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Comment 21 Jan 2017
97 I know what you mean. Would love to see those combos on the offensive end of the floor. Inside game of TT with Potter knocking down 3's. The problem may be is that one of those guys would have to check a 4 man on the other team. Not sure that would work with the foul issues our bigs have in a man to man D already.
Comment 12 Jan 2017
Lets hope that this coach and these kids make it through the year with quitting/getting fired and put some positive games together. Even if your in the can Thad camp there is nothing good to come out of a midseason program blowup.
Comment 08 Jan 2017
I think they will be there with a chance at the end IF they dont lose the concentration on either end of the court for those 5 minute stretches that put them behind by 10 or 12 points.
Comment 05 Jan 2017
Please tell me that was not the urgency nor the shot that we wanted at the end of the game from the coaches. They cannot string together enough positive offensive or defensive possensions throughout the game. They need to get better during the game so they don't need to win it or lose it at the end.
Comment 02 Jan 2017
I was REALLY hoping a change to Jent running an offense would make a difference but to this point it has not. Lots of issues defensively also. Bottom line, this coaching staff has this season to make it look like they are getting better/progressing. If at years end we have the same look, I would a nervous coach.
Comment 17 Dec 2016
I was hoping Jent would make the offense look like they know what they want to do. But not so much so far anyway. Maybe if the offense comes alive Thad has another year or two in him then Jent takes over. But at this point you cant hire Jent with one year under his belt. Chris Mack, Archie Miller, Gregg Marshall. Just a few names. Kinda hard to believe Thad had this program rockin at one point and now to fall on hard times is perplexing. Cant think he forgot how this thing works. I think his big down fall is recruiting. We do not have many, if any, tough gym rat kids.