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    Going to 1997 All-Star game at the Jake with my Dad, watching Sandy Alomar win MVP
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Comment 25 Nov 2014

Blasphemy! No way was World is not Enough better than Goldeneye!

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Facility with Proximity Mines was my spot. Throw one at every re-spawn spot...instant death. Or, Slappers only playing with OddJob.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I just called, bumped my package from Choice to the Xtra package. They said I can go back and forth and they'd just pro-rate it. So for a couple days, I'll be happy to pay an extra 1-2$ vs. having to go watch it at a crowded over-priced bar.

Comment 15 Jan 2014

I've never put much stock into the rankings. The real ranking should come out 2 years later, when they're heading into their Jr/(R)So years. That's also a lot more telling for how our coaching is. AJ Hawk came in as a 3*, left as a legend. Product of good coaching and hard work.

Comment 05 Jan 2014

Is it just me, or the last 2 years the routes the WR run have been awful? It's either a WR screen or everyone just runs a go route? It seems like there are very few intermediate slants, outs, or mid routes. Here's hoping for a Troy Smith-esque growth from Jr. year to Sr. year passing wise for Braxton