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Comment 2 hours ago

If you're going about with only the clothes on your back and can barely find enough water to drink constantly covering yourself in the smell of death doesn't seem much of an option except in desperation or as part of a scheme/plan of some sort.

While sure you could make armor and so on the problem is volume of walkers. With a walker or two you don't really need the shields and where the shields become useful is at numbers you should be handling some other way or you're easily overwhelmed. You also are on foot carrying everything for the larger part. How soon before the shield is the first thing you drop in favor of food or a change of clothes.

Walkers are slow and it is easier to run from them if you're not carrying a big piece of wood. And if you don't have a sword isn't a shield going to be a pain to fight around with a knife?

Always tradeoffs.

Comment 3 hours ago

I don't know. Now they can put it on the rack next to Maxim and GQ and Esquire and so on and don't have to hide them "behind the counter" or bagged all the way at the top of the rack practically out of reach of even those old enough to buy them.

At this point it can't compete as a "skin mag" and probably hasn't for some time. Doing away with the nudes though probably really does allow it to compete "for the articles."

Comment 3 hours ago

His excellent taste extends to real life. The actor is the father of Morena Baccarin's coming real life child.

Comment 3 hours ago

Best show on TV not named "The Americans."

Well maybe that is a bit much but it is one of my favorites. I love the locked down filming style they use. I like that it is "dark" looking but you can still see everything. I like the dark tone of the thing with the bad guys but you still have Gordon and Bullock fighting it.

Would be great if it was just a buddy cop show with Gordon and Bullock. It is however a rather good "Elseworlds" Batman tale. Was a bit put off by Alfred at first but he's also grown on me.

I certainly recommend it.

Comment 4 hours ago

I personally think that Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Glenn, and Maggie are "safe." Everyone else is fair game. I don't think the showrunners are absolutely not going to get rid of them but they're always going to be "last on my list" for who might be dead at the end of the episode.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

If you go into this looking for Romero every episode you'll be disappointed. If all you want is machetes to zombie heads TWD isn't the show for you. It has that but it isn't what the show is about.

I do not think some of the criticisms that end up as internet memes are unfair but they often suggest to me a certain impatience that there aren't constantly machetes to zombie heads. But then for awhile now I've been baffled at how often stuff gets called "slow." There can't be a Red Wedding every episode.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

I ran my mouth so much in 2013. They looked nothing like TTUN I'd seen all season. How soon we forget.

Right there with you. Right there with you.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

There are a lot of differences between the comics and the show but the tone tends to remain the same. If I hadn't read the comics I wouldn't have known Sophia was in the barn despite that not happening in the comics. But they do not follow the comics beat for beat on the show. Similar and bigger elements are common between the two but who lives through the week isn't always something you can know because you read the comics.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

They looked really sloppy. Like none of the guys were really playing the same shape.

And no the women's team could not keep up. The ladies wouldn't be able to push the men around and count on their fitness to pull them through. No one on the ladies team would be able to keep pace with Altidor.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

Great point about the denial about where our US soccer is compared to the rest of the world. I see sharper passing from teams facing relegation in the English Premier League than I did from the US. I often find MLS unwatchable in the way that a Thrusday night college between Conf. USA powers is.

Soccer isn't even the third most popular sport in the US.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

NW also looked slow and small against TTUN. Not sure how much of that is TTUN actually is big and fast and how much is the whole thing with NW not getting the best recruits. The red-shirt freshman QB wasn't able to get it done playing from behind on the road.

Still, three shutouts in a row is nothing to sneer at. And TTUN seems intent on bringing back "three yards and a cloud of dust" behind two TEs and fullback.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

While I certainly agree with your injury assessment, MSU does manage to get up for this game. Dino took a lot of hatred for TTUN with to East Lansing. I have to wonder if MSU also had a case of playing down to the competition along with the injury issues.

They were pummeling the Boilermakers at half-time. It isn't unheard of for a team to let off against an inferior opponent and have things go awry.

Despite the injuries I like Sparty.

Comment 11 Oct 2015

No one says a word about A&M all season. Ole Miss gets crushed after beating Bama and suddenly A&M who has to play Bama is a top fifteen team. Would not be surprised at all if the Vols cracked the top 25.

Comment 09 Oct 2015

It is pretty shocking how poorly they are playing. Looking back through the thread we all had them contending now we're just wondering when they'll stop stinking the league up. Way too much talent there for them not to turn it about a least a bit.

Comment 09 Oct 2015

I often wonder how appalled Woody Hayes would be by what football coaches get paid these days.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

Could you really fault any college football fan for wanting to catch ND and Navy in South Bend? It is sorta like wanting to see NY-Boston in Fenway isn't it?

Comment 08 Oct 2015

I got to get my own "Go Cats!" in there. They're both of my second favorite teams this week.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

I think it will be in my rotation for the evening surfing. Probably DVR it and watch it Sunday morning unless the US team stinks the joint up.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

And I knew I should have refreshed and re-checked the thread before posting. I'm right there with you. What is it they hope to accomplish in the middles of the season? Unless the whole team is going to the AD with a laundry list of the coach doing a Captain Bligh imitation sorts of things...

The Illinois situation comes to mind but there haven't really been similar crumblings from Terps players have there?