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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Hugging my dad when Vince Young found the end zone on 4th and 5.

    Beating Iowa to go to the Rose Bowl my rookie year.

    Attending the 2015 Sugar Bowl
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Major Applewhite/Vonn Bell
  • NFL TEAM: Dallas Cowboys
  • NBA TEAM: San Antonio Spurs
  • SOCCER TEAM: Newcastle

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Comment 18 Jul 2015
DJ, I might have one extra OSU-Rutgers ticket for you at the low season ticket holder price of $85.
Comment 17 Jul 2015
Yeah, her and her husband are make quite the despicable duo
Comment 15 Jul 2015
I'm a big SyFy original fan but the first 2 sharknados were disappointing to me. The premise is phenomenal but the action felt super weak to me. There are a ton of better (worse) movies out there like Kaw, Grendel, Shark Attack 3:Megalodon, this one where rattlesnakes invade this old western town, another classic where the Nazis use gargoyles but can't control their power and one where a group of lady pilots in WWII and their sexist male commander join the Japanese in an aerial battle with pterodactyls. That being said, the trailer looks sweet and I'll definitely check out Sharknado 3 when I get a chance.
Comment 14 Jul 2015
Yeah, I feel like I'm watching out of some obligation and I miss so much stuff
Comment 14 Jul 2015
+1 that's right need to come down on my fact checkers
Comment 14 Jul 2015
Yes, although the 2nd player to hit won each round but I didn't care.
Comment 13 Jul 2015
Loved it, too. The freedom to swing away let them find their grooves much easier. I thought Frazier wouldn't have enough left in the tank but wow each round of his was thrilling!
Comment 13 Jul 2015
And you signed up to babysit us. What's wrong with you?
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Comment 13 Jul 2015

DJ, I believe workout levels go from "Blogger" to Noob to Moderate to Insane.

Comment 12 Jul 2015

I like it when people are like, "yeah man i really don't like the team you like." It's sports! Part of liking the top dawg is that no one else below likes you. I was talking with some sparty fans in 2012 and I was telling them how I'm glad they're doing well, I like a lot about their school and program, etc. but they were always like, "uhh sorry but i really hate ohio state." Just the way it is.

In other news, i was in DC when the braves were in town. really enjoyed the ballpark and was surprised how nice people were.