuel.

I also have always been of the opinion that laps under flags should not count toward race finish.  What a shame, but congrats to the Cali kid for having enough fumes to coast over the line.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

If OSU offers and you accept, your in. If you choose not to, its your choice.  If your feelings are hurt, get over it.

It's competition.  Nothing is given in life, you must go after it.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

My big issue with all this is that RG is not the long term solution QB to our team.  We'll be lucky if he is even a short term solution since Josh McGown will be the starter anyway.  So we still need a young long term QB this or next year.  I can't see where we'll get one unless we have a dismal season and end up with the No. 1 pick in 2017 and we don't trade it away, or we find a project QB that will be patient for 2/3 years to learn and grow within the system.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

Yeah, I agree on the QB.  I was thinking more along the lines of a longterm impact player on D or a speciality position like RB or WR.  But, now I will rest hopes on some common sense when #8 pick arrives.

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Sorry SL.  Alas, I don't often disagree with you, but this time I believe we had a chance to snag at least one great player instead of some good ones.  We can continue to fill needs next year.

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Stupid.  The Browns are wearing theirs asses for hats!

Comment 03 Apr 2016

Players should not be paid other than by what they get already, that most in the world would kill for:

a free education at a good school because they could play a sport in high school

a chance to continue to play the sport they love

a chance to have a career playing the sport they love after they graduate from their free education

and a future career in something in other than the sport they love using the degree from their free education that the sport they love got them in the first place

The school makes money in many of ways from sports- - but mostly to cover the needs of those sports:

- the school has to pay for all the scholarships and programs that use them and (at least at OSU and their 36 sports) through sports the programs do not have to rely on the taxpayers and/or federal programs to pay for the sports the fans love.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

Used to run an L & G department for years at Sears - was number 1 in sales for a couple of them.

Buy a Zero turn... you will eventually wish for it and it  saves time and hassles.

Do your homework on the engines, horsepower and reviews plus versatility if the model uses attachments.

But regardless of which you buy, the KEY is maintenance, maintenance and maintenance. 

You MUST be habitual about maintaining the engine as it is recommended.

Do NOT get cheap on a major purchase like this, change the oil, use correct fuel and additives, change plugs, belts etc...

The money I saw wasted because people left fuel in tanks over the winter was ridiculous.  I of course made bank on it.

Good Luck.

Comment 28 Mar 2016

Something is wrong - but until a player says something that we can listen to or understand, we have to believe the issue or disgruntlement is on the side of the player, not the program.  If someone will speak up and bring the issue to light, we will know, until then speculation helps no oe.  So wish the unhappy player goodbye and good luck, and move on.

That said, someone also needs to have a talk with Thad, we can't afford to keep losing players like this.

Comment 26 Mar 2016

Has anyone ever asked the VTech dude that he wasted on that move, what he thought about pre and post miss when he saw the tape?

Would it be like:

I got his ass now... wtf!?  Where'd he go!? 

Damn my face hurts...

Comment 26 Mar 2016

As he should. I made a comment that it was a mistake to hire Franklin a week before they did.  Now Hackenberg is being knocked by NFL gems for speaking the truth  I find it hilarious that coaches/analysts/reporters are saying that he shouldnt be ssying these things although it might be true.

That's assinine, we teach men to be honest and truthful in life, and that means that if you don't want to hear the truth, then don't ask the question.  If I had the forum, I would throw these NFL teams under the bus for hypocrisy.