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Comment 19 Oct 2016

There is no way the sick pregnant woman gets her head beat in with a baseball bat. The show would be off the air and the producers in prison before the next commercial rolled. 

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Good to know. It appears to be an effect of the whole "deregulation" thing by the NCAA. 2017 marks the return. 

Comment 17 Oct 2016

They don't have enough teams in the conference to have a conference championship game. That's likely the motivation for having looked at expansion at all.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

They probably also needed those adjustments especially the sail routes going forward for their young QB. They cut down his reads and give him an easier throw or at least a throw if it goes wrong is less likely to be a catastrophe. They were able to minimize the effects of the lack of zip on Hornibrook's throws.

Comment 14 Oct 2016

You've a good point with the road being an advantage. While I think there is a lot less of "playing down to your opponent" with Coach Meyer than with Coach Tressel I think the road environment focuses these teams in ways that playing Rutgers and Indiana at home don't. I imagine it is fine thing to have folks who love you cheer for you but it probably has an air of your mom telling you you're great about it. 

Succeeding in front of people who want to see you fail and hearing their silence when you don't is probably a much headier cocktail. 

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Watched some of the last World Cup and the way Germany played and then seeing Messi made me start thinking, "Maybe I haven't been the right soccer." I'd mostly watched some Olympics or the women's national team. Then came MSNBC and their English Premier League broadcasts early on weekend mornings and now consider myself a fan. 

50 minutes straight through without commercials, the whole game is over in two hours. There is also the part where no one has to get their head bashed in on every play. 

Looks like a good match this week with Leicester visiting Chelsea. Man. U goes to Anfield on Monday afternoon so DVR for that. 

I'll probably start a game thread if someone doesn't beat me to it on the 23rd when United goes to Stamford Bridge with what should be a huge game with Chelsea. 

Comment 12 Oct 2016

I don't want to run the guy down as he seems a good player but what is with the lovefest for that guy? There is just something off about all the talk for this guy. I'm usually fairly rational so I get really worried when I start wondering if someone has paid off all these pundits. I guess it isn't like the media haven't created the news before though. Maybe just trying to give momentum to the hype train for the 26th? 

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Hornibrook seems fairly poised to me but the way his passes just... take... fooooo...rrrrr...evvvvv...errrrrr to get anywhere suggests that if Bucky can't run the ball he's going to have a very bad night. We're certainly in agreement that the secondary should just feast on this guy. 

As far as our offense goes we'll beat them to the edge and just grind 'em with inside zone in the fourth until Curtis or Weber busts the clincher round the edge. 

Comment 05 Oct 2016

Coach Meyer echoed that sentiment with his comments about the film room and guys doing prep saying it is a problem when a team isn't good.

I don't think we're really looking at any traps this year. Wiscy, PeeSU, and Sparty on the road. IU coming off a big win. Tommy Armstrong keeps it up he'll be in the Heisman talk by the time Nebraska roll into town. As you say Maryland will have some wins and it looks like they'll give teams a game. 

Northwestern? They're probably not as bad as they looked to start the season. Fitz said he was going to "Coach their asses off" heading into Iowa and they got the win (Iowa's quality aside.) I don't see them arriving without a couple of respectable performances. They have Sparty and Indiana. 

The Cooper years are behind us so I'm not seeing taking scUM lightly especially as they'll likely be with us at the top of the division. It is likely to be a must win to go to the conference championship game. 

Not really seeing any traps. 

Comment 03 Oct 2016

Ninjaed! That's my question as well. I wonder if what we're likely to see is these same formations and motions with the give to the TB or JT keeps. Then they can make the defense always wrong. Are we seeing the seeds of Triple-option? 

Comment 02 Oct 2016

I'm not sure how a draw like that can be the best game of the season but there has been a lot to like in these last BPL games. Lots of attacking and making of chances. Just got to get the ball in the net.