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Comment 07 Aug 2015

I want to see them lose enough games to make their fans and Coach Jim uncomfortable. I love hearing the media roast TTUN and wolverine tears taste so sweet. 

And of course I want them to lose The Game in the big house. Regardless of their record at the time, a victory on their home turf is always great!

Comment 03 Aug 2015

You were always relevant. It's just that Rutgers and Maryland were irrelevant until they joined the B1G (maybe still are). 

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Thoughts and prayers for Zach and his Family. Stay strong!

Comment 21 Jul 2015

BuckeyeDude and others,

I support your "take that" comment, but please refrain from using the word "retard" or "retarded". 

I am a special education teacher/consultant and have worked with kids with disabilities for over 20 years. It bothers me when I hear that word. Unfortunately, some states still use it to define individuals with very low IQ. 

Before you use the "R" word again, think of the mother and father who have just been told their newborn baby has Down Syndrome, or that their three your old boy has an intellectual disability and will need extensive special education services and related therapies. Imagine them hearing that word, or seeing it written. That would hurt.

I'm not trying to play politics here, just want others to be aware that the word "retarded" can hurt others even when that's not your intent. 

Thanks for reading. 

Comment 04 Jul 2015

Happy Fourth, everyone. Thanks to our veteran and active servicemen and women for protecting our freedom.

I heard a piece on Sirius/XM' College Dports Nation that UCLA was not pressing charges. Allegedly, Diddy's son has been the target of bullying (my word not theirs) by the strength coach for quite some time. Reportedly, little diddy skipped an optional training session and went fishing with his dad, but had worked out with a personal trainer elsewhere. When he showed up the following day, the strength coach kicked him out and told him not to come to any more training sessions. When P came home and saw his sone there, he questioned him and learned that he was kicked out and could not return. So Diddy went down to confront the coach. 

I don't condone Diddy's actions, but if the allegations of bullying are true, I would certainly confront the coaching staff as well. Maybe just skip the kettle ball part. 

Comment 21 Jun 2015

Can't imagine spending Father's Day in a hospital while my child fights for his life. Stay strong Jared. You have a strong mother and father to lean on. 

Comment 03 Jun 2015

That is exactly who I was going to add, and exactly how I would have added it. 

Live up. 

Comment 27 May 2015

Very well argued, Hodge, but I'd keep it right where it is.  The Buckeyes had to battle the same perceptions and the same uncertainty going into the  Sugar Bowl as they had against Wisconsin.  We were headed into a fight with the king of he mighty SEC, a much stronger/faster/deeper/experienced team than Wisconsin.   The Buckeyes history against the SEC, especially in bowl games, served as a ghostly reminder that we are an inferior team from an inferior conference.  And Cardale, well, according to the world, he just got lucky against Wisconsin.  There was no way he could do the same against the mighty Alabama D.  SEC speed after all. 

Sure, the drubbing of Wisconsin catapulted the Buckeyes into the playoffs, but the victory over Alabama silenced the doubters (well, most of them) and put an end to a long run of bad losses to out of conference teams on the national stage (see Florida, LSU, USC, Texas, Miami*) .  That's the game that deserves the top spot. 

*Fire Fickell

Comment 20 May 2015

Again, there's a little truth to the QB thing. Ohio State isn't known for developing or producing pro QBs. His statement stings a little, but think of the string of quarterbacks pre-Urban. None of them developed into solid pro prospects. Pryor especially showed little growth as a passer, in my opinion. How many screen passes did he throw into the dirt?  That use to drive me crazy. 

I don't recall the Twitter war. Can anyone find and post a link?

Comment 19 May 2015
Here's the link to the First Team's top 40 if interested. Sorry if it's a duplicate post.