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Comment 11 hours ago

I believe that the top 4 seeds get double bye.  As you correctly pointed out, the outcome of the Illinois game is irrelevant for OSU to earn the #3 seed.  However, it is relevant for OSU to earn the #4 seed.  Therefore, the outcome of that game is relevant for determining whether OSU will get the double bye.

Edit:  all my interpretations were based on the assumption that ALL of the information presented in the charts were correct.

Comment 12 hours ago

The chart is actually self-explanatory:  the four columns on the left side list the winner of the four relevant games, the outcomes of which will have implications on the B1G tournament seeding #3 - #6, and the four columns on the right side list the corresponding seeding outcomes based on the winners listed on the left side.  I hope that I won't confuse you even more. 

Comment 21 hours ago

I applaud you for keeping our recent football and basketball success in perspective in life.  Every athletic program has certain realistic expectations or ceilings.  I only started watching the Buckeye basketball in the 90's.  Without knowing too much about the history and tradition of college basketball, I feel pretty confident to say that Thad has placed the OSU basketball program back on the map nicely, perhaps in a more prominent position.  I understand that as fans we all want more success from our beloved sports teams in terms of NCs, final fours, but at the same time we also need to keep everything in perspective, and refrain ourselves from having too many unrealistic expectations.  I agree that Thad's records in the last couple of years were subpar (only to his own standard and success).  At the same time we all need to recognize that even the perceived more successful coaches such as coach K and coach Izzo also had dismal seasons or very bad losses (e.g. coach K's 1st round loss in a recent NCAA tournament as a very high seed).  To me as fans  under those disappointing situations we should ask more relevant and constructive questions, such as whether the coaches and players were making the best efforts, whether the program was heading to the right direction, and whether the disappointment could be attributed to uncontrollable events.  If the answers to all or most of the relevant questions were yes, as a fan I can live through the pain and continue supporting my beloved teams wholeheartedly. 

Some of the discussion here remind me of a related thread regarding coach Izzo's recent somewhat controversial comments on Thad when he compared coach Matta to coach Carr.  While his comments were interpreted differently by different posters, I believe that he was trying to say that Thad was a victim of his own great success that kind of made us fans have unrealistic expectations on him and his team. I certainly don't want to live the lives of the Wolverine fans who bitched coach Carr in his later coaching career when his records were kind of subpar to his own success.    

Comment 22 hours ago

I don't think that anybody (including UFM) would like a momentum killing out-of-bound kickoff.  However, the fact that despite the obvious problem with the directional kickoff strategy, the coaching staff never bothered changing the "seemingly" not working approach throughout the season.  This strongly suggested to me that they believed that the somewhat compromised approach was still the best option for the OVERALL kicking game, including the coverage.  Therefore, personally I took the out-of-bound kicking issue as a simple imperfection intrinsically associated with all parts of a football game, such as turnovers, false starts, and missed tackles etc.  Yes, the problem needs to be minimized for sure, just like any other problems for the game, but I can live with it even though sometimes it was kind of painful to watch.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

I am not familiar with the context of this particular photo, but it does "magnify" one of Amir's main weaknesses on defending the post: he stands straight up or nearly straight up too often.  I bet that even the slam dunk Sam would not be able to jump up more than two inches from a straight up standing position.  

Comment 04 Mar 2015

Thad's inability to address the center need in the past few years was not necessarily because of a lack of efforts from him or his coaching staff.  If my memory serves, after the current senior class arrived Thad has been trying hard to upgrade the center position by targeting quite a few top center recruits.  Unfortunately for him and for Ohio State, for some reasons all highly ranked centers that he went after decided to go elsewhere until this incoming freshman class.  With the bad experience Thad has encountered from taking a handicapped center a few years as a somewhat "desperate" move, he most likely did not want to go the same route by settling with a very compromised or plan C big man for the sake of just addressing the center issue.  As a result, he failed to get a single center recruit for three years in a row.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

I agree that it is not easy to find a "Meyer" in basketball these days.  More importantly, if there is a "Meyer" out there in basketball, I am not sure whether he would take a job at OSU.  I understand that as fans it is easy for us to say that since Thad has not won a NC for us in 10 years, and since Meyer replaced a legendary coach to win us a NC in three years, let's replace Thad with a "Meyer" that will win one for us soon.  Unfortunately, the reality is that although both the OSU football program and the OSU football coaching job are most likely among top 5 in the country, despite the fact that Thad raised the OSU basketball program to a pretty high level, any unbiased person would agree that the OSU basketball program or the OSU basketball coaching job is not up to the same level.  These differences between the two programs certainly affect our ability to recruit the top-notch high school basketball players on a CONSISTENT basis, attract a "Meyer" type basketball coach, and to get up over the hump (i.e. winning a NC). 

