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Comment 14 hours ago
DJ must have experienced some childhood trauma that involved the Celtics....
Comment 14 hours ago
Duron couldn't pass a drug test while at tOSU, and by numerous accounts, was one of the most spoiled, undisciplined, entitled kids to ever wear the scarlet and gray.
Comment 14 hours ago
I don't know what kind of discipline Carter's son Duron was given while growing up, but based upon his behavior while he was at tOSU, my guess would be little to none.
Comment 16 hours ago
Not sure why you are trying to audition for the debate team. Every assessment of Duron's situation while he was at tOSU read the same: couldn't pass a drug test in repeated attempts - always missing class - one of the most entitled and undisciplined kids anyone had ever seen. If you think that it's fine to raise a kid like that while lecturing others about how to raise their kids, you are entitled to your opinion, but I disagree.
Comment 15 Sep 2014
My point was clearly stated in the beginning. If CRIS is going to lecture others about child rearing, he might want to take a look at his own house first.