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Comment 7 hours ago
And the police represents the NCAA who nails the rabbit for getting free tats and "cheating," while the more obvious cheating down south by the turtle goes unpunished.
Comment 16 hours ago
The stunned silence followed by the look on Pat Sajak's face is priceless in that video.
Comment 14 Apr 2014
Kurt deserves this. Good to see him landing on his feet. I always appreciated Coleman and his solid secondary play for the Bucks.
Comment 11 Apr 2014
He says: "The most common non-cash gifts to recruits are cars. In every major city inside the Southeastern Conference's footprint is a tangle of auto dealerships with varying ties to particular schools. "Remember, your job as a bag man isn't to hide the benefit. It's to hide the proof. In a region as passionate about college football as the American South, there's no real moral outrage when new cars or clothes or jobs for relatives appear. "We can only get away with whatever's considered reasonable by the majority of the folks in our society. That's why it's different in the SEC. Maybe that's why we're able to be more active in what we do. Because no one ever looks at the car or the jewelry and says, 'How did you get that, poor football player?' They say, 'How did they get you that and not get caught, poor football player?'"
Comment 10 Apr 2014
How about a Penn State pick-six club? The membership would be very full for that one.
Comment 04 Apr 2014
When I went to pick up my tickets for the 2003 Fiesta Bowl at Sun Devil Stadium the day before the game, I ran into Archie as he was walking out. He was gracious as always, and I got his autograph. I felt bad, though, as I was the first one to see him, and he was about to go undetected, but then afterwards a swarm of people came to get their picture taken with him. :) During the recent OHSAA basketball championships, as I was leaving the big parking lot north of the Schott, I was redirected to leave via an alternate exit. This way took me by the WHAC, and I saw Chris Ash and Larry Johnson leaving the facility and walk out to their cars, and this was at 10:30pm! Back in 1992 I was helping out at this big wrestling tournament at Worthington Kilbourne HS, which featured teams from all over the country. I was put in charge of taking tickets at one of the entrances. Luke Fickell can in with a DeSales coaching pass so he could get in for free. I could tell he was nervous as to whether I would let him in, and I clearly knew who he was, but I let him in anyways. I told the Kilbourne AD the story later, and she said she would have just let him in, too. I also once ran into Grady Mateen at the Continent movie theater, and Mo Clarrett outside some stores in Morse Rd. during his freshman football season. Also, my dad was a professor at Ohio State, and one time at the faculty club he sat across the table from Woody at lunch.
Comment 31 Mar 2014
"After all, if Michigan fans didn't have somebody to look down upon, they'd have to look in the mirror. " Touche.
Comment 31 Mar 2014
Tell us something we don't already know, Mr. Kiper.
Comment 17 Mar 2014
Thank you. Yes, I was noticing on stubhub that the prices were a little steep, and that the ticket exchange was less expensive. I did figure it was because of the Friday night game against an original six franchise. Thanks for the great parking tip!