Because of the differences mentioned above, I believe that Thad's inability to recruit elite big men in the last few years and willingness to "settle" with Williams and McDonald was not because he could not evaluate talents on big men or did not make enough efforts on recruiting big men (if I remember correctly, he did try very hard to recruit quite a few better big men prospects in the last few years but got struck out each time), but because, at least in large part, the OSU basketball program does not have the same ability as top five basketball programs or the OSU football program in term of competing with other top programs to attract elite recruits.  Every time when I see a poster questioning Thad's settling with Williams and McDonald, I cannot help but laughing simply because if Thad had a better option (e.g. a better big man was willing to commit, or he could afford a team without any big man for the 2011/12 season), I am pretty sure that he would be smart enough to not take either or both of the two obviously compromised centers.  My point is that although it is easy for Thad to always take a Davis or an Okafor instead of a Williams or a McDonald, it is much more difficult for him to put himself in a position to make those easy decisions.  In other words, Thad settled with his best options at the time, which is most of us would do for our daily lives.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

or years.  Sorry, I feel that I just have to complete the sentence for you...

Comment 09 Feb 2015

Someone still DV a sarcastic post when it is obvious that a sarcasm font was unnecessary.  UV to cancel the DV.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

It would be interesting to compare a 10-year average recruiting ranking with each school with their 10-year average final major poll/BCS ranking. 

Comment 30 Jan 2015

By 2029 UFM will have retired from college football as he does not have more fingers to put a ring on.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Nick Bosa!  He cannot wait for one extra year and risk the opportunity to play with his brother so he re-classify himself as a 2015 recruit.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Totally agree with both of you.  I don't watch too much basketball these days but every time when I watch, I could not help myself but wondering what if Russell was born a few years earlier.  From his performance at OSU, I strongly believe that if he plays with another big star on the team he would excel instantly and Thad would most likely have got his NC by now.  Russell is by far the best player on the team.  He plays extremely well in games where there is less competition and/or when he feels less pressure to lead the team.  The flipping side is that he plays very poorly in games where there is more competition (e.g. earlier games against MU, UL, UNC etc.) and/or when he feels more pressure to lead the team.  Can you imagine if he were on the team with JJ Sullinger or Evan Turner?

On a different note.  Russel's jump shots have a very unusual form; he barely jumps when he makes his jump shots and releases the ball on his way up.  Would this cause him any major problem when he faces better defenders or when he moves to NBA? 

Comment 20 Jan 2015

When I watched the OSU-Michigan basketball game on TV ~16 hours after OSU won the NC game, I noticed that the sideline reporter interviewed a "super Buckeye fan" on the stand, who appeared to go on without sleep for almost two days.  This fan drove from her home in Georgia to Columbus on Sunday, took a flight to Dallas on Monday standing-by as the flight was overbooked, witnessed the Buckeye glories Monday night, fully enjoyed the post-game celebrations throughout the night, caught a flight back to Columbus on Tuesday, and then went to Schottenstein directly from the airport to watch the basketball game.  I believe that the girl wearing the #5 jersey in the picture was the super fan in the Schottenstein arena, understandably yawning from time to time during the basketball game.  Did anybody else catch that and verify what I thought?

Comment 15 Jan 2015

You guys all got this wrong.  She was praising Urban for wining the NC game with his second string quarterback.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

ESPN breaking news: Denver Broncos just lost the superbowl in the last play of the game to Urban Meyer-coached Cleveland Browns when its starting quarterback Cardale Jones somehow overthrew his deep-threat receiver and college teammate Devin Smith that was 100 yards away.  Smith was so wide open in the end zone as all of the defenders severely underestimated Cardale's arm strength and crowded the field around their 20 yard line.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

What is the record for most guys taken in a draft?

I am not 100% sure but I think that it was 14 in one of JT's teams.  However, as TraSmith4 mentioned, that record might have been broken afterwards.