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Comment 02 Jan 2017

If a swing pass fails miserably once, let's try it a few more times without success. That kind of play calling makes you scratch your head. It does all go through Urban. At least that is what he has said. Would like to know if he has someone (Beck/Warriner) in his ear begging him to keep trying things like that. There is a chance of success with each play but some always have a higher percentage of success. The counter play to Samuel for 60 yards or so worked well because of the misdirection. More of that would be great. Damn, I think about this stuff too much.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

The concerning thing is that Urban has made the comment before that HIS offense is THE offense and no matter the OC that will change only slightly. And he has remained consistent with that statement. Blame can be put anywhere but the offensive calls go through him.

Just like Saban relented and went to a hurry up offense with Lane Kiffin, he will need to put aside the ego and hand over the offense to a creative mind. Lets just hope he does. HIS offense is diagnosed and cured at this point.

Comment 16 Dec 2016

I hear we all had better look out for ttun next year...they are going to be really good unstoppable and win the national championship.  

Disclaimer: This statement can cause mass delusion and is intended solely for inspirational purposes by ttun. Any use by other institutions making such claims is strictly prohibited as it seems to be running out of steam and we wouldn't want that, now would we?

Comment 14 Dec 2016

Yes he certainly is. That team thinks Urban is one of the rumor circulators. He does not have to make up things about anyone to get any recruit. He comes in with the rings and the record and OSU on his chest and that is all that is needed. Hairball is the one that makes things up. The list for his crap would be a mile long. Thank God he does not represent OSU.

Comment 12 Dec 2016

They are firing up their keyboards in Ann Arbor to say this is completely false, there is absolutely no truth to this whatsoever. Little Jimmy WILL NOT be going to the NF and L.  J.T. did not get a first down. DPJ will not go to FSU or OSU. Peppers is the best player God ever created, don't you know he plays 17 positions? All refs are cheaters except when they win, then they are perfectly fine. Annnnddd they will be great NEXT YEAR....

Comment 04 Dec 2016

Howard took the better part of two half hour CFB shows this week berating OSU saying they are not the number two team in the nation.  Pollack sat there and smiled at him knowing it was all coming directly from butthurt.

Comment 04 Dec 2016

If ESPN cannot figure out why they are losing eyeballs and page views it is because they employ "experts" like Desmond Howard and Mark May. If objectivity is an impossibility, that is a job you should not have and Howard is ridiculous. 

Comment 01 Dec 2016

How can any adult think it is ok to act like a child in front of the world?

Comment 29 Nov 2016

I see your point in him looking out for #1. He will without a doubt. He is not going to recruit for him or anything of the sort. My point is that he will not step in on Okudah or Dobbins for example. But he would definitely listen if they knocked on his door and wanted in. I think he would not pursue guys locked into OSU. As far as helping Meyer, that would be with Texas players not wanting to stay in Texas. I really do think he would be willing to help Urban in that instance. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Herman has much respect for Meyer. Sees him as the guy that gave him the final boost needed to start his head coaching career. From that respect he would not want to interfere with Meyers recruiting efforts in Texas for 2016 but after that it is open season. Still think he would be helpful to Meyer whenever possible in the future because of that mentor status.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

That bunch up north had mortgaged their emotional lives on a win this year and now they are in foreclosure and are grasping at straws. It was their shot. Now it is gone. Had Harbaugh coached the way he should have by being a little more conservative with under two minutes left in the 3rd quarter and a ten point lead they could have won that game, but he didn't. Instead of taking responsibility for the loss, he will use excuses. He's hoping this story line will make the committee think they were robbed of a win which they were not. Harbaugh and his team lost that game. Google "Harbaugh is a sore loser" and look at what comes up. Same results of whining about refs costing his team games.

Comment 24 Jul 2012

Good luck in all future endeavors Danny and thanks for all the great work!

Comment 21 Jul 2012

Alabama will handle their business easily. Saban knows that a big win will mean a lot for his team starting the season. Robinson left, right, and up the middle will not suffice. Unless other playmakers step up big time, no chance for ttun.

Comment 20 Jul 2012


Drive, drive on down the field....hum..hum...hum..

Men of the scarlet and gray.....hum...hum....hum..

Don't let them through that line...hum...hum...hum..

We've got to win this game today ...hum...hum....come on dude, sing it!