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Grew up in the shadows of the Horseshoe and developed a strong hatred for all things north of the border.


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Comment 23 Aug 2014

Number 7 indeed. Teddy Ballgame, Joey Galloway, so damn fast. 

I had a Conelius Green banner (that my mom made) hangng in my bedroom when I was a kid. It now hangs in my six year old son's bedroom. We live in PA, but he's all Buckeye, and his birthday/lucky number is, of course, 7.

His first Buckeye game is in 7 days.

Game week!!!

Comment 23 Aug 2014

The premise of this article is horse shit. To think that a guy, you don't even know, is a bust because he disappointed you in regard to not meet expectations you dreamed up for him is pathetic. 

Keep in mind, though, that Grant himself feels that he has underperformed. I what I take from this article is that Grant is embracing his role as a leader, and taking a somewhat different, and hopefully more successful approach to this season that he and the fans hope is successful. 

Saying his legacy is set in stone before he takes the field for his senior season is where I think most fans find fault in this article (as seen in posted responses), but that's not the only message. 

Go Bucks!

Comment 23 Aug 2014

The Buckeyes would be my first consideration before axing cable. Second would be college football, and then Buckeye/college hoops and NFL. These are the only reasons I even have TVs (also Game of Thrones). 

Edit: the 60 inch LED HD TV in my basement would revolt against low def shakey feeds. As would I. I need my Buckeyes in full-glorious HD, and the bigger the better. 

Comment 23 Aug 2014

I agree with JohnnyKozmo. A great season from Curtis can reshape his legacy. It only takes one year. 

It has to be hard, coming in with so much hype, then struggling to live up and getting dragged through the mud by the fans and media, and being fully aware. 

I have a lot of respect for Curtis. He has fought through many challenges and seems to be coming out on the other side a better man. Whether he is a better football player remains to be seen, but football is a game, life is not. 

Rise up, Curtis! This Buckeye fan is pulling for you!

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Hoke: "Over here...ummm, uhh...we could...uuuuh...put some...uummm, uuuh fireworks, or, uuuhhhh, something."
Brandon: "That's the section I was planning to sell tickets through living social, but I could move that to the lower tier, 50 yard line.  Maybe throw in a t-shirt with the offer."

Hoke: "And uuuuuhhh hot dog. Uhhh, Maybe two hot dogs!  I love hot dogs!"

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Good questions and good feedback.  I had similar questions because I don't really have a solid grasp of alignments, schemes, player responsibilities under certain conditions, etc.  Ross Fulton's breakdowns are great reads!

I have to say, the cut blocking concerns me.  I would really hate to lose one of our defensive linemen to a knee injury from a sketchy block.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

I just can't do themed sneakers.  That's just me and my preferences.  Most of the sneaks I buy are some combination of scarlet, grey, black and white, anyway.  Still, they look pretty slick.  Would prefer the block O to the out-dated, current design.  I would definitely buy these for my boy, though if under $80.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

Most hated teams are Michigan, Texas, Ohio State, Alabama, and Florida. They're also the  most successful programs (historically). So with success comes hate. I'm ok with that. 

But how on Earth does Notre Dame not dominate that map?  I guess this illustrates that ND is no longer viewed as relevant, or that ND is no longer at the forefront of the minds of today's college football fan. It could also indicate they still have a large national following who hates _ichigan. 

Also of note, spam comes from Montana and North Dakota. 

Comment 05 Aug 2014

I thought about doing the same, but was worried I wouldn't be able to sell the other game tickets to make-up for the extra cost.  Wouldn't mind going to see the Iowa or MSU games, but not sure I could commit the time.  Still, the price for season tickets is pretty manageable.  Good luck and enjoy the Buckeye game!

Comment 04 Aug 2014

I agree that taking one's time to make such a huge decision would be the best approach, and it's what I would advise my son should he ever be in such a position. 

However, most people will never know what it feels like to have major college football programs knocking on your door, flaunting their Nike apparel, locker rooms, football facilities, and championship rings while trying to entice these young (YOUNG) men to come to play for them.  I know that I have never been in a situation where multiple, high-profile organizations were fighting over me and showing me all that they could do for/give to me.  If something like that were to happen in my professional life, despite my age and life experiences, I know the process and decision would be difficult.  

For that, I can cut these kids a break when they second guess their decisions.