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Comment 10 Jun 2015
Pretty sure they will be good enough to make the dance. How long they will dance remains to be seen. One thing I am ready to see however is the way this new group works together in the half court offense. Let's face it, the last 2 years for sure and maybe the last 3 years has been a struggle to generate anything consistently in the half court. The departed players just didn't have what it takes. New players and eventually, I hope, a better half court offense. With Thad though, remember defense will be taught first. Point guard play, whomever that will be,Lyle or Harris or someone else will be critical.
Comment 08 Jun 2015
If Gene wants a rocking house then he needs the ushers to confiscate the knitting needles and copies of Cat Fancy as the people come in. Stay home if your going to sit on your hands. Good OCC schedule this year. Even if they are not home games. UCONN will be here next year.
Comment 21 May 2015
First of all, there are only 15k decent seats in the Schott. Most folks would rather be at home watching the big screen then be in one of those seats near the top. The 15k people there can be loud and make that atmosphere that Gene wants if they will do it!!! Problem is they don't much of the time. Everyone wants a marque team every week at home in the out of conference schedule but it cannot work like that. Those teams require return to their house next year and that does not compute in the budget for Gene. Home games means dollars for OSU. Where I think Thad misses it is the quality of mid major teams we play. The mid majors need to be projected to be near the top of the conference. Wins will help for sure, and we need kids to stay for four years.
Comment 05 Apr 2015
Your going to have to let go of "the worst franchise in professional sports" Your killing me!