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  • SPORTS MOMENT: January 4, 2003, of course
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Comment 31 Mar 2017
This was an experimental stage of the NFL to try to make the game more exciting. For instance, if an extra point or field goal went over both goal posts, the kicking team would receive twice the amount of points than normal, i.e. two points for an XP and six points for a FG. Also, to encourage passing, if the QB threw a pass that went over the first goal post, i.e. it was caught between the two goal posts, the scoring team world receive nine points instead of six for the touchdown. In addition, if any player ran into the goal post and was knocked unconscious, the opposing team would receive two points. This led to strategies where teams would try to run or lead opposing players into said goal posts. This is also where the term safety and its subsequent two points was derived from.
Comment 31 Mar 2017
This is outrageous. Anything less than his resignation is unacceptable. The outrage (or lack thereof) by the community calling for him to step down will say a lot about Penn State and its constituents. On a side note, that's a huge board with 38 members. Also, interesting that he (not sure about the rest of the board) was voted in by alumni, while at Ohio State the trustees are appointed by the governor. (Not tying that into the case, just noting how different boards are put together).
Comment 23 Mar 2017
Gotta root against Moeller. They have this block M thingy logo and these kind of familiar ugly colors. Kind of reminds me of, hmm, I can't quite seem to place it, let me think a second here, hmm, something that makes me want to vomit...
Comment 19 Mar 2017
Thanks for the correction!
Comment 18 Mar 2017
Congrats on the win, but shouldn't it be PCHS? Rep Central Ohio well at states.
Comment 08 Feb 2017
Yes, I picked the name to honor the former coach. Want to honor the former greats. Good to see someone knows who he is. His son was my PE coach in middle school.