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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Wearing tear-away homemade #45 Archie Griffin t-shirts playing Nerf football in the back yard with my cousin before and at half-time of the 1974 OSU-um game when Mike Lantry (honorable Vietnam Vet - thank you for your service) missed a field goal giving OSU the 12-10 win after listening to my Dad and my Uncle bitch all 1st half after OSU got behind 0-10. Archie, Conelius 'Flam', Pete Johnson and Brian Baschnagel were my heroes... and that Cousineau guy...
    Watching my Dad and Uncle swear and stress and smoke a few puffs of a cigarette each in the basement while we told them to put it out while they were grinding over this 'sure' FG, drinking two beers inside the commercial break and then watch them leap out of their chairs when Lantry missed and hugging us and throwing us in the air... watching the fans storm the 'Shoe and Schembechler in disbelief over the call...
    Watching the 2002 OSU - um game with my dad and my son after his Youth Football All-Star Game and throwing him in the air when Will Allen intercepted John Navarre's pass in the end zone... the 2003 Fiesta Bowl with my Dad erasing the '76 Rose Bowl loss and pissing off my mom who said we were too old to get this upset about a football game...
    Taking my son, my Dad and I to the 'Shoe in 2006 for the OSU - um #1 vs. #2 game and spending $3,000 in one weekend on airfare, scalped tickets, and food and hotel rooms without the wife or my dad knowing... These events all rank just under the water line from the birth of my two children and graduating from West Point so that I could serve America in our U.S. Army ...
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie - 2 Time Heisman Winner - #45 - my Hero as a Kid along with Woody and Patton
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Bobby Hurley - and I hate Duke. He was a talented scrappy ass kicking winner.
  • NFL TEAM: Packers. Giants.
  • NHL TEAM: Canadiens
  • NBA TEAM: Larry Bird era Celtics... Michael Jordan era Bulls
  • MLB TEAM: Reds...
  • SOCCER TEAM: Rugby...

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Comment 13 hours ago

Wrong.  Incorrect.  Nice talking points, Ace.  Businesses and people move to the south for greater opportunity and to make a profit - which is why businesses exist in the first place.  They move there to have an educated, willing work force, that provides a greater opportunity for homeownership, better lifestyle, and less crime.  Taxes and regulatory environment in the south are more favorable than in the north.  Make sure you include in your analysis those federal dollars you claim are unearned are also inclusive of our military installations, which the north doesn't want in their locale.  I left NY when I was 22, tried to go back for a few years, left, and would never move back, except to visit or care for family.  

Comment 13 hours ago

No one is being held out of anything in the south, academically, or otherwise, you ignorant moron... Race and family are pretty well intertwined and people get along, unlike in the north... I did find a nice article about Baltimore and how nicely families are treated there on public transportation...


Comment 27 Dec 2014

So why do you want to hit one of these young men with a pool cue??  They appear to be pleasant, not angry nor intoxicated, don't appear to be drug users, liars, racists, or even bad young men??  Folks from all backgrounds, races, and upbringing get on and get along so much better than up north.  I was born a northerner and there are things I like about the north, but I would never move back there - ever.

These boys playing pool aren't privileged.  They are just a couple of guys enjoying a game among friends and happen to dress conservatively.  Probably have a plan for the future and some manners, which is why they get to date the Bama Becky's - and why no Bama Becky or Troll would give you a 2nd look.

Do like your handle, though - Beat ttun...

Comment 27 Dec 2014

Roger that, JohnBoy!  I particularly disliked the comment from some a$$ clown about smashing these young men in the head with a pool cue.  Southern bashing is tasteless, weak, and misguided.  I grew up as Yankee as it gets in NY, and would never move back there - ever.  Cajun girls are so cool, and so are the girls from AU and Bama.  Same for Georgia.  Industry and business relocated here because rat holes like Detroit made it impossible to sustain manufacturing and related industries.  Schools in the south are just fine - secondary and University schools.  Love the Buckeyes.  

Comment 16 Dec 2014

How great will it be when they hire Harbaugh and he does not beat OSU or Meyer for five years and quits and goes back to the NFL?  They will need to be committed...

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Roger that, brother. I LOVED that Skull Session article. It was Ramzy-worthy... 

This was about Ohio State and the brotherhood of this team. It had zero to do with Wisconsin. The sports media hype machine that still loathes Woody and Tressel created the perfect storm and Wisconsin was in the wrong place in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time.