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Comment 21 May 2015

Going to any other Islands? I went to Maui 6 months ago for my honeymoon. It was awesome, but wont be of much help to you on O'ahu. General advice for Hawaii though, make sure check out different beaches. Maui has a pure white, a black, and a red sand beach that were are really cool. Snorkeling is a good idea... all kinds of cool ocean life, sea turtles and shit. There are hikes on Maui that go back to active waterfalls you can swim in. Im sure O'ahu has some similar sites. That was an awesome experience. We drove to the top of a Volcano to check out sunrise early in the morning. Fantastic views.

Most of the best advice we got was by asking locals though. Travel books will give you the crowded touristy things to do that usually cost money. Go to a local bar or restaurant and ask the bartenders and servers. They will generally have the best advice and can give you kind of an inside scoop on what to do.

Have fun! 

Edit: Just my 2 cents, but for all the people telling you to stay in your room and have sex... if you married the right girl, you can do that anytime. You can sit in your room in Ohio or wherever you live and get laid any time you want. Get out of the room and enjoy every minute that you can. Hawaii is awesome, and for many, a once in a lifetime experience.

Comment 19 May 2015

How do the remaining non-lottery picks beyond the top 14 or whatever it is get determined? Overall record or based on the final results of the season, I assume? 

Comment 16 May 2015

There are a shit ton of Ohio State fans here. You'll see more OSU paraphernalia than any other school in the country with the exception of the Florida schools and UGA. 

Comment 05 May 2015

Pretty much on the same page, though I love all of Nirvana's albums almost equally. The closest thing I can get to in today's bands is Chevelle. Some of their stuff has a similar rawness, so to speak, but I admit that's a huge stretch. 

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Tragedy. His brother Richard gave a powerful speech at his funeral. I cant post it now, but a quick youtube search will pull it up.

Comment 17 Apr 2015

What you are describing is classic pyramid bullshit. His comment about it not being illegal is irrelevant. There is a constant and ever changing line between an illegal pyramid scheme and whats called "multi-level marketing". There are also a lot of loopholes that some of these companies take advantage of to not be technically classified as a pyramid scheme, even though that is exactly what they are. There's no need to be worried for your friend though. Eventually he will lose his money and realize the whole endeavor is a complete waste of time. 

Also, you may want to tell your friend that when he receives emails from the prince of Nigeria, the large inheritance they are referring to doesn't actually exist.

Comment 15 Apr 2015


Forum topics are pushed off the front page really quickly on this site, but it was posted a while ago.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Our society in general is pretty hideous, man. These kind of incidents are so common, most people are completely desensitized to them. Look at the (completely absent) reactions from 20-some people who were there. One guy picks up his hat... wow... great work lol.

It looks similar to the knockout game. Even more pitiful, is that's what is considered to be a "tough guy" these days. Sucker punching someone who is completely unaware and defenseless.

Comment 11 Apr 2015

Exactly. The fact that being from Cincinnatuh has (in his mind) justified being on a high horse is absolutely hilarious. 

Comment 03 Apr 2015

Right, but everyone has personal "real-life" experience. My real life experience, along with every single person that I have ever met who moved here from out of state, completely falsifies your 9-12 month timeline. But rather than use subjective and unverifiable personal experiences, I cited objective data ("some chart").

My personal experience with salary also greatly differs from your family members'. It is quite the opposite actually. It all comes down to choice though. Whatever floats your boat... I haven't seen snow in years and if I never see it again it will be too soon. 

Comment 02 Apr 2015

Gotta say, pretty much everything you've said is false. 

Florida is ranked one spot above Ohio in per capita income and one spot below Ohio in median household income. There is a 5 cent difference in minimum wage. 

In 2012, 36% of Florida residents were actually born in Florida. The majority of people living here have migrated to the state, usually from the east coast and Midwest. 

Comment 02 Apr 2015

As others have already noted, do it now or you will lose your chance. However, if you are a young professional, the panhandle is going to offer fewer opportunities than the many other metropolitan areas of the state. Don't get me wrong, the beaches in that part of the state are beautiful, but you might want to consider south or central FL for some bigger and better job markets. 

But my advice?... Do it. You don't want the dreaded woulda coulda shoulda thoughts forever. 

After all, I miss Ohio occasionally, then I walk outside in January in shorts and a T-shirt and say "oh yeah, nevermind". 

Comment 26 Mar 2015

Strings? Smh. 

The vast majority of pics in a simple Google search show him holding the laces.