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Comment 10 Dec 2016

It's the volume comparison. Meyer inherited a class that half were not his recruits when he came in. A lot from that class left which was expected with new coaches because they don't fit the system. Hence the small senior class. Trying to say OSU and Bama are the same when it comes to offering scholarships is inherently false. There is a difference between offering 2 you don't have and 5 you don't have expecting attrition. I've seen more instances of Bama pulling scholarships late or telling recruits to gray shirt  than OSU. I'm not the first person to bring up roster manipulation, you're trying too hard to say OSU is the same and they are not even in the same ballpark as Bama  

Comment 10 Dec 2016

I'll say this, not every game Herman called was to perfection and there were equally bad passing performances under him. Still he was a great coach IMO. As far as Cardale in the title run it was pretty basic routes and if the play wasn't there he would run. Last year He didn't handle the full play book and rarely ran the ball. I love cardale, but even in the NFL he has major work to do. I still remember all the fire Herman posts after some losses

Comment 09 Dec 2016

I don't think it only happens at bama, it happens everywhere. I think the scale at which Bama does it,  is the issue. Not every player is a fit and that's fine they go. Its the volume that they offer, for the most part the people that have left under Meyer were not his recruits.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

Do yourself a favor and look at Bama recruiting prior to saban... They were still signing classes of 30 players prior to his 32 in his first season and his lowest is 24. Prior to Meyer OSU had several classes sub 20, so its pretty easy to have our class sizes now. We added 3 scholarships therefore we can sign 3 more players a year to get to 85.  Through the draft alone OSU lost 12 players last year 26 over last 4 seasons. We've also had players with career ending injuries that open spots and some transfers. I'd say OSU loses on average 3-4 players a year to transfers or injuries. The fact that bama's class sizes were in the upper 20s low 30s prior to Saban and still above 25 on average since.... Bama on average is sending 6 to the draft under Saban, looks like a lot leaving/pushed out of bama to make room for those class sizes.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

From 2009-2014 Bama has had 26 commits in those classes, that is a lot of manipulation to get to 85 scholarship players. So yes, technically they didn't sign more than what you posted... However, they are over offering scholarships they don't have.

Comment 23 Nov 2016

I thought it was making fun of how old people talk... if you want to put a race on it, that's on you. I've seen many memes of hillbillies on here, where's your outrage on that?

Comment 20 Nov 2016

As a former player he's entitled to his opinion and he's expressing his frustration. He knows firsthand the talent on the team. With that said I can think of several times under Herman where the passing game was not there or we became ultra conservative. Maybe JT is limited by bad weather, maybe MSU just has OSU's number. MSU has talent, if they had an average QB they would be an 8 win team this year 

Comment 16 Nov 2016

The CFP has only been around for 2 years. If anything, MSU proved that sometimes the conference champ is not always the best team overall from the conference. It's not like there has been 10yrs of selecting only conference champions. All teams that lost cannot say they have a more respectable loss than OSU. Clemson has played down all year, Washington lost at home and has a thin resume. Assuming OSU wins out they would have beaten 3 top 10 teams and 1 top 20 team. This is the time where the committee puts their money where their mouth is when looking at overall body of work assuming again OSU wins out

Comment 13 Nov 2016

OSU has by far the best SoS with quality wins. If the committee truly watches "every" game. They would see the loss at PSU was a huge fluke with the blocked FG for a TD. I also do not see PSU winning the Conference championship.

Comment 08 Nov 2016

The problem with this comparison, is in 2014 the OL was just as inconsistent at this time as the current OL is. The QB with a huge arm was starting his 2nd game and I can think of several threads calling for Herman's head after the VT, MSU, Clemson and PSU games because of lack luster play calling or adjustments. I'd say the WR unit is on par with the 2014 unit overall. Zeke is definitely an X-Factor but so is Samuel.

The big issue is not being able to hit the downfield plays this year.  However, he has done it in the past so I wouldn't say he's incapable of doing so again. Our 2014 team was far from perfect

Comment 26 Oct 2016

The last 3 weeks is in reference to Michibucks comment.

" And to be honest with you, the way this team has played the last 3 weeks, we needed to lose a game."

I am taking it as the 3 weeks  prior to losing the PSU game. We are literally getting upset because the Wisconsin game was closer than everyone thought. I too believe we should won by more, but good lord Wisconsin is a legit top 10 team and we are complaining we had to go to OT to win on the road.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I think the issue is that by implying we played terrible is saying PSU played great. They didn't, they played worse than OSU and came out with a fluke win. The issue is that PSU benefited from a bogus horse collar to keep a scoring drive alive and the missed P.I. You can say we played terrible which is true, but we didn't lose because they did everything right. You should never let the Refs dicatate the game, but two calls/no calls effected it greatly.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I don't understand stand the last 3 weeks comment.... OSU beats Rutgers 58-0, IU 38-17 and Wisconsin on the road. IU is the team a few years ago had a lead in Ohio Stadium going into the 3rd qtr, OSU never trailed and kept it a two to three score game most of the 2nd half. Wisconsin is good, especially on D. Where do you see this team as terrible considering they have 16 new starters. I blame the game plan of being conservative, that allowed a fluke play to be the difference in the game 

Comment 24 Oct 2016

The logic is flawed because P.I. Is called whether or not the WR was impeded from making a catch. Being hit in the face doesn't negate the P.I. If the ball had sailed 10yrds over the head then yes no call. Fact arm was held down therefore P.I. Refs missed the call in the NFL last week with the same play. Slo mo or not the refs are paid a lot of money to make the call and what are they watching if they are not following the play. Sorry the slo motion excuse is lame for supposed professionals.