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Comment 30 Jul 2013

I'm guessing the dude on the far left is his first game?? So many gems in this gif.

Comment 13 Jun 2013

I love reading your comments man. You're always so positive, and not in an ignorant hommerism way but rather an honest and excited way. Reminds me of a kid on Christmas. Not that anyone else doesn't, but more so you just seem to love the Bucks in a pure form and appreciate it for what it is. Cheers.

Comment 20 Mar 2013

Funny thing is all I had to read was Wisco to play Alabama and before I could even read another word I already was thinking in my head that no way in hell it will be at Camp Randall

Comment 08 Mar 2013

Amazing work. Never upvoted a thread so much before.

Comment 04 Mar 2013
WOW. They don't make men like that anymore. Wish I coulda been alive to witness this time period and some of the battles they had. A thousand thanks for sharing. On a side note, it kind of seems the values and integrity these men set has trickled down through the years. It can be seen right here everyday on 11w starting at the top with the staff and followed by everyone else. You typically won't find the journalistic smut on 11w that is so prevalent on every other sports site on the web or TV. Thank you to everyone who keeps me logging in about 100x daily.
Comment 01 Mar 2013

I couldn't have possibly imagined that those uniforms were gonna be that bad. Early 90s throw back? or is that real.

Comment 13 Feb 2013

Just like to say thanks for answering all the questions. Great responses. Get tired of hearing the one line predictable answers. Welcome!, can't wait to see you start competing for and winning those championships.

Comment 08 Feb 2013

Good job staff for putting this dude on blast. Don't know where this dude gets his entitlement from to act like this. Too bad. 

Comment 16 Nov 2012
The main reason why i want this kid on top of his talent right here. Cant measure heart and determination. Sounds like he would give everything to the 7nniversity. Ill take a kid like that on top of a diva superstar anyday of the week. Not saying he is as tough as these guys cuz clearly he plays a different position but there is a reason why Simon and Boren are fan favorites for a reason. I know limited schollies left but i hope Meyer takes a shot w him. He is the kind of player Meyer is looking for to a T. On a side note. Probably just my wishes but anyone think Meyer might be starting to seriously consider him with the drop off in larue and north?
Comment 24 Oct 2012
I was kinda suprised to see Ross give a little laugh at the ineligibowl comment on the u. You are better than then me.
Comment 10 Oct 2012
To be honost, i could care less about sec matchups. They are just a fad right now(hopefully). But either way i'm a traditionalist and would rather see some Pac10 matchups or maybe some eastern schools.
Comment 10 Oct 2012
Being a lions fan is secondary to ohio state, well as is evrything i guess. On madden i would always trade away the team and bring in all ohio state players. He was always one of my first grabs. Cant teach speed. Was a big fan.