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Comment 15 hours ago

offensive offense.  and why, with 1:29 left, and everyone knowing they are going to throw the ball, are we blitzing when dropping 6/7 back would have prevented the td easily? what the hell is wrong with the coaching staff?

Maybe we need to become basic.

Comment 16 hours ago

Pathetic play calling. Same as last year before we lost. WTF is warriner doing? I keep looking to see him down on the field or someone else is calling the plays.  Do we even have any mid range passing game or do we only practice running plays? I can't imagine whaht happened to the offense from Oklahoma.

Comment 16 hours ago

Flat out embarassing how our coaches have been calling the offense.  What a farce! Warriner, get your head out of your ass!

Comment 16 Oct 2016
Shoulda called a timeout at least to review the play during the rain. And what was with throwing mostly to rb's instead of receivers? And the passes best made have some zip on 'em. JT, why not dive for the first at games end there huh? After seeing them use the jet sweep repeatedly against shitagain, didnt we practice against it? And after it burned us 2 times, shouldnt we recognize and be ready for it? And someone go punch out that bs official... Lastly, when we are running the ball for 12 consecutive plays and they cant stop us, wtf!? Going to a pass was f'ing stupid. Continue the run til its 7!
Comment 16 Oct 2016

there is nothing to be happy about.  if that was my team, they can enjoy the win for an hour because they survived, then i read then the list of crap they did as well as my lack of adjustments as coach

-and have respect, i didnt call you an ass because i disagree with you

Comment 15 Oct 2016

if they would just teach the corners to turn around and look at the goddamned ball, he could slapped it down or intercepted it

Comment 15 Oct 2016

I hope this game serves as a wake up call to quit screwing with the offense.  Make other teams adjust to beat us, tailoring offenses is killing us.  Warriner is have a shit day.  I hate night games.

Comment 15 Oct 2016

If the official hadn't fucked up and stolen out fumble recovery, it would now be a 14 point swing at 27 to 9.

Add the fact we should have 2 TDs instead of field goals because of missed catches and it becomes 41 to 9.

We truly are playing like crap.