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My friends call me Anthony. I'm 37 years young. ...and I'm just a guy that scrapped and clawed his way out of the inner-eastside of Dayton into the beautiful suburbs. Man, the sun shines a lot out here... Who knew?!

"Pain is temporary; Pride is forever."


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Comment 26 Mar 2014

I think it's win-win, regardless. He commits to us mid-summer and helps bring those southern five stars into the class with him.  OR, the worst case scenario happens and UFM can put his effort into the next one on the list.  With plenty of time to do so.....  I think he comes here, though. I also think this will be the best recruiting class (on paper) so far...which is absolutely crazy!!! 

Comment 04 Aug 2013

Mock my words, my friends. We will shock the world this year. There are three "off the grid" games that worry me:

1a) Wisconsin -  They have spoiled our runs in the past.  We--and every other team in the world--know they are going to just line up and power-run you into oblivion. Will we be able to stop it? Will our linebackers be able to get off their blocks this year and make plays? I think YES..but, by just enough. Their defense is super solid again this year, also. I expect another "W". But, I expect another, "O-M-F-G!!"  kind of game.

1b) Purdue - (see: the past ten seasons of our matchups, regardless of record or rankings)

2) Indiana - WHAT?! INDIANA?! That MUST be a typo, right??  No. This is an Indiana team that returns 20 of 22 starters--including their QB and all their skill positions.  This is an Indiana team that had MANY freshmen and sophomore starters last season. This is an Indiana team that is coached by a staff with a combined 10 BCS championship games. This is an Indiana team that has pulled in 3 and 4 star recruits the last couple years since Kevin Wilson has taken over the helm. This is an Indiana team THAT WILL be bowl eligible by the time we play them, very late in the season. Primetime...night game..what will they have to lose?


These are just MY  "sleeper" games. Yes, I left off the obvious teams that will be ranked, and that yet again will be solid teams throughout our conference season. It's going to be an awesome season to be a Buckeye, though. I cant wait! O-H!!!!




Comment 03 Aug 2013


Yes, Buckeyedude, thats exactly what I meant. I think next season, we will look back at what we had this season and really miss it. (in a nutshell)

And, Toddgak, I meant only to delve into the reality of what we will be losing this year with seniors AND early NFL entrees. And how people keep saying "next year". My guess is we will be in line to replace A LOT of talent--in very key positions. Re-reading it, I wasnt very clear on all that, maybe. IDK..  Im not a writer. Just a bored guy that was required to be in the office on a Saturday. I had nothing better to do.

Of course, I guaranteed a national title. My article clearly stated I was a realist! haha