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Comment 12 Sep 2016

IMO OSU would rather have a ground attack and use play action or short routes with a few deep balls sprinkled in. I think the wind and weather forced OSU into a short passing  game especially since Tulsa put up 4ints. Once OSU made adjustments they seemed to hit on their passing and running in the 2nd half.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

I was impressed that he had pretty good game considering LSU is a train wreck outside of him on offense. He can be a force on a less predictable offense

Comment 26 Aug 2016

Mingo sucked, but every analyst was high on him during the draft. I wouldn't say it was just the Browns who missed on him.

Comment 04 Jul 2016

As in the star that kept punching and kicking opponents in the nuts. Sorry but green is a douche, that's not saying he is not a good player beyond that. But if you do stupid things, you win stupid prizes. And the same argument is said for the Cavs who lost Irving and love last season 

Comment 26 Jun 2016

Oakland is pretty much a train wreck of an organization as well. He was a good coordinator there aand went 8-8 in his only season as HC. Not sure if one season in Oakland is enough of a sample size to say he's not a great coach since they have not had a winning season since he left. If the Browns win over 4 games I'll be pleasantly surprised considering the rebuild that is going on. I'd say he's a great coordinator that was fairly successful as a HC with the only season he had and the roster he was working with.

Comment 20 Jun 2016

I think you're confused, most Cavs fans said the officiating was terrible from start to finish...i.e. phantom calls on CLE or no calls on GS for setting illegal screens and curry constantly wrapping his arms around whoever had the ball. GS thinks its rigged because they can't believe a team could come back from 3-1.... Not really hard, Cavs attacked the rim and got GS to commit fouls and Cleveland took away their inside game.

Comment 11 Jun 2016

Went both ways? I can think of about 3-4 illegal screens that didn't get called that led to 3's add in how many times they grabbed a Cav on both ends of the court. You're right about the iso plays but again they were grabbing and hacking the whole second half. Calls going both ways my ass. And it's not just missing foul calls, it's just generally missing plays I've never seen so many mistakes on who knocked the ball out

Comment 11 Jun 2016

Technically if they made every call perfectly it would negate many of GS' 3 point attempts. Have you witnessed how many moving screens or push offs they've allowed. That's not to say you're wrong about scheme. However, if the refs are going to let them get away with it offensively there is very little to do especially when the Cavs are getting hacked underneath  

Comment 11 Jun 2016

He disappears because he tries to pass too much to get other players involved. But as the announcers said last night, letting players play is one thing, the refs are not calling fouls which is killing the Cavs. I've never seen so many hacks and moving screens not get called. If they're not going to penalize GS for it the Cavs have zero chance. 

Comment 01 May 2016

Because with 1 second round pick, their need was a pass rusher not another WR. It is quite possible that any one of the 3 WRs selected later could be just as productive as Thomas and you didn't give up pick to get him. I get it, the draft is a bust because the Browns didn't select OSU players. Based on the route they took no one from OSU fit the need at that given spot. Some times you have to take the scarlet glasses off and realize your favorite players may not fit with the scheme your NFL team is running. All of the LBs selected played in a 3-4, OSU does not run a 3-4. The late WRs add depth and different ability. If you're rebuilding its a lot easier to draft players familiar with the scheme. Gholston is a prime example of a 4-3 DE who couldn't succeed in a 3-4. 

Comment 01 May 2016

Not at every point are these 19 players the best prospect available at the given moment. It's easy to say that they could have drafted 1 or 2, but if at that moment that's not what you're looking for then it's easy to pass them. The player I wanted was Bell, but everyone else was passed up for higher rated players or already gone.

