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Comment 01 Mar 2015
Would be nice to get top four seed but not the end of the world if they do not. With all the B1G tourney success, we still seem to struggle through the first game there many times. So getting a game/win under your belt before we play a better team may work out well.
Comment 01 Mar 2015
Was right with you on everything except for the talent. I respect your opinion but there are several guys with deficiencies on this team. The talent that decides games has not been there this year or last.
Comment 27 Feb 2015

Listening to Thad's call in show they are trying everything under the sun to find a solution to D Russ's cramps. I am sure the basketball training staff has spoken to Urban's charges about it. On numbers, never really felt retiring a number was that meaningful. If the program periodically honors the former player or his family publically, that will mean more than just retiring a number. Hopefully getting to wear 47 will make Hilliard dig down deep and play hard to honor the Harley family.

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Comment 22 Feb 2015
Buckeye devil hits it on the head. Thad hasn't forgot how this thing works. Last year and this year have been difficult to watch. I don't think there has been any other years like these last two in Thad's tenure. The inability to make shots and run an offense to get good looks has been a struggle for sure. Hopefully with some new faces next year and beyond we will have a group that continues to improve through their senior years.
Comment 22 Feb 2015
We are not very good either, very average on many days. We played horrible on both ends for first twenty. They hit 60% or better the first half. We had 10-12 minutes of good D in second half but fell apart at the end. Offensively we didn't have it the whole day.
Comment 19 Feb 2015
Slam has a LONG way to go to be NBA material. Not being critical at all, love the guy, but he has not conquered the college game yet. If he had we would be right on the Badgers heels and not four games off the pace.
Comment 16 Feb 2015
How much practice time do you want the coaches to spend watching COLLEGE KIDS ON SCHOLARSHIPS shoot free throws? This is stuff these kids need to do before and after practice because they want to be better. It's like D.Russ wanting the game film on his ipad on his way home from a road game. So he can see what he needs to improve on. Do they need to be better at the line? Hell yes. It's lost games! But to lay all blame on coaches for free throw shooting is wrong. My HS coach told me to make 80% or I may not play in the games---- I decided I liked playing!!
Comment 15 Feb 2015
Hope the people that want to fire Thad after every loss will think before they speak next time we lose. He will have bucks in the hunt for titles again, possibly next year, surely the year after.
Comment 15 Feb 2015
Purdue and MSU are the best D teams in the league. It's not so much what they did to stop him it's that they do it very well and consistently every possession. Double team, trap, and take away driving lanes. We will see the same against Wisconsin. Like someone said, others need to make plays. Unfortunately this year and last we have not had that luxury. An eight minute dry spell on field goals and five for thirteen from foul line don't win a game at Breslin.
Comment 23 Jan 2015
Thompson is about 6'5. Always listed at 6'7 but I am nearly tall as him. I am 6'4. This team will make us crazy watching it win 22 or 23 games barely making it to big dance. Russell will leave and we will have to find another point guard to go with Harris. Let's hope Thad can find one. He also needs to find another 4 unless T Thompson can be a 4.
Comment 18 Jan 2015
I think you are starting to see SIT DOWN with those players with Thad. His patience is shorter than earlier in the year. While it makes you and me feel better to sit those guys it will not mean more wins with them on the bench. Was really hoping that Lee was the answer to our post issues---not. Was really hoping Scott and Thompson would improve their perimeter shooting this year---not. I find myself more interested in who we are recruiting than the season itself. Hopefully that will change before the season is over.
Comment 18 Jan 2015
Other teams know now that the only guy that can hurt them consistently is Russell and their defenses are now geared to make life rough on him. Trapping him, making him go with right hand etc. Worst of all, whether it's the right or wrong decision, he will likely not be here next year.
Comment 18 Jan 2015
I am with you that he is doing too much at times. Poor decisions with ball, bad shots at times and turnovers. But I ask, if not him trying to make something happen then who? I see Tate trying like heck to make a play but he is young and makes mistakes too. Scott and Thompson need to be more aggressive but in three and a half years it has not happened. I am not bashing anyone, I want this team to come around and be competitive against the top teams and beat those teams that they should. I am not one calling for Thad's head. He will get us back to the top of the league again. He has not forgot how this thing works/looks when he has the players with some skills to work with. If this team could make shots and finish around the rim and had a heartbeat of something from the post position it would in the hunt anyway.
Comment 18 Jan 2015
Problem is they don't play games on paper. I see some young players with talent and some veterans who are just role players, and would be second five players on good teams. The best thing is for these seniors to move on and next year Thad won't have to resort to putting them in the lineup. Look at the stat line from yesterday's game from the veterans-- it's telling.
Comment 17 Jan 2015
What we do know is that this team has at least 14 games left. There is time to change what is going on if there is the will and the pride to do. Thad hasn't forgot what it takes to win. The frustration of the older players performance is showing. Hopefully the young guys get some.more minutes.