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Comment 05 Apr 2015
Your going to have to let go of "the worst franchise in professional sports" Your killing me!
Comment 22 Mar 2015
One reason is that the selection committee always makes sure we play them anyway. I don't disagree that the OOC needs improved. Those Ohio schools want a return trip to their place next year however. The Donatos at the Schott can't sell you a nine dollar personal pizza and seven dollar coke if the game is played at UC.
Comment 22 Mar 2015
Gee, it is weird how, just in the last two years Thad has forgot how to coach and develop players!!! I will say one truth, if this team had been able to hit shots other than what Russ did and we had a mediocre presence in the post both offensively and defensively this teams wins at least two if not four or five more games this year. Plug those numbers into a 24-11 record and the season is not so bad despite the other problems this team had.
Comment 22 Mar 2015
I do not think the 20th win is a target for anyone connected to this program, coaches, players, nor fans. The 20th win usually signals at least a respectable season playing in the B1G and at least a bid to the dance. I understand what your saying, 20 wins is somewhere between a great season and a subpar one. If I am not mistaken all of those programs you mentioned have had years like these last two in their previous 11 years also. I am positive that did not go over well at those schools.
Comment 21 Mar 2015
that may be the most competitive and aggressive I have seen this team be this year against some good competition. Too bad it comes at the end of season. Looking forward to a new set of.players to establish the edge this team has had prior to the last two years next year. A bunch of starters minutes available for young players to compete for next year. We will be back!!
Comment 16 Mar 2015
Does it worry or make anyone else wonder about Thad talking about his disability all of a sudden when he never has brought it up before? Has these last two years wore him down? His wife says he won't quit coaching. But these comments just made me wonder.
Comment 15 Mar 2015
Would like to know a little more about how Amir grades out Ok but whatever. I am sure he would not be on the court at all if he was not giving all he has. And if he is then we should not be on his butt all the time. All of these seniors have put in a lot of time and effort for four years. It's really too bad that they can't end their career on a more positive note and playing a solid game each time out even if they do lose.