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Comment 16 hours ago

That would explain what it needs these for:

it also sports a pair of 0.79-inch-long (2 centimeters) fangs.

Comment 17 hours ago

That Penn State is a usually a tough game does not make them a rival beyond the technical definition offered above. When Ohio State websites start having weekly columns just on what the Nits did this week maybe we can take it into consideration.

Comment 19 Oct 2014

After losing two quarterbacks against Indiana last week, the Hoosiers were forced to start true freshman Zander Diamont.

The Hoosiers didn't lose 2 QBs playing Indiana last week. They played Iowa last week.

Comment 18 Oct 2014

That's really cynical but unfortunately I can't disagree. However it is neither here nor there. We have to just keep winning in any case. "Conference Champion" is going to count for a lot in the end. Leaving one loss conference champions out for one loss teams that didn't even make their championship game isn't really in the spirit of a playoff is it?

Comment 18 Oct 2014

There are arguments in both directions. As much as I hate to say it though probably want to root for ND. There are other teams on their schedule who can beat them and the Domers are probably the best team FSU has left. So "hope they beat the crap out of each other and ND squeaks it out in the end with neither of them looking very good" is the option I'm going with.

Comment 18 Oct 2014

And Purdue extend their lead to 38-29.

Comment 18 Oct 2014

Boilermakers looking to answer the Gopher FG. Just broke off a huge run.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

If you lose and you're out the dollars how does that stress scheduling good teams? You'd want to schedule teams you can beat but that aren't going to lose all their games. Isn't that what most teams are doing with their non-conference already?

Considering how far out schedules need to be made how could you tell if you're scheduling a "good team?"