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Comment 1 hour ago

I was not aware of that. My point though to a degree still stands. If it was the first e-mail, in my book the instructor could have just ended this all with, "You know I can't tell you about that coach. Don't ask again." Done. I don't have all of the information though so don't know if he was in fact pressuring the instructor beyond the idea that asking at all is pressuring.

Obviously Flood has broken the rules but there is a difference between "Is there something we can do?" and "If you don't pass him, I'll get you fired." It just seems they're looking for a forest fire here when it was just a match. (This should not be looked at as advocating academic fraud.)

Comment 7 hours ago

Is the e-mail specifically asking the instructor to pass the kid? Is it just the one or are there a string?

I mean is Flood really out of line here or do we save some holier than thou ultra sensitive instructor losing their head over something that could be over and done with with a couple of sentences in a reply e-mail?

Comment 10 hours ago

I don't find them frustrating dumb. I chock it up to denial. Folks who watch these sorts of shows are going to catch on quickly and the show is showing many others catch on. The "step-dad" was telling her to get stuff together and get moving and went right away to get his kid.

I think the Mom is fairly spot on. She doesn't watch sci-fi and horror movies. A lot of people aren't really going to "get with the program" just like that. Hers is the same mindset that thinks abstinence only sex-education is a good idea. She thinks shielding her daughter from the horror is protecting her. That is part of the journey the show is taking us on. We know where this is all going. The characters don't.

Comment 10 hours ago

It is not "Blair Witch" shaky-cam but the framing is hardly ever static. That makes it a "shaky-cam" show. All of the scenes with the drug addict kid in the house throwing up, and the fight with the principal in the second episode for example. Most of the episode was a bit more dialed back but it is not locked down. Watch "Mr. Robot" for a locked down show.


Comment 12 hours ago

I've had a few of those over the last couple of days. It was on one of the articles though. The site really drug ass on Monday. It's been mostly fine since then though.

Comment 12 hours ago

How the heck does essentially keeping the lights and heat on and some people standing around to make sure no one breaks stuff, and some people to clean the restrooms lose almost $200,000? Is it the insurance policy on all the stuff?

Comment 01 Sep 2015

There was a time Coach Meyer has said that it looked like one guy was way ahead but then he looked at the stats. I'm thinking that part of what gave that look is the things that got JT voted a captain. If it comes down to a tie when Coach Meyer has to make a choice it seems reasonable that being picked as a captain is a tiebreaker that goes JT's way.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

There seems to be some disagreement then on which are the dull bits.

Still, HS for Hitch. Modern film-makers could stand to learn a thing or a thousand from him. "Rear Window" seems to get more suspenseful each time a I watch it.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

Isn't that a bit of the point though? Most of our lives to a degree are a bit flat and tedious.

We mostly do what we have to. We live in a time where we're lucky to have a bunch of time to do what we want to. But we don't make life and death decisions everyday. We do not face extreme circumstances that call on us to decide between options we've never contemplated.

When was the last time you really had to worry about where your next meal was coming from? We may wonder if we can afford medicine but there not being any medicine isn't typically an issue.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

I think it is still too soon to tell if there will be more past episode six. They are two for two on giving me a headache with the shaky-cam so while I'm certainly interested I'm having "I think I'll stop watching this" thoughts.

I was a bit disappointed we didn't really a "It's the zombie apocalypse."

Most of the reaction I've read seems a general impatience that it isn't 30 minutes of machetes to zombie heads each week with the other 15 being foreplay to the machetes to zombie heads. Things will pick up in two weeks as things really start to go to heck. I suspect I'll find it un-watchable since there will be lots of running from the barber shop and they'll keep things really shaky because: Chaos. 

Comment 31 Aug 2015

Don't mortgage your future for the sake of a party. So take both that $4000 cap and the $7100 quote and use them in some financial planning scenarios and figure out what the wedding is REALLY going to cost. Then do it again with the rest the total costs of the event.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

On the one hand I want Herman in the B1G because I'd like the B1G to be awesome. On the other hand if Herman never ever coaches anyone but the Buckeyes in the B1G I think I'd be okay with that.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Brown's injury was a noncontact one? On the one hand "Whew" there isn't a teammate beating himself up over it. On the other the whole "everyone looked kicked in the guts" now has perfect clarity for me.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

All sorts of college events are poorly organized. There is usually some staff person to open up the building and bring the check for whoever outside the college coming in needs to get paid but otherwise the event is being run by students running their first event. That none of them end up total disasters isn't often on the student organizers.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Why would it have to be a platoon within the game system? How about a week to week platoon. JT on the even weeks and Cardale on the odd weeks. Not a series to series or quarter to quarter thing. Each guy gets half the starts. They both then have to keep taking care of their business week to week.

Or week to week with a pick a guy for what they want to emphasize with the week's gameplan.

The depth chart would be: Jones/Barrett  and Jones/Barrett/Collier. Two first string guys and three second string guys?

Comment 27 Aug 2015

If you stand there and pose like Daniel in Karate Kid, it isn't going to work (see Karate Kid II.) It has just as much a chance to work  as any other fake with one side hit 'em with the other does. Machida got Couture moving away from the feint with the left leg and cracked him with the right leg.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Coach Meyer has also flat out said you won't know who the starter is till gametime on the seventh. I get the impression that TTUN Staff have left the whole thing up in the air. The reporters don't need to ask because Coach Meyer has given them an answer. These guys just keep dancing around it.