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Comment 14 Feb 2015

Got it right, no doubt that was the best catch of the season, the extension, focus & awareness was spectacular from Michael Thomas! 

Good read Michael Citro!

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Imagine the memories for next year's Buckeye National Championship WIN and our three headed monster quarterback, will be difficult for teams to match up of who's starting or multiple quarterback attacks. Meyer's genius will shine even brighter! 

Comment 10 May 2014

Rosenbagofshitberg is in the same league as Jeremy Fowler, irresponsible reporting not worth reading unless you're into grade school book reports. 

Comment 06 Jun 2013

Clumsy comments = p*ussy society we now live in

Who will the Board choose as it's next president that fits their smug style? The board of trustees are a clown show, bumbling idiots that compare to opinionated politicians that get nothing done....trailer trash people with money.

Andy Staples states Mr. Gee made himself poisonous is not accurate, today's media turns frivolous situations into poison, just as an attorney representing a frivolous lawsuit. The hypocritical and hyperbolic media is the poison that fuels jesting comments into an overanalyzed, distorted mountain of bullsh*t, and gets the "offended thin skinned wimps" on board the out of control media train. 

A message to the board of trustees, specifically Robert Schottenstein, that forced out Gee....

You are the pathetic and an embarrassing ones to the University, instead of the label "chairman of the board of trustees", more fittingly would be "chairman of the board of cowards". 

Gordon Gee will have done more for the university than past or future presidents, good job chairman, you are a MORON!

Good luck Mr. Gee with your retirement, invest into a dart board with the bull's eye being Schottenstein and the board of douchebags. 

Go BUCKS! Board of Distrustees SUCK!!