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Comment 02 Sep 2014

Loved the map.  Proud to be from the rust belt waste land.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

Yes and no.  During any running play the defense will have at least a +1 numerical advantage (b/c the ball carrier's defensive counterpart will always be unblocked). In a more traditional offensive scheme that number increase to +2 because the QB hands the ball off and doesn't block anyone. However with a read option play one player is "blocked" by the QB's read and the defense is back to +1.

With a triple option that doesn't change the fact that the defense has a +1 advantage.  The main difference is which defenders are read.  During the triple the QB reads one defender and pitches off another.  Because both defenders are on the play side the offense has a 3 vs 2 fast break.  Compare to a zone read where the QB reads a defended on the backside of the play.  In short the offense does not gain the same blocking advantage that the triple does.  If you ask old school triple option coached they will tell you the zone read isn't even a real option play.  This doesn't really apply to inverted veer or power read play since it reads a play side defender.

Sorry for the long post I hope it helped clear things up.

Comment 01 Aug 2014

In the first example the d-line is in and over front while the example in part two shows them in an under front.

Remember in zone schemes the aiming point for the running back is more of a recommendation and not a hard and fast rule.  Backs usually have more freedom make a read based on what lanes open and cut up into the vacant hole.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

Just goes to show that even something as "simple" as zone blocking can be incredibly nuanced.

Add in things like pass protections and it's no wonder why some people consider linemen to be the smartest players on the field.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

My 14 y/o daughter used the word  "ratchet" the other day to describe another girl.  

I thought she was calling her a socket wrench.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Thats true about Hyde. Not a lot of wasted movement, one cut and boom gets headed north/south which is what you want from a back in a zone scheme.

Looking forward to the rest of the series.