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Comment 24 Apr 2017

Is the cable into the home only available in the basement? 

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Nope. As someone who owns shoes with safety toes it was my first thought as well. Even aside from the chance of getting rolled over by a wheel barrow or stuck with a rake -- mulch and bare feet **** shudders **** 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

That the main characters don't make it isn't why I didn't like the movie. It is more that even the film-makers felt a bit detached from the characters because they didn't feel like they could let them make it. I never really thought they were going to make it. That was one reason why I didn't like the movie.

That they want to make the rebellion bigger is great. There are other stories to tell and see and characters to get to know. In this case it didn't feel so much like they sacrificed as it was the best story as like they just needed to get them out of the way so as not to muddy up the OT. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

Right, and my experience was that I couldn't believe they were using coincidence to both bring in Solo and get Rey and Finn out of trouble. Trouble being escaping the desert planet with the refugee droid of a space battle carrying the stolen intel. I've seen that movie already. 

It also further convinced me that Jakku (which I read, write, and hear as "Frak You") was intended originally to be Tatooine but when that news leaked during development and everyone reacted poorly to it they changed it and thumbed their noses at us in the process.

It also reminded me of the lazy coincidence that this director used in one of his earlier films to bring in a character. 

Motivations and plot holes and alternate ways to have gone with the script are not necessarily marks of laziness. But coincidence to get your characters out of trouble is when you then can further provide and dispense with a main character's backstory via the same coincidence and put him back where he "needs" to be...? 

I'm glad you enjoyed the film. I'm glad your experience was positive. Mine was not. I thought the movie was a lazy pile of crap. That it gets praised and lauded and not justifiably torn to shreds angers and saddens me. I will stand up and demand better and do my best to see that others who might be too scared to say they thought it was crap feel like they're not out alone in the woods with that feeling. And hopefully if I do that long enough and loud enough I'll convince enough people and our demands for something better will be heard. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I did like that stuff but it is blink and you'll miss it stuff really. That connects the movie to the bigger verse and sets a scene. However, it is way different than Tarkin and Mothma and Vader and Bail and Biggs-not-Biggs. And as cool as that bit with Vader at the end was even through all the shaky-cam it really amounts to fan service and not something essential to the story and didn't quite fit stylistically. I felt it really overshadowed an already underwhelming story. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

You can bring back TWD thread if you'd like to discuss whether that show is lazy. I'm happy to have that discussion but not in this thread. In this thread I'd be happy to elaborate on why I thought The Force Awakens was lazy. For instance the part where they've just left the planet under duress in a barely functioning mothballed starship that has broken down on them only to be instantly saved by the former owner of said starship who is then instantly found by two groups he's ripped off forcing him to abandon his ship (a ship big enough to dock the Falcon in by the by) and leave in The Falcon with the custodians of the lost droid carrying critical stolen intel. 

That doesn't seem lazy to you? 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

You did note that I said "things not in Rome?" I got the joke. It was just a bit too obvious. You can't bag on a guy for not knowing Pisa and Rome are different places and have several of your stuff to see in Rome things be stuff that is in FRANCE. You're gonna make jokes about a guy being a dumb ass you'd better be much smarter than he is. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I think they flinched on the "big boy pants." The movie felt like it started out as "Full Metal Jacket" but they got scared in the test screenings that it didn't "feel" like Star Wars and that's why we got all the Vader and tried to turn the thing into "The Green Berets." I think even in the full on "Full Metal Jacket" version they'd gotten distracted by their own macguffin. The movie wasn't about stealing the death star plans. That was something that happened but that wasn't what the film should have been about. That didn't "feel" like Star Wars so they actually edited scenes from Star Wars into the movie, lifted parts of the score, threw in some awkward screen wipes and other things that didn't go with the washed out modern shaky-cam style, and added a lot of Vader. 

There was way too much "fan service" in it. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I don't think people liked the movie on the whole so much as really, really, really liked the 007 style prologue to "A New Hope" the movie ends on, enjoyed seeing The Death Star blowing stuff up, Vader doing Vader things, and Tarkin and other OT callbacks.

When you walked out of the theater did you remember any of the new character's names? If they hadn't been in Battlefront I wouldn't have remembered even the main girl's. For me it was Wash the droid, Donnie Yen, plain girl and her dad Le Chiffre. I will say Rogue One was a far better directed movie than TFA. The space battle was much better edited but the use of actual footage from Star Wars was fairly jarring.

Don't get me wrong here I am not against what these anthology movies were conceived as (as big fan of the EU stuff I'm behind it) I just don't think they're going to be allowed to be much more than elaborate fan films especially since what everyone is mostly talking about is Vader. And given the obvious studio interference in this I don't think they'll be attracting a lot of talented directors and writers with something to say. I was going in hoping for much more stuff on The Clone Wars tone (a bit more grown up but still that serial/pulpy feel) especially things like the Umbara arc or the Cad Bane stories. 

I love what they've done in the two animated series. Anakin in the animated series is much more charismatic and much more that angry junkyard dog about to slip his chain and tear everything up. Can't wait for Rebels season 3 to hit blu-ray so I can catch up. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I think the new scheme and what appears will be a functioning passing game will help sure up the O-line. They got in a lot of trouble last season because the play-calling and passing weren't doing them any favors. Hopefully there will be a lot less of the play-calling failing to put the O-line in positions to succeed. 

I just hope we don't find out that the #firefickell crew was even more wrong than I thought. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

It is still the hangover from the whole "weak Big Ten" thing. But who do they play besides PeeSU and Us who was really good last season? They open with Florida, Fickell's boys down in Cincy, and Air Force. They pulled Wiscy, Minny, and Purdue in the cross division. They get both The Bucks and Sparty who was a dumpster fire last season at home.

Some of it is surely just the Harbaugh hype train but what on there isn't at all winnable for them? The Game? But it is The Game so... (note that is an ellipsis not "sarcasm dots") 

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Anakin is a seventeen year old boy raised by monks who teach the spurning of attachment. How was it going to be anything but awkward?