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Comment 14 Jan 2015

Another ESPN reporter-clown says,  "OSU's win does not  mean it's best team. Alabama could beat them  eight days later. TCU too...." He has a point, maybe we should have a 72-team playoff,  and at the Final Four, a best of 5 for the semis and a best of 7 for the championship every two years.

Mark May is to ESPN what Al Sharpton is to MSNBC. What Howard Dean and Debbie Wasserman are to the Dems.

Comment 04 Jan 2015

A blogger named Carpenter wrote this on an ESPN.go site:
Let's look at some stats on the mighty Ducks....As a Buckeye, I know this passing offense of the Ducks will destroy us...we have no chance to slow them down...or do we? Just whom has Oregon played this year.....let's look at the defenses of the teams the mighty Ducks have whooped up on, shall we? Keep in mind, there are 128 teams in college football at this level.
Cal, ranked dead last in all of football against the pass, #128
Wa State, ranked 2nd to dead last, at #127
Univ Wa...# 124
MIghty Az, co conf champion, #121
USC at #118
Mighty Ducks are #111, just for comparison sake
Az State #106
Mighty Buffalo's of Colorado, #103
UCLA #96
Oregon St #94
Utah at #93

Lastly, mighty Stanford is the only team in the top 20, #8. 
So in conclusion, the mighty Ducks have some inflated #'s against awful competition in the passing game. This just shows how AWFUL the PAC defenses are. So before we get too carried away, just chew on these #'s for a bit. Oh and by the way, OSU is ranked # 16!!!
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Comment 02 Dec 2014

Clark gushed about a surprise OSU offer in the Plain Dealer in 2013 as a junior.

In 2014 He had scrotUM and USC and Texas as his choicces per the recruiting sites. We need a TE. Chances or scuttlebutt anybody?

Comment 03 Jul 2014





247 = 35

MINE PRESENTLY = 12     (Coincidentally, all Buckeyes, BTW)  

Comment 27 Feb 2014

I've gone back ten years on Rivals, Scout, etc. to look at the top recruiting classes (and at others in BIG) to see what percentage of 5* and 4*s names are memorable (for one reason or the other; in the pros, etc.). Recruiting is quite a craps shoot, though rather have fours and fives than twos and threes. I'm surprised at all the 2*s in the MAC and some BIGs now too.  

Comment 29 Dec 2013

I do blame BOB. My wife's MSU. She doesn't hate Saban for leaving. I do. (MSU is a fine school with great kids and fans. Her other half of the family are weasels. Huge difference in the students and alum.) These some-and-dones really screw their recruits and the programs. The tax-and-spend governments get 55% of their money. How much do they need --after banking five or ten million and a retirement account fit for a sheik-- to live on? I place loyalty to those who deserve it as the starting point of a guy's integrity. Five or six years minimum should be  the commitment. (And if the guy can't cut muster, he should be canned.)   

Comment 27 Jul 2013

What the hell is taking so long? This ain't Watergate. ( politics. I took out Benghazi and changed it to Watergate.) 

Was there a hospital emergency admission or not? Usually public record.

The Columbus PD and prosecutor's office must have such a total bead on this by now. Face it. It's either chicken poop  (or less),  or something serious.  A lack of a "statement" by Carlos's spokesman, and Urban's quick trigger combo,  bothers me a LOT

My reliable sources tell me he was just "Doing the Frug" on the dance floor (in honor of my graduating class),  and he back-handed her by accident.

Then she pulled  a 45 and two pit bulls from her fanny pack, and he split. He "gestured back at her" only to throw livva-snaps to her dogs, but she scarfed them first. Not denigrating Carlos. Always seemed a class act to me. And please recall your July days, summers of your teens and "earlies."

These guys are stupid but saints compared  to most of us at that age. Really...think of all the stuff you pulled!  Women: root of all Knieval.


Comment 26 Jul 2013

Such a cute map: Schools that dominate in their state in football are shown.

Next year's will be a US map of schools that dominate the nation... with only Brutus on it.

Comment 25 Jul 2013

No, silly. That's what he's like when he's OFF them. Those aren't "harmful side effects;" it's his normal.

Comment 25 Jul 2013

Can someone please, please explain how UMMMMM --Hoke-- can recruit "so well" (per the usual poll-prognosticators' rankings)?

The campus is "cute and ivy-ish," and Ant Harbor can't have the temptations of Flint, so the parents must like that (and the myth and facade of being academically "elite"). 

But my gawd, don't the recruits watch the awful coaching? 

Also, I'm groping for a tee shirt or bumper sticker SLOGAN  along the lines of:

MICHIGAN: "Winningest college football team (137 wins*)

                          before helmets were invented."  


                   [SAME START.....]  BEFORE WORLD WAR I. 

* whatever the number is from those horse cart days 


Comment 23 Jul 2013

   How bout a "stand your ground (on the dance floor)" defense for Carlos? He "fled" too. To avoid further assault. Has all states' laws covered. If the helmet don't fit, you must acquit. Seriously, another OH S_ _ _! event, but I've learned first hand in my profession to a) mistrust print media reports; b) same for police reports the victim files; and c) don't rush to judgment or think things are "fixed" when an athlete gets charges reduced or dismissed. 

    Look at "domestic violence" charges. Ask any divorce lawyer to tell you some war stories:

Husband has a TRO prohibiting him from contact with child or spouse. Wife says, "Can't get off work; mom's at the doctors. Please pick Sally up after school at 2:45."

Then her sister is at school filming husband and wife as both arrive, and wife goes ape with the acting. In court, wife says she called husband only to say support payment hasn't been deposited and he threatened to kill the kid, so she called her sister (or more often, the cops). Women Dom Rel. judges? GOOD LUCK!

Storm Klein? Who knows what really went on. When I was his age, I had a meltdown because my wifE-to-be stepped in goose poop at the lake in her Papagallas and got my GTO carpet dirty.

Same thing with "stalking charges." A lot of BS and abuse, then the REAL cases are poo-pooed because of it.  

Comment 16 Apr 2013

Mark May does NOT wear women's underwear! He wear's Braddy's.