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Comment 27 Apr 2016

The "sweeping generalization" is referring you to not responding to any counterargument. Your response was always just "I love tom herman"

My argument did not devolve in any way whatsoever. Its a basic logic argument followed by a conclusion: OU wining helps OSU - I assume you like OSU more than Tom Herman - You must root for OU.

I didn't think that was hard to follow. You simply cherry picked the final conclusion and left out the entire argument preceding it. I would say that you are the one who's argument devolved.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

It will have an impact. Perception matters. That along with SOS are two of the most important benchmarks used by "the experts". At the end of the season, "we beat OU" matters more or less based on what they do. Did OU steamroll everyone else and only lost to Ohio State? Or did OU lose to Houston and 2 or 3 other teams?

How much all of this will truly impact our position at the end of the season is debatable. However, the point being made is if it has even the slightest impact to our chances at a playoff birth, then you would logically want OU to win that game. The idea that we should remain loyal to former coaches is a little ridiculous anyway. I wouldn't have been rooting for Bo Schembechler at his next stop after OSU, that's for damn sure.

Edit: ^ pretty much beat me to it

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Quad, do you not understand the point everyone is trying to make? Oklahoma is on our schedule this year, not Houston. Oklahoma beating Houston and remaining in the top 5 gives us a huge win. A top 5, quality win. Oklahoma losing to Houston hurts our strength of schedule, makes a win against OU much less important, and ultimately impacts our situation in the college football playoff. It is MUCH BETTER for Ohio State if Oklahoma wins that game. I would assume, as an OSU fan, your loyalties would lie with OSU over Tom Herman. Therefore, you need to root for Oklahoma.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Definitely not win/win. If Oklahoma loses to Houston, our game with OK becomes far less important and removes a top 5 quality win from our schedule. If we somehow lose to Oklahoma, it would also make coming back from that loss a lot more difficult. Perception is everything in college football.

The loyalty to Tom Herman is also misguided IMO. Yes, he served us well and was a great coach, but he is no longer a coach at OSU. If we played Houston, ol' Tommy would try to hang 70 on us.  

Comment 19 Apr 2016

Diaz is a bad match up for mcgregor in some ways, but as BD said, Diaz wouldn't stand a chance moving down in weight class against him. Mcgregor hurt him and bloodied him up pretty badly in the last fight. He got caught and then went for the takedown, which was a big mistake. I think mcgregor wins the next fight, but he might actually be serious about retiring.  

Comment 01 Apr 2016

Quad, I'm not saying it's arrogance, I am saying that some on this thread are talking in absolutes about their knowledge of economics and running corporations. People are stating that they are absolutely sure business models will fail, those investing in the company are "idiots", blah blah blah. I couldn't care less man. Defining those comments as opinions doesn't change my original point. Off to the real world for now.

Comment 01 Apr 2016

Meh, there are definitely some people on this thread pretty sure of themselves. The man has degrees in physics and economics and quit a PhD program at Stanford to create PayPal, followed by Tesla and SpaceX. I don't imagine many people on this blog are anywhere near that level of accomplishment.

Comment 01 Apr 2016

Musk is a genius. Fortunately, I think he's also smart enough not to seek financial advice from people on an internet sports forum who seem to think they know how to run a multinational corporation.

Comment 10 Mar 2016

Don't have kids. Problem solved.

0500 is way the f*&% too early for anyone to be awake though. There is zero reason for the sun to be shining five hours past midnight.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

We could only hope it stays in the right hands and within the realms of science. Oil, for example, is finite and can only be extracted in certain areas of the world and then must be processed and refined etc. Theoretically, if the schematics were unlicensed, anyone anywhere could build a fusion reactor. It would be essentially impossible to privatize and meter it worldwide.

Just like I can go buy some solar panels and a wind turbine tomorrow and go completely off the grid. In a few hundred years, you can buy or build your own fusion reactor and power your shit for free. Theoretically.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

This isn't just for "science nerds" like myself; this could drastically change the entire world as we know it. Harnessing the same fusion power of stars was long considered unattainable. It's now within our grasp... just don't tell that to the multi-trillion dollar energy industry executives. Incredible news. 

Comment 24 Jan 2016

Umm if you spell it with two T's, then yes, there is no "real word". However, that's not how you spell commit......


verb (intransitive) -mits, -mitting, -mitted
to withdraw from a commitment or agreed course of action 


Comment 20 Sep 2015

We are completely out of sync and have no identity. The multiple QBs and receivers are arguing numerous times about which route was correct. Pounding Zeke up the middle and using play action results in a Michael Thomas TD. The next possession? No runs and float Zeke out in the flat for a pass play to the best running back in the country for a 4 yard loss 

Against VT, simple slants result in huge plays because they literally had zero safteys back and 11 guys in the box. On the next series? We run options to the short side of the field against that same Bear front. 

If something isn't broken, we not only try to fix it, we totally fuck it up.