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Comment 1 hour ago

I'm a fan of the comic but haven't given it a look. It looks like the usual desaturated shaky-cam idie thing that is very hard to watch. Combine with quite obviously being "not Preacher" and I've been leery. I might give it a look as I have time in my viewing schedule. 

Comment 1 hour ago

She rejected Littlefinger.

And I'm not seeing all this "Sansa is a player" thing. She is no longer a stupid girl with stupid dreams with her head in the songs the minstrels sing. She sees people and the world for what they are. That's the point of the speech at the Weirwood. She used to think only of herself. Now she doesn't. But seeing what Littlefinger is or what Ramsay is and knowing what to do about it (she knew Ramsay would lay a trap and kill Rickon but had no idea what it was or how to bypass it) and being able to do something about it are not the same thing. 

Neither Sansa nor Jon were expecting everyone to declare fealty. He's just trying to get everyone on the same page that the White Walkers are coming and there needs to be a plan. It is a sexist world. People only respect Dany when she shows them her actual power. Sansa doesn't have actual power. Jon was content to put her in charge. There is no power struggle there. He's not going to put her on the streets or what have you. They need each other. 

Comment 3 hours ago

Yes, but it also cost her her sight. She asks to take a face to kill Lady Crane, "A girl is not ready." If she was leaving and was Arya not A Girl why would they have let her take a face? If they didn't let her take one how did she get it? Why can she get it and wear it and still be Arya? (That still actually fits my theory that of why it is The House of Black and White. Be someone or be no one. But know which it is.) 

I don't mean to run it down because it was still fairly awesome and how close was Jamie to getting his throat cut and stuffed in a pie? Yet with a series as opposed to a movie we're supposed to have more time and fewer of these questions. Perhaps they'll answer them next season. 

Comment 3 hours ago

I'm not much usually for that sort of thing. I'm fairly new to soccer really (just a more than irregular watcher since the last World Cup) but I saw the most from Wood, Zardes, and Brooks for what that's worth.

But watching the third place game and then watching Germany on Sunday it is quite clear that the issue for the USMNT is far deeper than the individual talent of the players. 

The individual German players mgith be better quality than the US but far more importantly they are all quite clearly on the same page. Maybe because Slovakia was outmatched but not entirely. But the German players all seem to have the same understanding at a fundamental level. The Germans weren't working in to a cross from out wide with no guys running into the box. They'd have less than stellar passes but they'd still be to more or less the right area. 

You can hardly tell that the German team isn't playing together week in and week out while the US always looks like a pick-up team in the park. 

Comment 4 hours ago

Well it seems to me what we missed was back in the House of Black and White that Jaqen should have seen The Waif but turned to see Arya wearing either the face that The Waif was wearing when she came to kill Arya and Lady Crane or the face of the serving wench she wore to infiltrate the Twins and kill Freys. 

I agree that the surprise wouldn't have been there if we'd already seen Arya as the serving wench but we'd have still had a Holy Crap moment if smaller and it would still have been a surprise that she got straight to it. I just feel a bit cheated that we didn't know Arya could wear faces. And I want to know where she got that one. 

I still fist pumped and scared the cat with a very loud, "Yes!" 

Comment 4 hours ago

Why would Sansa try to burn him? She has chosen Jon over Littlefinger's offer. When Sansa suggests Littlefinger for Hand of The King in the North we might get a bit of a dust up but I'm not seeing her going after Jon with claws out. 

It would most likely be an accident of some sort that let's us see Jon as not being burnt. It is just the whole part where he saved Lord Commander Mormont and burnt his hand with the lantern he used to set the wight ablaze that messes with that a bit. 

Comment 4 hours ago

The big shocker for me was Arya killing Walder. My little mental alarm bells went off as soon as they cut back to Walder all alone in his hall. I'm all, "What did I miss? I've missed something." And out of nowhere a girl pays her debt. On the one hand that is exactly the point of becoming no one. Just some serving girl no one pays any attention too.

On the other hand though it feels a bit of a cheat and shortcut. But we'd have been on to the ruse if they'd tried any buildup or mystery or what not with Freys just sort of disappearing. We'd have either been on to it and it would have felt drawn out and pointless or we're left to fill in all the details on our own. 

Comment 5 hours ago

Sam is at the Citadel to become a maester and to hopefully find a way to stop the army of the dead. I don't think it has much other than that to do with Jon's mother (Jon thinks Ned is his father.) Sam after his researches might return to the North with the reason that what Bran found out is important. 

Comment 5 hours ago

Natalie is fine. Margaery is dead.

I don't think Bran brings down the wall per se. But the mark may let the Nightking pass through and allow him to bring it down and/or his army through. At the tree cave the Nightking made a gap in the wall and the wights stormed through. The Watch doesn't have enough men to hold all the passages through the wall. The White Walkers and wights can come through somewhere other than Castle Black. The Nightking might also have found something magical that would allow him to bring down the wall.  

Comment 5 hours ago

He didn't make a false move. Not riding to the rescue would in no way have put him on the throne with Sansa at his side. There is simply now a new obstacle in his way. Sort of like the obstacle of the North wouldn't unite behind him even if Sansa would have had him. 

She didn't sacrifice Tommen. She likely didn't forsee him stepping out of a window. But in any case Cersi is full on dark side now. She needs a new Sith name. 

The timing of things is a bit wonky but I suspect the coronation that ended the episode happened before The Queen of Thrones went to Dorne. Arya left Braavos long before the battle at Winterfell or Riverrun. Varys was already off to Dorne and probably was the one who gave the Sand Snakes the idea to ally with Highgarden. 

There was some time between the end of the siege on Mereen and Varys's return. There is a certain amount of magical Valyrian teleporter at work but part of it is just editing things for the way things will play best in an episode combined with bad writing and time constraints leaving out things to give us a better sense of what is happening when. I think now that they've got things converging we'll get a less labored continuity. 

Comment 26 Jun 2016

There was more than one time during the course of the game when I was yelling, "Just put it across the goal. *** swearing *** Just put it across the face of the goal give someone a frelling chance at it. *** swearing ***"

Comment 24 Jun 2016

Maybe Walder Frey but part of me thinks that the Lannister and Frey stuff in the previews is set up for next season to get to the long term payoff of the Stoneheart storyline. 

I don't think they'll have time for both Jamie at The Twins and getting back to what's left of King's Landing to end Cersei. But they do have an extra nine minutes... 

Comment 24 Jun 2016

I'm just not seeing it. As much as I thought she was the far more "Holy Crap!" moment of the end of the third book they've just sort of thrown out all sorts of things related to that. It is also too late as you get brought back but not really "healed." Caitlyn is a long decayed corpse at this point. I just think they've gone way past the point where they could bring that in. It would also just come out of nowhere more or less since they haven't teased it or had some unsolved mystery around her they've been working up to. 

I think that's why we got the return of Beric. We might get the bit with Brienne and Pod as they try to return to Winterfell. Not sure what motivation other than The Hound's revenge they'd have for hanging her though. And I'm not seeing him being all that interested in revenge. It was a fair fight and he's not dead. She's on the "We need to go fight the white walkers side" liked Beric and Thoros seemed to be. 

And if I were writing the show there is no way I'd skip the chance to have more of Tormund trying to get in Brienne's pants. 

The big thing will be whatever it is that is happening between the Lannisters and Freys in that regard. If Brienne finds out about some scheme/ambush and tries to warn Jamie?