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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Every damned time we beat TTUN!!! The 2006 instance being one heluva ride!
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Comment 30 Aug 2012

I was flipping through games online and happened upon that game right as that was happening...good stuff rite sides still hurt.

Comment 14 Jun 2012

Yea, that's a bit of a mess...

I was really hoping they would adequately zing us good...and maybe he did in here, but I am just too confused by the busy-ness of it.  )

The hell idea had some merit for a minute, before he tried too

Comment 31 May 2012

lol...even just looking at the last 2 years:  Cleveland after the LeBron departure and NO with the pending sale...they can mention all the ping pong balls and coin flips they want, but that sh*t ain't right...  :)

Not that I even care really, but it is funny.

Comment 17 Apr 2012

I may sign up for a class and commute from Georgia just to get in on some of this action... ;)

Love what the coaching staff is doing for the students.  "Ownership and access."  Good stuff.

Comment 04 Mar 2012

Any time I get to watch this team, they just don't seem to want it enough. Talent is there, but NO fire...

Comment 14 Jan 2012

I heard that CRAIG JAMES was on his way to a press conference where he was going to admit to KILLING 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU, but like Nick above, he also took an arrow to the knee...

Fortunately, Mark May was there wearing women's underwear, eating cheese, and witnessed Tim Tebow miraculously healing CRAIG JAMES and that same HOOKER KILLING knee.