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Comment 17 Mar 2017
Whats the latest on the NC State job. Thats Miller's alma mater. Whether it be Thad or some other coach this program needs this kid. Plus he is a point G. Watch the NCAA games. The great teams have great point G's. Watched his dad play for four years at OSU. His dad was all in and all effort. He was tough and never gave in. Was not a great athlete or physically gifted but was absolutely a guy you wanted on the court as long as he could play. If son is from same mold, lookout as he has skills.
Comment 12 Mar 2017
If it is all at a possiblility then Thad better make it happen especially if it brings Mark Smith given that he plays point guard. Do nothing and have another marginal year and he is giving the same speech Groce gave yesterday.
Comment 09 Mar 2017
Lets accept bid but start Bell, Tate, Wesson, Thompson and Jackson and make sure they get excess of 33 minutes each. I know but I dont care about whether they are guards, centers, or forwards just play em. Bring Potter in for short rests for starters only and throw them back in. Maybe the frosh will learn about how good of condition you need to be in to play at this level.
Comment 07 Mar 2017
Not much worried about the B1G tourney or the NIT. What happens will happen. Will not win more than two games in either. Could lose first game on both. What I am more concerned with is will this staff find a p guard to turn this offense into something that works instead of sputtering. Grad transfer? JUCO? Got to find someone.
Comment 05 Mar 2017
Thad has always relied on good recruits that fit together and complimented each other and defense. Both of which now has regressed over the last couple years or more. IMO he has never been at the top of the coaching ranks as far as x's and o's/game/bench coach but with good recuits and a buy in by them defensively his teams won championships. Now I think it will be difficult to bring in top 50 players the way this team has looked the last two years. I hope he can do it. It will likely have to come back using recruits that are easy sells i.e. Ohio kids. First of all he needs a point G. This team looks the same next year without one.
Comment 04 Mar 2017
This team needs another option at point guard for next year and thats assuming Beverly needs some time to develop as most agree. Where does he find that? Likely only as a graduate transfer at this point or possibly JUCO. We add KDB back in, likely subtract TT and Lyle as they move on with Loving, and add K Wesson and Funderburk. To me, at least on paper, next year looks alot like this year. Unless of course some guys make some substantial improvements.
Comment 03 Mar 2017
He really has been a good shooter in his four years here. And he makes jump shots. He can make shots from the perimeter when he is open. Most people think he is a better than average shooter from the 3 pt line. The best part of his game has been making shots from deep. He came here as a freshman able to make shots. Think I have covered everything.
Comment 22 Feb 2017
Adding to Scoonie's remarks on the Amir class.. If you were a HS player and you looked at the roster/projected roster for the better part two years at OSU and you saw 11 freshmen and sophomores on the team you were probably instantly done looking at Thad's program due to all the young players. Then when they left early, transferred, or never quite lived up to their billing the recruiting picture fell apart. Since then DAR is the only "program changer" we have got.