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Comment 11 Feb 2012

This situation reminds me of the old joke about two guys seeing a bear in  the woods.  One worries about out-running the bear.  The other knows he only has to out-run the other guy.

This 'thin' stable of running backs includes 4 big powerful guys any team would want and a smaller guy with good hands, decent speed and lots of experience.  Power, speed, vision, agility and hands are what Meyer needs and I think he has them all.  Why not use them all in situations appropriate to their individual skills?  No more little guys up the middle.  No more 5-star RBs playing LB.  Urban and Herman will have big guys to run up the middle, speedier guys to attack the edge, and pass-catching runners in the slot.  And our QB is a pretty good rusher in his own right.

And that says nothing about speedsters like Corey Brown and Devin Smith -- even Armani Reeves -- who could get some touches if we need even more speed outside the tackles. 

I hope we see them all run this Fall.  This is clean-slate do-over time.  That can be great for these young backs and is definitely great for the new staff.