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Comment 15 Sep 2014

IF JT plays way above our expectations and wins us the BIG, and IF the coaching staff believe that JT gives us the best chance to win the BIG and the national championship next year, would it be possible or easy for the coaching staff to convince Braxton to forgo his last year of eligibility? 

Personally I don't believe the hypothetical scenario would happen as I think that a RS senior would most likely have significant advantage over a RS sophomore when it comes to experience and football knowledge. 

Comment 11 Sep 2014


To me for an athlete or a person in general, efforts mean much more than natural talents.  Not everybody is fortunate enough to have the god-given talents to make them a Michael Jordan or a Shaq O'neal in basketball, a Jim Brown or a Joe Montana in football, or a Babe Ruth or a Cy Young in baseball.  If a basketball player with limited physical abilities or limited basketball talents makes best efforts to achieve his maximum potentials, I would applaud him and congratulate him even if his box scores may not be very respectful.  I feel that Lenzelle is that kind of player.  In addition, during his tenure at OSU, overall he was a good citizen and represented OSU well.  For the same reason, I always respect intellectually challenged students who try their best even if their GPA is only 2.0, but would feel very disappointed for very smart students who do not make much efforts even if their GPA is 3.5.  My point is that I would only question someone's lack of efforts, but would never blame someone's lack of natural talent.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Why did he commit to WVU a couple of days before his scheduled visit to OSU?  Was he afraid that the upcoming visit may make it more difficult for him to pull the trigger? Considering that he is now committed to another school, will he follow through the visit to OSU or will he simply cancel the visit?

Comment 28 Feb 2014

It is funny that when the football team was struggling on defense last season, many fans felt that the basketball season did not come quick enough.  Now the fortune has turned.  Perhaps we need to have something else (e.g. hockey maybe?) to cheer about between the two.

Comment 28 Feb 2014

I have always been curious on this: if a shot blocker can jump that high to block the shot like Sam did there, why don't they simply tip it to themselves (i.e. similarly to what players sometimes do when grabbing a rebound) instead of blocking it away to allow the opposing team to pick up the ball?  Is such play a violation?