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Comment 4 hours ago

Did you forget we have Urban and our staff? You are essentially saying he is a better recruiter and coach than ours which is not the case. Could they beat us, sure but so can anyone if OSU plays down to their opponents. I'm not a fan of sitting back and saying it's coming when nothing has shown it is.

Comment 5 hours ago

He went from a full run to pulling up a few yards at line and throwing. IMO that's awareness, had he never broke stride and heaved it that would be luck. Braxton made a lot of down field throws when the D thought he was going to run. He was always looking down field on a pass before he ran and that OL was not there yet in 2011

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Clowney became lazy his final season, fournette is good but nothing screams he's the greatest player, Nkemdichi is good. All are good players, but being the #1 recruit they weren't superstars or helped their team  win any sort of title. Never said Gary would be a bust, but in response to Bosa being a potential bust, the probability is very low based his family. 

Comment 03 Feb 2016

How bout this, the probability of Bosa being a bust is low due to his pedigree. Kids of former NFL players seem to have pretty solid college careers.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

I think there is always the expectation of losing players to attrition and injury. Right now it's easy for Harbaugh get rid of players because he has the out of saying he didn't recruit them and I believe he got rid of a couple last year citing injuries when the player said he was told to leave

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Keep in mind they singed 29 players, quantity pushed them to the top 5 more than the overall quality of players signed.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

They did out recruit UMass, their players were rated higher, UMass just signed more people to give them more points overall. It's kind of a flawed rating system,    their player average was on par with Kansas State

Comment 02 Feb 2016

I wouldn't put much stock in the actual senior bowl when it was clear the QBs had no rhythm with any WR. The Defense tends to have an advantage when there is only 3 days of practice. As for his play at OSU, I felt it was more on the offense not trying to get him the ball rather than his ability. There was inconsistent play at QB and his QB options were predictable. IMO he made the plays more often than not when they actually threw his way.

Comment 31 Jan 2016

JB was a 5th year player, who started because TP was suspended and they weren't comfortable with starting Braxton. I have expectations when a player has been highly recruited, had game time etc... I do not believe JB was or had any of that before he started for OSU 

Comment 14 Jan 2016

The problem with the article is that finebaum is comparing a Bama team who won the championship to an OSU team who lost to MSU. Both lost to teams who they should not have, OSU has a slight excuse that weather sucked ass, Bama was down by 20 at home before they scored late points. Bama wins SEC west because Atkansas has a miracle lateral to beat ole miss. Sorry but this was the thinking Bama had last year when they lost to OSU. Finebaum's talk is cheap, easy to say what he said when there's no way to prove it, that's why he looks like a penis 

Comment 14 Jan 2016

If anything 2014 and 2015 regular season were about the same. 2015 was a let down in some regards because everyone thought they would be rolling like they finished the last 3 games. It might be fair to say they didn't live up to expectations but we had as many nail biters this year as last year

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Do you believe Iowa was a better team than ND and Michigan in their final game? I'd put OSU beating scum and ND higher than Stanford beating Iowa and squeaking by ND. This is not to say Stanford is not a good team, but do we really believe they are better than OSU? Anything after #1 in the final rankings is more of a opinion simply because there were a lot of teams who didn't show up to bowls 

Comment 10 Jan 2016

True but NW was curb stomped by michigan and Iowa and squeaked by some bad teams. I think it's fair to say they got all the love from beating a Stanford team week 1 in what was essentially a 9am game for the visitors 

Comment 04 Jan 2016

The bowl season prolly looks like a lot like last season if OSU took care of business. MSU matches up with Stanford and Iowa has UF and michigan has Tenn most likely. As it ended, it was MSU who made it in more on luck and didn't have the talent to keep up against  bama and Iowa is who they are not a come back team, they would have matched well with floridas inept offense give michigan or NW, tenn or UGA and it's probably a 2-1 B1G record against the SEC and a close game with Stanford going either way. IMO the match ups worked out better for the SEC this bowl season. It really should be no surprise that MSU got hammered, despite beating OSU we still knew we were the best team. But like I said we didn't do what we needed to and this it what happened. 

Comment 02 Jan 2016

I wouldn't say it's all about money, I think exposure has more to do with it. Ash took a pay cut because he knew OSU was the best route to get a HC job. LSU offers that to Aranda. Backing up a brinks truck is kind of a waste if in the end your DC desires to be a HC, no amount of money is keeping him. All wisky needs to do is find a replacement that shares the same defensive philosophy and they probably don't miss a step

Comment 28 Dec 2015

The Reds are not signing Chapman and Frazier after this season. Chapmans value dropped big time and I like Frazier but he's a .257 hitter in a small ball park teams will always use that against the Reds in trades.

Comment 28 Dec 2015

Sorry, but Dusty sucked. He took a loaded team in its prime that was favored to win it all and couldn't get past the 1st rd. He was constantly out managed in games when the talent was equal to his. That's like settling for OSU to win the B1G and lose every post season game. 

Comment 27 Dec 2015

The problem in this statement is that MSU played pretty bad as well, realistically MSU played less crappy. They had awful play calling, but we expected it with cook being out and bollman as the oc. This was more of OSU losing because of mental mistakes and errors than MSU being better. That is the difference between the frustration in the loss and the belief that they were better. They weren't they won field position in a sloppy game played by both and sometimes that's all it takes 

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Yet everyone knows who he is because he is the only player who won two Heisman trophies. You don't have to be from Ohio or follow college football to know that. Of course cook is from Ohio and  wanted to go to OSU and in case he didn't know who Archie was, Fox did a pretty good job of reminding everyone before he presented the trophy. But sure, we'll go with  the belief that Cook is a complete idiot rather than disrespectful to someone he didn't know