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Comment 4 hours ago

"The Best Years of Our Lives." 

I'd also chime in on "Band of Brothers," "Stalag 17," "Patton," and "The Longest Day." 

Comment 27 May 2016

It isn't a coincidence. The Many Faced God founded Bravos so everyone from Bravos will believe there is only one god. While Syrio may also be Jaqen that they share the same religion is nothing much to go on.

Comment 27 May 2016

If he is a faceless man he would be trained similar to what Arya is going through. 

Syrio was just as likely a sword for hire as he is a faceless man. Ned got Arya a teacher of the weapon style appropriate for Needle. Jorah in the fighting pit last season had to fight a water-dancer. In Westeros they use broadswords against plate. Across the narrow sea they fight Dothraki and live in a desert where plate armor will cook a man so they fight light and fast with rapiers. The Braavosi are also seafarers and plate armor will drown you. 

"Now we will begin the dance. Remember, child, this is not the iron dance of Westeros we are learning, the knight’s dance, hacking and hammering, no. This is the bravo’s dance, the water dance, swift and sudden. All men are made of water, do you know this? When you pierce them, the water leaks out and they die.”

Comment 27 May 2016

I'd be more on board if Chelsea hadn't been utterly appalling in their title defense until they fired him. I'm in the, "I'll trust these guys know more than I do" camp but I'm not excited by this. 

Comment 26 May 2016

Time having a loop does not make time a loop. A----->B------->A------>C 

How did I read it described? There was a story where Destiny is personified.

Destiny has a book in which all is written and tends his garden. We walk the paths of Destiny's garden. As we do we must choose many times. The paths branch and diverge and reconnect and diverge again. But after a lifetime of walking when we turn to look behind we only see a single straight path.

As it was put in "The Last Samurai" by Algren, "I think a man does what he can until his destiny is revealed." 

One of my favorites, "One often meets his destiny in the path he takes to avoid it."  

Comment 24 May 2016

I really liked that because my own reaction mirrored Arya's. It was funny at first because it was true. Then it wasn't funny because it wasn't true. It was the first the show has really tried or hinted at something the books do so very well. That being giving you a story you know from how others heard it and having other pieces of information that allow you to corroborate what a character says. 

Jaimie's story about killing his King because he was going to burn King's Landing got more weight to me because of Tyrion's efforts with the dragonfire. The priest telling him they kept finding secret stashes of the stuff. 

One where Jorah is hearing about what happened to Ned and dismissing it (we know it to be false) because he knows Ned. 

She'll do as she is bid and poison her target. 

Comment 24 May 2016

Hodor's passing is beautiful on the level that causes us to celebrate and remember our soldiers and police officers and firemen and other people who put others before themselves. As it read to me there was a point there at the end where it wasn't Bran warged into Hodor holding the door. It was Hodor holding the door. It was an archetypical hero's passing in my view. My cynicism hasn't quite gotten the better of me to the point I can no longer see and appreciate that. 

On a story level that something this far down the line was seen as a destination early on is beautiful and rich story-telling. 

That you would so strongly advocate on Hodor's behalf in this is again rich and beautiful story-telling and writing. You don't argue for characters that don't touch you and move you and make you care. 

It is also a corollary to the High Sparrow and Mereen and how the nobility see those "beneath" them as you are eloquently pointing out. 

I guess that I can see beauty in it makes me "okay" with it despite that I do not disagree with your point about Hodor being a person. However, I accept it as having happened. As a boy (Bran is not as old as the actor playing him who is still a boy,) as boys are want to do, made a mistake. A terrible mistake but a mistake. But a mistake in trying to survive in a desperate situation. 

Comment 24 May 2016

What you're leaving out is that old Hodor was panicking in the cave as wights and whitewalkers were coming down on their heads. Bran warged into Hodor to both save himself and save Hodor. This was just a case of "do something" gone awry. 

And no one is supposed to be able to warg into humans. Bran is special for that but it also comes likely from Hodor not being all there and this little time loop created by Bran. Bran likely can't warg into Meera. In the books even the wolves push back a bit and still want to exercise their own will. 

And Hodor didn't entirely lose his mind did he? He still understood things he was told and asked and so on as evidenced by his chat with Meera about food. He still did his stable boy duties and work about Winterfell. 

While Hodor's story is tragic, it is also quite beautiful on a number of levels. 

Comment 23 May 2016

I'm not thrilled with this news. I don't much like Mourinho and while Van Gaal had some WTF moments this season I think he was getting it together at the end. Also the injury issues the team had this season were pretty big. 

Zlataan is the real deal but at 34 I think this is choosing winning now over more development for Martial and Rashford and longer term plans. Mourinho and Zlataan will be short timers. 

Comment 23 May 2016

Where they missed on the spinoff was having Arya, The Hound, Brienne, Pod, and Bron all "Robin Hooding" it up around the Riverlands. 

The Tormund and Brienne riff is kind of perfect. There is no place for "proper" ladies beyond the wall. 

Comment 23 May 2016

Cersei is a beautiful example of not understanding the interaction and interdependence of power and responsibility. Being in charge doesn't mean you actually get to do whatever you want. She doesn't understand the difference between being in charge and being a leader. 

Comment 23 May 2016

But would he also need to be near their future self as well? Bran was with Hodor both in the vision in the past and side by side in the future. He wouldn't be able to warg into his father in the past necessarily.

And of course we have a bit of a pre-destination paradox in Hodor. Hodor's trip north of the wall was his destiny.