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Comment 6 hours ago

The defense was not good enough to go to the NCG, not the offense. Had OSU lost 17-10 in both games you would be right. You cannot look at the 112th ranked passing D and legitimately say the offense failed OSU. FSU in fact had a very good defense if not one of the best, they held clemson to 14 on the road and giving up 31 to an Auburn team is not a million points. They got down early because AU came out passing which they haven't done all year. Thats a credit to Malzahn for coming up with a game plan that FSU had no film on. FSU shut them down pretty much at the end of the first half once they made adjustments. I am not solely judging Herman at OSU, he was very good as an OC at ISU.... OSU is where he has had the most visibility.

Comment 10 hours ago

They scored 35 against Clemson and 24 against one of the best defenses in the country. Every team has stretches where they don't put up points that has a lot more to do with execution on the players than the play calling. You seem to forget that the O-line was not very good when he came and since he has arrived Miller has improved every season. So all these strengths you speak of that he had, were not strengths when he arrived..... Sorry, but you cannot say that he had all these great things at his disposal and not give him the credit for having a hand in it.

Comment 12 hours ago

The 2002 D gave up yards not points which was expected because they shut down the run, 2013 version stopped the run well but they didn't have the back 7 to stop the short passes and tackle as well.

Comment 13 hours ago

Yes, putting himself in that position for this to happen does warrant a suspension.... Just not an entire season.

Comment 14 hours ago

He does have a history, but I also think based on his history he would flat out fail both with no question. Not barely test positive and then negative. He gets 10 tests a month, I just don't know how you smoke it and get rid of it with a test every 2-3 days.

Comment 14 hours ago

I agree, I think its a "Hail Mary" try, but why would two samples collected at the same time have different results?

Comment 14 hours ago

With test B being negative I think there are more angles to fight the suspension and create doubt on the first test. But as we have seen with Ray Rice the NFL uses no logic to punish.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

I am going with the Freshman Kicker Sean Nuernberger simply because he only has to compete with 1 person and most think he may start.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

I would say that the former band members have more of a right to make a comment on the matter than you do though. With that said it is all out of our hands....

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Unless palm trees change colors, having a "fall" wedding in florida defeats the purpose of calling it a fall wedding...

Comment 23 Jul 2014

The SEC has league games early in the season. Therefore, if one is ranked and the other is not. Winners move up, losers don't drop as far because its early in the season. If an unranked SEC team beats a way too early ranked UGA team at say #12 both get added to the polls the next week. So while some of the tougher match ups take place early they play cubcakes mid to late season not losing while other conferences  usually have their top teams playing each other at that time. This means the early season SEC losers have all season to recover in the polls, while everyone is pretty screwed. The SEC does a good job of manipulating their league schedule to keep their teams in the polls.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Two years ago it would have been OSU/ND, it irrelevant what we think bama would have done because they took OSUs spot due to a ban. And bama's track record against mobile QBs and spread offenses is not great see Utah, Florida, Tamu, auburn and OU games as evidence. FSU maybe, but who knows OSU was very similar to Auburn in what they ran as an offense and Roby with an extra few games may have started. All I say I would rather have the chance to play in the ncg than not

Comment 18 Jul 2014

So I just realized in my confirmation email that I fat fingered my address and noticed there is no contact # to fix the error. Would replying to the email confirmation with the correct info work?