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Comment 28 Aug 2016
Love the tight end in an offense like the bucks run. We have had good players there in the past as indicated and not really used them. Cant think it will be any different this year. I hope I am wrong. With all the weapons running wide the tight down the middle of the field is a back breaker for the defense if executed.
Comment 01 Apr 2016
Frankly, 270 lbs at 6'7 is not really developed yet or really close. 6'7 should be about 300 plus. Just be happy that you actually got and offer and be happy at UK young man. Your school is paid for! Move on. What did you gain by publicly saying these things? Right. Nothing!!
Comment 28 Mar 2016
Sad to see another kid leave without giving the program a longer look but hey its their career. A lot of time and effort has went into recruiting and coaching this kid and now he is leaving. I liked what I saw in him and wish him to stay. He has a ways to go on both ends of the court however. Not being critical at all only saying that its just a fact. He got the PT that he deserved in my book. Really hope this Harris transfer talk is not true.
Comment 24 Mar 2016
I would agree with you if I would have saw a little more from him this year. Saw a lot of hesitation on his part to take it to people in the lane and get a shot off or make a pass. Understanding at 5'9 getting a shot off in the lane will be difficult. Ultimately he is going to have to be a ligit 3 pt threat or getting into lane will be tough. Hope I am wrong!!
Comment 24 Mar 2016
Maybe I have my 13 schlorships mixed up but if Johnson stays in 17 class will he not be able to use Lovings scholly? I see the same things in the Wesson brothers that I see in the current roster--- no stand out players--- "difference makers". Not trying to be negative cuz I want this program back to where it was as bad as anyone.
Comment 24 Mar 2016
I really hope I am wrong but I do not see A. Wesson as anything more than another role player which we have a roster full of at this time. What I am sure he is not is a kick butt point guard/ team leader that this team desperately needs. I know he has not taken the offer yet but its a foregone conclusion that he will. I really hope Johnson is not reclassifying to 16 and we can use Loving's spot for him in 17. Here's to Thad righting this ship but......
Comment 15 Mar 2016
Right with you Rick. I think I might start looking away from TV and listening to Paul and Ronnie on the radio when we have the ball and watching them play defense...... Wait that may not be a good idea either. Oh well what hair I have left is gray so screw it!
Comment 13 Mar 2016
I hope and wish Harris was the point that this team needs. Its premature to say he is not after one year. Watching him I would think he has the ball skills to penetrate and break down the D and make a pass for a good shot for a teammate. However I have not seen that happen much if at all. He has to become a respected shooter and that will open up lanes for him to drive.
Comment 13 Mar 2016
Devil, couldnt have said it better myself. Some like to hammer Thad's recruiting efforts. Look around at the enviroment in the schott before and during the game. If I am a top recruit I have got to wonder if I stepped into a library. Lyle is a key to next year along with Tate. They will be the leaders of this team from what I see. Lyle needs to perfect is shot and get in better shape. He has got the drive to the rim down. I would still like to see him play alongside a point guard that can break down the D.
Comment 12 Mar 2016
Interesting read. Both of the most recent teams you mentioned had, at least at some point in their careers, were good and solid players. Funny that you mention that they had offensive and chemistry issues. I think those are major issues this year along with a missing leader at point guard ( thats not a knock on Lyle) Just think Lyle has ball handling and passing work to do before he is my point guard. When you consider the individual abilities of each and every player on this team at this point in their careers this team finished about where they should have. Except for the 2 or 3 NC games we lost early we beat who we should have and we lost to who you would think we would. Every player on this team has holes in their game that needs to be improved on to be at the top of the league and playing today and tomorrow.