Comment 01 May 2016

I'm under the belief tha Kessler was valued for his accuracy and decision making over Cook and Jones all three are projects and several years away from starting. I fully believe with two first round picks next year if the franchise QB is there they'll make a move. Kessler is the future back up when RG3 and McCown leave in two years

Comment 01 May 2016

The main reason for optimism is that Hue Jackson was a coach that every team wanted and the word is he gets the most out of his players. For once I finally believe that the Browns picked up a coach that they wanted and other teams wanted instead being stuck with the 4th or 5th option at HC. I don't believe Jackson takes this job if he wasn't given some assurance that he is given time to do his job. He had pretty much every job open to him. I get the pessimism, but I don't believe he has a short lease and he seems more competent than any coach that has been hired.

Comment 01 May 2016

As I said, of the talented Buckeyes taken between 2-3. None of them fit the need. Thomas and Miller were not needed when CC was selected. They didn't need DTs, they needed DEs and LBs so Washington is out of the picture. They didn't need Vannet because they have Barnidge and Bibb. So out of all the possible OSU picks only Bell would have made sense to trade up for. And trust me I wanted Bell, and I would love them to choose Buckeyes but if they don't fit the Browns immediate need then you're wasting picks. My guess was they picked up people who can hopefully pressure the QB and that in of itself improves the pass D. Other than Bell who are you wanting them to move up and down the draft boards to get? The Browns have so many holes to fill, every pick is valuable. I just don't want to select players because they are from OSU

Comment 01 May 2016

The front office is new, and the Coach actually has experience at being a HC prior and has orchestrated an efficient offense in Cincy. I feel confident in this staff more than what was previously running the team. It makes me feel better that other teams wanted Jackson as a HC, where as before we were stuck with our last choice in a HC. The need was to acquire talented WRs and they did that, improve the run D picked up some good LBs and DEs. Fill the need at OL and drafted two good OTs to battle for the vacant RT spot. Based on need they drafted what they needed. I am not going to believe that everyone will pan out perfectly but if 7-9 of those players do pan out then you've improved those positions by stocking up on those spots and added depth.

Comment 01 May 2016

Higgins and Payton's strengths are catching and blocking. Coleman has drops, but his value is high because of speed and what he can do with the ball. The project is Louis but he's got big upside.

Comment 01 May 2016

At #2 the only legitimate picks they could make were Elliott or Bosa. The rest would be reaches from that pick. I would like both at 2, but I know Zeke would have no line to open holes, and for Bosa the risk is what if he doesn't adjust well to the 3-4. Ultimately trading out of 2 was the best option based on draft picks received. From the 8th pick I don't see a Buckeye worth that, so they traded out for more picks. At 15 They went WR, which was better than what OSU had to offer. Moving on to DE, Bosa was gone, schobert was the better fit than perry based on analysis. Now it comes down to, do you want them to draft players that they believe fit their system or do you want them to draft Buckeyes? 

Comment 01 May 2016

Take a look at the players left that didn't get drafted. I could make a case that they are better than what other teams drafted in comparison. I look at mock drafts too and felt other players would be better i.e. Cash from Duke.... He didn't get drafted. At the end mocks are great and all but when coaches like a player they do way more analysis on the players they like than what the experts do in mock drafts. Trent Richardson was a can't miss RB, but all the experts were wrong. I'm not knocking Perry, but Schobert comes from a 3-4 on a very good Wisconsin defense. You have to draft people that fit your system, as for the TCU kid he is not afraid to come up to stop the run and is tough. The ULM I am not really sold on, too short for my liking, the only thing I see of value is that he's very fast perhaps he has the athleticism to be worth it. Bottom line Browns were focusing on Run stoppers and players that can pressure the QB. The knock on Perry is he is not great in coverage 

Comment 01 May 2016

The Browns went 2 seasons without drafting a solid WR, and now you're complaining that they drafted too many. You do realize that clevelands WRs were the worst in the league right? Considering Jackson has been apart of Cincy teams that drafted players like Jones, Eifert, and Sanu to compliment Green. I am going to go out on a limb and say he is a better judge of talent than you are. All of the WRs have different traits that make them valuable and they are not under 5'10