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Comment 2 hours ago

Elliot Mealer... your post reminded me of his name.  I actually worked at Cook's in Wauseon years ago.  It was a hard thing to read about for that town. 

As an aside, if it is anything like it was in the good ol' days, if you haven't been to downtown Archibold for the holiday decorations, you are missing out.  When I was in the Navy living in the Bay Area, it actually appeared on a news segment as a small time USA Xmas town.

Comment 22 Dec 2014

Mewhort was from Toledo.  Notre Dame has a QB from Toledo on their roster.  TTUN had the kid from Wauseon on their team but he is graduated.  His name escapes me but his family was in a dreadful Christmas car accident.  It seem Whitmer, St. Johns and Central Catholic put out quite a few 2nd tier kids. 

Comment 19 Dec 2014

I was born and raised in Toledo as well.  I left in 1987 for United States Navy boot camp.  My family is still in the area so I make it back once a year or so.  I am proud to be from there, but I probably would not move back.  The town is truly a divided city for The Game!

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Even closer to home for them, Jim Hacket became interim AD to find a new AD and Head Coach, and couldn't find anyone better than himself for the AD position.  There is some jedi mind tricks going on...

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Congrats!   My kids were born at the Penn State Milton Hershey Medical Center.... ALL of the babies had little caps with the cougar on them except my daughters in their Ohio State caps... At an early age, they were better than those around them.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

On one thread, people complain of low impact hires at Wisky and Nebraska and urge them to spend their Big 10 money pool.  On another thread, TTUN actually throws it around like they got it and are ridiculed for it.  The SEC is spending big on head coaches and assistant coaches.  I still don't understand why Wisconsin and Nebraska didn't throw ridiculous sums of money at quality head coaches.  Personally, I would have targeted the TCU and Baylor coaches and seen if they could out spend, especially at Nebraska who tries to recruit Texas. 

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Agreed that there are a lot of choices.  It just seems that a lot of fans knowledge only goes back to 1990.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Pace may not be the best Tackle to ever play for the Rams... Jackie Slater was an amazing player.  Although I am a huge Orlando Pace fan, in  general, Jonathon Ogden, Willie Roaf, and Walter Jones were more highly regarded. 

Comment 18 Dec 2014

I think Woody, Harley and Griffin are all locks.   Much like the College Football Championship selection committee.. the 4th spot is up for debate.  One could make the reasonable argument that Les Horvath belongs over Eddie George.  Although both won a Heisman trophy, Les Horvath's team won a national championship.  Howard Cassady has a national championship and a Heisman as well.  Tippy Dye was the first QB to ever beat TTUN three times.  I think Jack Tatum is a reasonable choice as well given the success of the Super Sophomores.  I think we can all agree, with Ohio State's storied football history, we need more than one Mt. Rushmore.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

That was beautiful man...I promised myself I wouldn't... cry...

Comment 24 Nov 2014

It has probably been 7 or so years ago, but I had a friend that owned a sports memorabilia shop in Maryland.  They were having Troy Smith in to sign some stuff when he was with the Ravens, and my buddy invited me along.  I brought some stuff to have signed and brought my daughter who was about 5 at the time.  Troy Smith was completely gracious to all of us during the signing and posed for a picture with my cutie pie daughter in her pink Ohio State shirt.  Fast forward to last January, and Troy was signing at a sports memorabilia convention in Columbus.  I printed that picture of my daughter and him, and she stood in line to have it signed.  He saw the picture and knew where it was taken and asked my daughter "Is that you?"... and commented that his facial hair looked funny back then.  He signed her picture and took time out in the hall way to take another with my daughter and said to bring it back in five years.  He made a little girls day twice and that means as much as the wins to me.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

The guy is doing his job.  I don't know how much simpler it can be.  His father was a co-captain at Ohio State and Herbie was a co-captain.  They are the only father-son captains in the history of Ohio State football.  James Herbstreit raised his son to be a Buckeye much the same I am raising my children to be Buckeyes, and Kirk is doing the same with his children.  Herbie is doing his job as a commentator.  The Herbstreit's blood bleeds as scarlet and gray as any other fan of Ohio State football, perhaps more so.