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Comment 11 Oct 2016

are they eliminating the stairs (the set winding through a garden of sorts) from the northeast section of mirror lake up to the library? or are those blocked off?

i was going to propose to my girl there sometime in the next year and i'll be pretty upset if that cant happen.

anyone on campus or in the know, please let me know.

Comment 19 Sep 2016

peppers had 6 returns averaging 30 yards including a TD. he played a big role too.

i feel dirty defending him, but yea, he may be deserving. ST awards are destined to go to the best returner unless a punter has an all time performance with mediocre returns from elsewhere in the conference. im too lazy to look up the historical's to back up that claim though.

Comment 01 Sep 2016

well...hes a freshman who missed the 2nd TD's PAT...and a 42 yarders. so yea not ideal.

Comment 25 Aug 2016

i logged in for the first time in at least 6 years to say: screw pats and genos. they are dicks. and by many accounts only mediocre steaks. i was at Dalessandros on monday...great steak. recommended by most people i have talked to. i can now add that recommendation to others myself.

if you screw up your order at pats, they make you go to the end of the line, it literally is soup nazi for steaks. and by many accounts only worth the visit for the novelty. 

save your time and go to Dalessandros, OP. plus if you drive from downtown towards Dalessandros it's a nice drive along a river passing museums and cool looking buildings.

also if you were a skater and were planning on checking out the old "Love Plaza" save your times,. its under construction. the Love sign is moved to a nearby corner but JFK plaza is torn down. the market downtown (reading terminal) is cool. reminded me of st. lawrence e in toronto.

Comment 16 Sep 2010

chimdi pick six

edit: damn i /found chekwa and nothing came up...



uh im going to go with drew basil. big return by ohio is stopped by him, he causes a fumble and runs it all the way back.


yea right