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Comment 10 Jul 2014
I will second the old comment--- Thad is the right man for this job and hopefully he stays put- I think he will. Only thing I want to see him do is recruit a three point shooting 5 man like our buddy Bo Ryan has every year.
Comment 09 Jul 2014
I would like to see Thad keep all of Ohio's talent home also but Ohio kids alone will not consistantly keep you at the top of the league and get you deep in tourney. He has missed on some in state talent the last few years, no doubt on that point. And to make that fact more glaring is that our senior class this year-including Q which is gone- are all out of state. And as much as I hate to say it their progress as players hasn't been what we all expected nor what Thad expected- at least to this point in their careers. I really hope that changes this year.
Comment 04 Jul 2014
It really stinks that just as Jamal was starting make an impact for this team he gets the boot. Akron is getting a player that is ready to start. Need Giddens to become a buckeye today-- will be an important piece for future of Thad's team.
Comment 29 Jun 2014
An "Ohio Series" would be great but what is the chance that eight teams can find the same days available in their schedule and who would buy tickets to see the mid majors play each other. Now a UC, UD, OSU, Xavier two day event would be a hot ticket.
Comment 27 Jun 2014
I have to say I was a little rough on Q yesterday in my comments. I hope he really does make it somewhere in pro hoops. He's still an ex-buckeye and want to see him succeed no matter we think of his decision to leave the program now. He give OSU hoops fans some good games and big shots in the last two years. Lets be good with that and move on- him with a pro career and OSU fans with the new kids coming in.
Comment 26 Jun 2014
I am not sure it mattered when Q came out, he still will not get drafted. He has always thought he was a better player than he really is. Remember Twitter rant about no playing time when he was a frosh? This was his big shot to make the league and he shows up as fattest one there? Better find the Rosetta Stone section at bookstore Q.
Comment 20 Jun 2014
Agreed on Tyler Green---- if the staff thinks he deserves a scholly and can stay with a receiver and not get beat he's ok by me. He WANTS to be a Buckeye in a bad way too.
Comment 04 May 2014
WOW!!! Huge commit. Way to go staff. No question a shooter was the biggest team need by far. Especially after Kennard snub. Anyone else notice how much better recruiting has been the last two years? Two years ago we had 11 freshman and sophomores on roster and suddenly Thad couldn't recruit----not! Keep it up Thad!
Comment 01 May 2014
Good start on a schedule-- Now get another major conference home/away set up and get a couple local MAC teams on schedule and maybe everyone will not complain about who we play all year long.
Comment 28 Apr 2014
The 911 call does nothing to sort this out any further- I am waiting on the pee test and Mindy Drayer!!! Good one!
Comment 25 Apr 2014
IBUCK got it right. No D no play for Thad!!! Remember Q Ross grumbling as a freshman cuz he wasn't getting court time--- No D man. Gotta think Lee come here because he wants to play the 4. But with Amir and Lee in lineup at same time can we defend at the 3 or line/out on perimeter with those two in lineup? Just wondering. Hope it can work.
Comment 25 Apr 2014
LOI day nine months away yet. Urban is a stud recruiter along with the other staff. They will fill the class with quality kids at the positions of need at minimum. Begin to get concerned about October if we have less than 10 commits.
Comment 24 Apr 2014
Never ceases to amaze me how some of these guys can reapeatedly have their head up the lower regions. Already losing dollars he didn't have yet. Dumb!!!!
Comment 24 Apr 2014
I understand what you mean on missing on some Ohio guys but not sure I would get concerned too much yet. Think he is coming after some O-H-I-O guys in these next couple classes pretty hard. This probably would not be an issue at all if the current junior class would have improved/turned out to be what they were projected to be in the first place- which they have not.
Comment 21 Apr 2014
Traitor no, but both Tress, TP, and others simply did not use their freaking common sense to keep themselves and more importantly the program out of hot water. I mean really!!! This was about tats!!! A good coach lost his job because these guys had to be get tats. Tress could have hung them out to dry- I wish he would have.
Comment 18 Apr 2014
Great to have you on the team Trevor--- Can't wait to see you knock down jump shots and run the floor in transition and get some dunks. We need a "face the basket post player' for a change. Welcome!!!!!
Comment 17 Apr 2014
Might as well count Myles out- slim and no chance he comes to OSU. Watched Bragg play a few times and I got to say he didn't really impress me like a top ten player should. He has had some injuries though so maybe I am off base. Looked a little disinterested though. Better pick up Esa and move on to others that are not enamored with UK.