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Comment 31 Mar 2014
Comment 19 Mar 2014

As soon as Fickell gets fired.

Comment 17 Mar 2014

Kid was always smiling, was a great competitor, and a total class act. Kenny G is an excellent representative of our great university and will always be one of my favorite players. 

Comment 16 Mar 2014

Um since when the f*ck have we been ducking Dayton?  Dude is a total clown and has never even picked up a basketball in his life. 

Comment 15 Mar 2014

You know what I'm sick of?  People creating posts whining about shit. 

Comment 10 Mar 2014

Dude, you just joined this site less than two months ago, whats with the high horse stuff already?  I don't disagree that we should give the kids respect, but where are all these disparaging comments you speak of?  If your basing this mostly off of tweets, Im afraid that is a battle you will never win.  There are always going to be ignorant people on the internet and even good fans get frustrated and make an occasional negative remark.  Playing D1 basketball or football will put you in the spotlight, theres nothing the players can do about that.  Its best just to ignore the trolls.

Comment 08 Mar 2014

Honestly no one cares if he's white.  This bullshit is perpetuated by people in the media with nothing else to talk about. If we want equality, it's probably a good idea to stop consistently undermining it by pointing out differences in levels of melanin. Some white people are good at sports and some black people completely suck at sports. I know, shocking right?  Also the whole making fun of yourself for being white and accrediting more athleticism to other races is intrinsically racist and completely moronic. In summary, Aaron craft is pretty good at sports and stealing the basketball. 

Comment 08 Mar 2014

Lol, what do you want him to do? Punch him in the face through the internet?  And where is this proof that craft fouls more often than anyone else?

Comment 08 Mar 2014

I also missed why, and I can't think of any good reasons. If the op posts something good like this, he should be able to be upvoted. On the other hand, people can create totally ridiculous and trolling forum posts and as long as they don't comment, they aren't subject to a single downvote.  Yes, there are work-arounds for this, but it still seems pretty stupid to take the post voting away. 

Comment 07 Mar 2014

If he could learn to make proper reads more often, he would be unstoppable.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

Totally agree.  I understand the staff wants Turner, but what is the back up plan?  As far as I know, nothing!  We are in dire need of a big man, and I cant understand how this is not being addressed.  I mean, this is The Ohio State University, an intoxicated monkey should be able to bring in decent recruits.