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Long time buckeye fan. Was 12 when they won the 68 rose bowl and national championship so have been obsessed ever since! I grew up rooting for the browns, cavs, and indians, but moved to texas in 1980 so i am loyal to the Houston teams now. My biggest regret is my son grew up in Houston so he didn't get the opportunity to get hooked on the bucks like his dad!


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Comment 20 Oct 2014

I am in total agreement with the above comments. Our season boils down to the MSU game. Win that convinsingly and i am all in on getting to the final four and having the confidence that we can compete with those teams.

these young pups are growing up a little more every week! We could have the most complete team by December.

Comment 12 Oct 2014

I am enjoying watching this team mature each week. I feel so lucky to be a Buckeye fan with our current level of coaching and player development. I also believe we could slip in to the playoffs this year. But undoubtably, next years team will have high expectations and be one of the favorites to win a national championship. Go bucks!

Comment 20 Aug 2014

I hope history repeats itself, a sophomore quarterback leading his team to an undefeated season! That did just happen two years ago, right? Hey, i am looking for positives!

Comment 28 Dec 2013

We have been following this down here in Houston all week. This is by far the number one coach that the Texans want. After watching what Bob did the last two years at penn st. I will be very excited if we can land him! He will get to draft his QB and turn around a team that houston fans go nuts for. He is going to love the game day atmosphere and energy. Reliant Stadium is an amazing place to play and watch football games! 

Comment 23 Nov 2013

No mercy... We hate you..don't be surprised if urban goes post on you up by 70!!

Comment 03 Feb 2012
The thing is, everyone outside of the great state of Ohio, hates the bucks. When u dominate a football & recently a basketball conf. U get fan bases pissed off at u. U think we have hatred now, wait till Urban is done beating the piss out of the BIG! It is only going to get worse! God, its great being a buckeye fan!
Comment 01 Feb 2012
Sounds like sour grapes. He has a tuff job ahead , who really wants to play up there. He needs to realize that 3* players are what he mostly gets. Bret, enjoy 2011, it's the best season you'll ever have!
Comment 29 Jan 2012
Awsome!!! Is it September yet!!
Comment 29 Jan 2012
That absolutely dead on! You have to want to be the best, to be the best. I just read an article in houston chronicle on 5* recruits success rate. It's not good. Only 15% start for two years and 12% for 3 yrs. 25% never see the field!
Comment 29 Jan 2012
Just goes to show that 5* athletes have to want it or they will get passed by the guys behind them! I don't understand how guys with all the talent in the world, get lazy with so much on the line. I dont think Urban will let that happen here!