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Comment 31 Mar 2014

In Jan we all talked about the most hated coach in the Big Ten...Bo Ryan was the winner.  Now we are supposed to say hey Bo you go man, your it all for the BigTen.  Sorry, is it a shame the BigTen didn't fare better yesterday and get 3 teams in the final four, yes...but only in passing.  Not sitting on the edge of my seat hoping Michigan, Michigan St and Wisc make the Final Four.  Can't hate to see teams win one part of the year only to hope they win in another.  If you rooted for Michigan!!

Comment 30 Mar 2014

Caddy Shack 2...worst movie, worst sequel

and worst actor...Jackie Mason.

Comment 30 Mar 2014

What if Seibert would have made it.  White (Iowa),  Adrian Payne and Trae Jackson all wanted to be Buckeyes...everyone forgets Aaron Craft went to Tennessee 1st.  This topic bothers me so much its nice to see others get involved.  We are losing too many guys in our back yard that WANT to be here its pathetic.  It rests with Matta but somebody else is evaluating talent for this team that shouldn't be.  If it is only Matta doing evaluating, this better be a wake up call.  Losing Kennard isn't the best but he didn't want to be here.


Comment 26 Mar 2014

Russell isn't coming to Ohio State to back anyone up.  This kid is good.  Unless he falls flat and has a horrible year Ohio State will be in a lot of close games.  Winning these close games however is going to be this teams identity.  The Seniors and the progress of Amir and Trey will dictate the attitude and if nobody comes up as a scorer/leader...its going to be one long season. 

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Only reason Ross is tweeting this is because he doesn't want the info to come from a source outside of Ohio State.  Kid is showing some class by letting the university run the presser. 

Comment 24 Mar 2014

We aren't even on Turners Radar.  Look at his latest news we are less than 1% chance.  Turner is gone.  Kennard is gone. Ross is gone.  See the theme?


Comment 24 Mar 2014

Thad Matta was told when he took the job to be a consistent winner at Ohio State you needed to secure Ohio.  Trey Burke Mich, Aaron White Iowa, A. Payne, Travis Trice Michigan State, Jackson at Wisc. All Ohio kids that seriously wanted to play at Ohio State. Now its Kennard.  Even A. Craft went to Tennessee 1st.. When is going to be mentioned that maybe Matta isn't the recruiter he gets credit for or his eye for talent isn't what it was.   Conley and Oden are once in a lifetime gets.  DeSaun Thomas isn't coming around again soon.  Obviously just because a kid is a McDonalds All-American doesn't mean he can be a top Div 1 player.  You need to have someone who can get the ones that are and want to be at Ohio State.  Maybe this years class is a change and these guys coming in are just that, lets hope. 

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Luke Kennard will be a Buckeye.  Has always liked Coach Matta and he is exactly the kinda player Matta can make into a solid All-American. 

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Crazy, L. Smith took his offense along with him to the defensive side of the court.  If he nailed a shot he was all over his guy and got back down on defense.   But, when Lenzelle Smith missed a shot he consistently was beat down the court and that was a huge part of why there is no grading scheme that could put him above a in disappointment!!

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Our faults with this team are simple.  Players that left early, or were not given the chance to play in Columbus.  A. Payne, wanted to be a Buckeye, we couldn't seem to work it out, yet MSU did...A. White Iowa, offered but way late.  Trice with MSU...offered?  Jackson with Wisc was talked to but not went after as serious option.  T. Burke wanted to be a Buckeye, not offered.  I know this is a huge what if, but where would Thad be with this group instead of group we are so proud of at 25-10.  A Payne alone would have done some serious damage.  I am aware Its a numbers game and hind site...bla, bla  But these guys would have added some serious numbers to the 2013-14 basketball team.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

The one thing that seems to be missing in all of this is Urban Meyer.  He will not only have a say in schemes and personel he will have a say during games.  His input will be a huge part of the years defense...going to be interesting to see if he stays involved or gets to the point that he likes what he sees.

Comment 17 Mar 2014

Roosevelt Chapman, he was the man for Dayton...and as I recall Dayton defeated Oklahoma that game.  Lets hope Dayton keeps its great memory in the past.  Then we can create another epic win vs. Syracuse!!

Comment 17 Mar 2014

You wait and see how non BigTen officials make the BigTen have to adjust mid game.  It happens every year, the BigTen struggles because what was left alone in the conf. is called in the NCAA tourn.  In the BigTen tourn they let everyone play thru contact.  NCAA's will clamp down on us like we just started playing.  Hope I am wrong...

Comment 17 Mar 2014

Clark knew he couldn't cut it in Columbus...simple, make it sound like NC is THE place to be,  See ya in Chapel Hill in 2015!!

Comment 16 Mar 2014

Craft is coming back to Ohio State to play for U Meyer.  Then head to Med school...  Q is gone he needs the money and if he can get it, go get it.


Comment 16 Mar 2014

Its simple he takes it personal when he is guarded well and try's to hard to prove he can still score.  He can't and when he gets defended well and his shot isn't falling he disappears.  You also never see anyone in his face to snap out of it.  Its almost like the other players know it is what it is, can't do anything about it so...  Until, Matta pulls him and or changes his min, we are doomed.  Brown prove he deserves the chance to play more min. and these need to come from Smith.   Where would Ohio State be if Matta went after, aggressively, A. White (Iowa), Travis Trice (MSU) and had gotten Payne?  We need to identify targets in Ohio and not lose them.   Payne wanted to come to Ohio State so bad he was willing to do almost anything.  I know he had issues but MSU worked it out...we could have as well.  Our bigs get the ball in the paint and its a missed shot or a turnover.  Its why we have rely on outside shooting so much.

Comment 10 Mar 2014

If most hoops fans only recently jumped on the bandwagon how is it that Jerry Lucas has the most votes?  You think all the newcomer's think he was the Star Wars guy?  No he is leading the votes because he was a great Basketball player, led us to 3 championship games and won a national title.  We have been on this bandwagon a long, long time!!


Comment 09 Mar 2014

Why's are easy.  Why isn't White from Iowa (from Ohio) playing for us?  Offered way late and never felt the love.  Why isn't A. Payne MSU, from Dayton playing for us...offered late? not at all?  you put those 2 kids on this team and we are a top 10 and BigTen Challenger.  Its such a crap shoot in recruiting but both White and Payne wanted to be Buckeyes....ouch!!

Comment 07 Mar 2014

Craft is the kind of guy who gets out of his car , goes to the door, shakes hands with his dates parents and floors them with his charm.  99% of his haters honk the horn or wait until their, date/sister climbs out of the window or just meets them down the street.  @fake hustle guy is a perfect example.  Craft has class and does thing right and he plays for us everyone besides us hates that. 


Comment 01 Mar 2014

AOL finally got wise and dumped the lack of sporting news for SI as their sports info provider.  Matt Hayes who consistently bashes Meyer, OSU and needs to realize he is the biggest reason.  He is so in love with Tebow he puts him ahead of Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson and Barry Sanders as THE greatest Athlete ever in college football.  He is not saying player, he is saying Athlete.  Tebow is a top 5 of all time.  Probably the #1 QB, but he is not a better athlete than the 3 guys I mentioned.  Hayes gets so conflicted with pumping Tebow and ripping Meyer his stories sound like pure hate...kinda like mine.  I hate Matt Hayes!!

I doubt Tebow is going to sit around with Meyer waiting to talk to recruits on his and Ohio States behalf.  Now, if Meyer was to hire him as say QB coach or resident recruiting stand in...I say pay the man.