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Comment 15 Sep 2014

EASY ON THE CELTICS THERE MARION BOY!  Ever hear of one John "Hondo" Havlicek - the Pride of Martins Ferry, Ohio!?  1960 National Champion Ohio State Basketball Player / 9 out 10 NBA Championships in the 1960's....and on and on.  The Pride of Beantown for many a NBA seasons!  "Havlicek steals the ball! Havlicek steals the ball! It's all over!  It's all over!!"

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Do not like the title of your article or the article itself.  For crying out loud, most of you make me sick to be a Buckeye fan!  Coach Meyer, his staff and his team are fine.  Young teams learn as they go with good coaching and we as OSU fans have that...a young team and good coaches.  Good luck team and coaches the rest of the 2014 season.  Do not go to a remote island, but stay strong together.  If Buckeye Nation is upset after only two games into the season...remember to stay strong together.  Coach Meyer, you are glad you came home to Ohio.  The best is yet to come.  Keep the faith boys...keep the faith.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

WOW!  Very nice indeed.  The only thing that tsun has is a Rose Bowl sign on the wall where they try to pick fights in the tunnel before the game, because they know winning the game is useless.  But what do you expect from a "No Class" school like Fishigan...they stink both off and on the field.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

desmond howard...just one more reason to hate espn.  What A Chump!

Comment 02 Aug 2014

Hate is such a terrible word.  How about a deep boiling admiration for such a successful program when ever it is coached by true homegrown Buckeyes.  You can have Texas, California, and Florida....give me Ohio Football any day of the week.  Don't hate B1G...just stand back and admire, wish and dream.  OSU Football - over 100 years and still going STRONG.  I have a feeling that 2014 will be fun to watch in Columbus.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

It took a moment, but I found him.  Row 4, 5th man from the left:  Rex Kern #10, the greatest Buckeye Football Player ever!  The pride of Lancaster, Ohio.

Comment 04 Jul 2014

WOW...This is most likely the dumbest article I have ever read.  Not sure what your purpose was, but you missed it by a mile.  Really!!

Comment 28 Jun 2014

Watching the recently completed High School National Championships, offensively D'Angelo is everything you stated.  Too bad the young man did not perform on the defensive end.  Seemed weak at that end of the court, but that was only watching him play 3 games...highly competitive games against some of the nation's high school best.  It seemed like every senior starter for every team was headed to a DI school.  Hope D'Angelo was more concerned about offense and left his "A Game" defense at home for the tournament.  

Comment 27 Jun 2014

Let me see...the two greatest scores in the history of Ohio High School Basketball, Jay Burson and Jon Deibler could not get into the NBA, but people think that a no outside shoot, pretty good defender, some assist player like Aaron has a shot.  I would not take that bet.  Don't get me wrong...great Buckeye with a wonderful career when he had a support cast and I am sure he will make a great doctor, but very little chance of playing in the NBA.  

Comment 19 Jun 2014

The 'SHOE, which is, was and always will be the best place to play college football in the land, in front of the greatest fans ever, just keeps getting BETTER!!  Love it / Love the pictures!  Can't wait to love it in person!!!

Comment 16 Jun 2014

I have said for years that Paul Brown is the greatest Ohio coach ever.  At every level he has been innovative and a winner.  I have and will always admire Coach Woody Hayes, but Paul Brown rightfully deserves the title as greatest coach in the greatest state for football -- OHIO.  And thanks for a wonderful article.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

Has it really been four years since that fat piece of crap "rolled" into town?   My how time flies when we (OSU) are having fun!!  I vote:  STAY FATTY!

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Thanks for the great article and true story of Mr. Jesse Owens.  Back in the summer of 1984, a made for TV movie - "The Jesse Owens Story"  starring Dorian Harewood as Jesse Owens told a similar true story of the life of Jesse.  It was a two night movie and moved me greatly back then.  I was a graduate student at Ohio State and I felt real sadness for the way OSU, America, and everyone treated Mr Owens before and after his great accomplishment at the Berlin Olympics.  More great Americans like Mr. James Cleveland Owens and what a great country this would be again.