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Comment 02 Oct 2015

142 Yards of Rushing in losing effort for the Hoosiers.  Bucks win 48-24!  It's a dupe, but that is what it's going to be.

Comment 04 Sep 2015

Many pundits promote JT Barrett's drop in completion percentage when he is under pressure.  I wonder how those numbers break down game by game.  I would bet that JT improved under pressure as the season went along and the Slobs starting playing as a unit.

Comment 04 Sep 2015

I think that JT gets the start, and Urban does the exact opposite of what people expect.  Buckeye start out throwing a few short passes and screens to get the Hokies on their heels.  Slobs & Silver Bullets help the Buckeyes roll to 1-0, 42-17!

Comment 04 Sep 2015

The Silver Bullets are back and don't allow half as many 3rd down completions as last's year's game.  The Slobs & Eazy E wear down the Hokies enough to break some big plays in the running and passing games.  Buckeyes win 42-17.

Oh come, let's sing Ohio's Praise...

Comment 23 Jan 2015

I respectfully disagree about TTUN.  Every season I want TTUN to be undefeated until they play the Mighty Buckeyes, because I want that team and their fans to feel like their hearts have been ripped out after they lose to the Men of the Scarlet and Gray!  I vividly remember the '95 & '96 seasons and the agony of defeat, and I want TTUN to suffer that heartache EVERY season at the hands of the Buckeyes. #crushing_hopes&dreams