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Comment 04 Aug 2015

So young, so much talent, and so much life to live on.  Life sometimes is just unfair, isn't it?  Prayers to Zach, his family (especially his wife), his friends, and his teammates.  Heartbroken life events like this put our fans in perspective in life.  RIP, Zach!

Comment 26 May 2015

That perfect season may get lost in many fans' mind due to the unfortunate post-season ban.  However, the importance of the perfect record in Urban's first, and perhaps most difficult season should never been under appreciated.  As No_1 alluded, the instant on-field success in Urban's first year at OSU were influential on his outstanding recruiting in the last couple of years.  Along this line, I have to give lots of credits to the core group of players including Simon when they seemed to have little to play for due to the post-season ban but chose to stay with Urban's coaching staff after the coaching change and under seemingly misaligned environment at the moment.  If lots of players like Simon chose to leave the program after the coaching change, it might have negatively impact Urban's recruiting efforts significantly.  In that case, Urban might not be able to enjoy his recruiting success and on-field dominance as early and as consistent as he did. For this reason, I consider lots of players on that team, particularly those seniors such as Simon, are unsung heroes as not many people would make the choice that they did under the special circumstances.  

Comment 29 Apr 2015

It is of course all Urban's fault, but it is much more complicated than a simple math...Sorry guys, here is my simplest reasoning:

If Urban was not a successful young football HC at BG, he would not be in a position to get the HC position at Utah.

If Urban did not get the position at Utah, he would not have the chance to display his great potential as a successful high-profile college football HC.

If Urban was not successful at Utah, he would not be in a position to get the high-profile HC job at Florida.

If Urban did not have a short turnaround and great success at Florida (i.e. winning two NCs in 4? years), he would not build up unbearable pressure to himself.

If Urban was not under such self-imposed pressure, he would not officially retire from Florida a few years ago.

If Urban resumed his HC job earlier after the retirement, he would/might not be in a position to take the OSU HC job when it unexpectedly became vacant.

If Urban did not take the OSU HC job, OSU would not be in the college football playoff this past year.

If the Urban-led team did not make the playoff, OSU would not have the chance to exposure the vulnerable SEC king (instead, Alabama would have easily beaten a self-claimed "more deserving" #4 playoff team Baylor or TCU).

If the Urban-led team did not dethrone the SEC king in the playoff semi-final game, OSU would not have a chance to play Oregon (instead, Alabama would have easily survived the semi-final game, and earned the chance to play Oregon).

If the Urban-led team did not play an excellent NC game, OSU would not win the first UNDISPUTED NC (instead, Alabama would have destroyed Oregon to easily win the NC).

If the Urban-led team did not win the NC, OSU would not have the chance to go to the White House to enable the entire nation to witness the Bosa shrug (instead, Alabama would have earned the right to meet Obama).

If the Urban-led team did not earn the right to go to the White House last week, the Alabama team and Cyrus Jones would be in DC yesterday when the domestic violence occurred.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

My (always) unreliable source just told me that unless Russel does not want to get a college degree, or unless he does not enjoy playing college basketball anymore, he won't be gone for NBA until next year if he can convince OSU not to worry about buying a multi-million dollar injury insurance policy for him, and if he can play increased minutes at the PG position next year.  Is he most likely going pro this year or not?

Comment 05 Apr 2015

More coincidences: both #4 seeds were from the same conference, were clear underdogs against the #1 seed, and won/will win the NC.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Thank you both for the information and explanation.  I have absolutely no knowledge about wrestling but I assume that the team scoring system is too complicated for someone to easily figure out the scenarios that the Buckeyes are going to take home the NC.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

How many IOWA wrestlers are in the finals?  Can any other teams practically challenge the Buckeyes tomorrow for the NC?  For the benefits of the ones like me who are not fortunate enough to watch the matches and/or to understand the team scoring system, could someone lay out what need to happen tomorrow for the Buckeyes to earn the NC?  I won't be able to experience the excitement tomorrow as I will be on an airplane 35,000 ft about the pacific ocean around the time the Buckeyes are on their way to win the NC.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

Birm had been right on the money on his CBs on 2015 recruits, I hope that he will be wrong two times in a row when it comes to his CBs on 2016 recruits-he recently CB'd Sandwisch to the Buckeyes.