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Comment 07 Aug 2012

If I ever had a #2 team to root for, it was Penn State and Joe Pa.  A part of college football has been forever tainted due to this.  I originally felt for the school, the fans, the students, Bill O'Brien even.

Now, as each day passes I find myself more apathetic.  They keep crying about being punished for nothing...but I think the school needs to be nuked by the NCAA, just to snuff out this cult.  This whole "who cares what happened to children, we just want our football team to be fine" mentality is just disgusting.  That's why there should be a cleansing.

Comment 03 Aug 2012

You guys make it hard not to get over-psyched for this trial period of a football season.  Sure, the smart thing is to not be overly optimistic; but when you read 11W articles, it makes it sound like military geniuses are training a young battalion of Spartans.  And I don't mean run of the mill Michigan State student athletes, I mean the the ancient military badasses.

And that is due to the quality of the writing and passion of this site.  I mean, I'm going to drink beer, cheer and scream at the TV on Fall Saturdays anyway...might as well face it head on with good feelings.

Comment 30 Jun 2012

Hey Buckeye fans, I'm a long time lurker/avid reader to 11W so this is my first post.  I was hoping to post on this topic Monday but had some login issues (Alex and Jason, thanks for your help!)

I had the pleasure of attending this event last Sunday with my father.  It was an unforgettable experience, and I was thinking of making a blog post from a fan's perspective if anyone is interested.  More than anything, the experience reaffirmed my belief that Tressel is an outstanding human being, and a great role model.

Favorite quote of the night: "My hair wasn't gray, until Troy Smith came along."