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Comment 26 May 2016
Yeah, they're still together. The article mentions that the mom, dad, and two sisters are moving together into the new house, but Zeke says specifically that he's buying for his mom for her endless sacrifice.
Comment 26 May 2016
Thanks for the help, Hove. Appreciate it. For some reason, whenever I post from my phone, the link always comes out this way (meaning not able to be clicked).
Comment 26 Apr 2016
With DJ's love for Cardale, I'm surprised there's no mention of Gruden's QB camp, the full version. I watched it yesterday and it was great. Cardale came off as very likeable, intelligent and well-spoken. I also watched part of the one with Conner Cook, and I can see why his teammates didn't allegedly like him. He seems like a bit of a jerk.
Comment 04 Apr 2016
I didn't get to watch much of the game last night, but I thought she provided great post game commentary during the playoffs last year. She seems to be very knowledgeable about the game, and I think she deserves a fair shot in the booth, and applaud her for breaking the barrier in the booth, so to speak, on Sunday night baseball.
Comment 01 Apr 2016
I thought maybe DJ lost a bet, was drunk, or got hacked. Noticed the no commenting thing, too. Then when I saw this forum I remembered it's April Fool's. I did enjoy the BG Skully, though. They're very underrated.
Comment 31 Mar 2016
He probably lost all that weight from going against Oregon's hurry up offense.