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Comment 18 Feb 2015

The west suburbs are safer and much more quiet (areas like Davie, Plantation, Coral Springs, etc.) 

If you want more of a nightlife and younger crowd, you'll pay a premium for nice safe areas. Lots of things to do in pompano beach or Miami beach, maybe sunny isles. Again, these aren't as family friendly.

Ft Laud is cool, but can be a bit hectic and a lot of traffic. Don't bother with downtown Miami. It's overrated and sucks. The Keys are awesome though and a close drive for a weekend getaway.

Hope that helps. 

Edit: As far as areas to avoid... Anything near the airport, downtown around 95, parts of Hollywood are dicey. Just my opinion though. 

Comment 09 Feb 2015

No idea. I don't think Beamer has much of a reputation one way or the other regarding punishments. 

But you could pretty much charge 99 out of 100 college students with this offense on any given night.

Comment 03 Feb 2015

I think you should only be able to downvote if you have achieved and maintained a Top Secret/SCI clearance level from the United States Government (or outlying territories).  However, to downvote, you must have gone to, and passed downvote school which requires at least a Ph.D. as a prerequisite.  After passing downvote school and obtaining you background clearance, you must serve 22 months as a temporary Mod. Here you will learn to not create threads about the 2015 QB situation, helmet stickers, and downvoting. Keep in mind your downvote capability can be removed any time, and Beth Mowins is the only one who can reinstate it. Reinstatement procedures will be outlined in section 9 paragraph 32 of the downvote policy handbook. 
That should clear up and further issues with voting.

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Youre right. Poor kid, I forgot hes only a Junior in college. When I was also 21 years old, three years removed from being legally considered an adult, and close to graduating from college, I had absolutely no concept of right and wrong. I was also accepting laundered money and bribes and posting about it all over the internet due to my extremely superb intellect. 

Comment 31 Jan 2015

Exactly. The entire idea of posting a voting record is laughable and ridiculous. Now a post that would maybe get 1 or 2 upvotes gets 397. A post that should be downvoted and deserves to be grayed out actually receives upvotes. It's moronic.

I mean is this discussion for real anyway?? A bunch of grown ass adults sitting on the Internet talking about imaginary helmet stickers? Fuck man. I just made a really sad realization. 

Comment 20 Jan 2015
I had a nightmare that one day people would inexplicably start putting the pound sign before typing random combinations of words. ... Wait. Oh shit.
Comment 14 Jan 2015

If you're going to make a commitment, stand by it. All the flip flopping in recruiting in recent years is gettig really old. There's something to be said about integrity, or lack thereof.