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Comment 04 Oct 2015

I live in the Orlando area and have a business associate that lives and dies High School Football from Palm Bay up to Daytona. We were talking about Judson when he made his commit. My freind told me that he would never make it out of Florida. O Leary at UCF is on his way out and they are looking to spend big on a coach and O Leary wanted it but he needs to go lay down somewhere. Now you have the Gators on the up tick. FSU, USF, Miami, ect, ect. Too many traps here to let him escape to the Great White North. All of the Floridians whoever they root for are all wondering what the hell is going on in Columbus. They are all scratching their heads just like we are and trying to guess what's next!!!!  These Florida recruits are hard to figure out!!!!! They have special channels on TV that interview these guys at great length every week as if they were in the NFL.... Go Figure.  

Comment 03 Oct 2015

I agree with you whole heartedly! The inconsistency in his weekly performance will kill us as it will anyone else on this team that cannot hang onto the ball. Coaches have a theory that while picking your running route, You have a tendency to relax your grip with the ball. You see this with many players but at this point of feeling our way to consistency , we have to keep the ball in our possession . Just think of the points that went down the drain with each turnover . Keep him working hard or bench him but at this point, they all scare me Brother!!! Go Bucks!!!!

Comment 03 Oct 2015

To Always a Buckeye 614 ! Your exactly right. Bad move bringing anyone in from Nebraska and still I have too many concerns about our Offensive line coach as O.C.  Urban is too laid back and he seems to never change his expressions or demeanor during games. He acts like he is on Xanax or Valium. Zero urgency and zero Ass chewing. Play calling is an absolute disaster accept for Zekes heroics. Cardale acts like Closer in the 9th inning and throwing nothing but smoke on everything . These F-ing fumbles in any zone have got to stop. Earlier in the week they said that Marshall would be an integral part of the Offense. That scared me then and even more so NOW!! He can make you love him one minute and make you want to bench his ass the next. I don't know who to trust anymore with the ball in their hands except Zeke and Thomas and the latter is seldom used as it seems thus far.

Zero deep threat and the slobs have now looked like real SLOBS. What's up with Boren and his curve ball Snaps?

Oh well. If I Bitch too much, the Kids will get upset as they have followed the team for at least 5 or 6 years! 

Love the Bucks and followed them for over 50 years. This should not be this hard as we have the tools but cannot seem to get the engine tuned.... Go Bucks and thank you Defense and Zeke for keeping it he dream alive .. JR

Comment 03 Oct 2015

It just seems to me that Urban is trying to figure the Game out as we go or is he changing horses in the middle of the stream? There is zero continuity whatsoever ! Great concerns are that if we keep playing from behind and we keep Dicking around, Someone's going to beat our Asses and really do it Big. I have no clue where the problem lies but then again, I don't make 5 million a year. We only lost a few very good players from last year but it seem like we are regressing instead of progressing. I am so glad that Zeke is capable of pulling a rabbit out of his Ass. He truly is The MAN!!!!!!!  Just like everyone else, I'm waiting for all HELL to break lose and it needs to happen soon. Love these guys but miss the the Kick Ass attitude. Go Bucks and Muck Fishigan and Fishigan State Undewear!!! There's a Turtle in the way next week!!!!!!

Comment 03 Oct 2015

I have been worried since they named the new Offensive Coordinators. Zero imagination ect. ect. ect.   The Slobs have turned into exactly that. SLOBS!!!!!!!!! The Center must have gone to Mars for the summer as he seems to keep hiking the ball to Saturn instead of the QB. Thank the Lord for the Defense. Truly a resemblance of the infamous Silver Bullets... Love their desire to be Great!!! I watch Bosa very closely and I cannot see the overload of players working him but he still does not seem totally engaged as previous years. Troublesome to say the least. Urban seems like he is too laid back and I cannot see the Fire as we saw in previous years. I don't recall him going off of the chain like last year. He needs to kick everyone's Asses including the Coaches... Especially!!!! I don't even want to hear ," Fire Fickle ".. If it wasn't for the defense we could kiss this year goodbye. These next couple of weeks will test our meddle. Love Zeke but jury is still out on Jones. He can be deadly or derelict . Love them all of the way. " 74 Grad"   And have seen it all. Love the Bucks 24/7 and it is hard to watch sometimes but like a bad auto accident, you have to look. Get some Steel Toe Boots Urban and start practicing your your kick offs up someone's ass!!!!!!!!!! Go Bucks... Beat Mary Little Lamb next week...... Another sigh of relief today.... H.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

He has done some very good things thus far in his career At OSU. I feel bad if his injuries are as bad as they look.

Next man up, whoever in the HELL that might be! I'm so concerned over the confusion at WR. Cmon Urban, get off of the Tranquilizers and get your Ass in gear and Kick these coaches in the Asses. You are not even acting the same. Zero emotions!!! I'm watching the game with some Gators and they say he looks as if he's Downed Out!!! 

No expression. No emotions.. WTF ?????????

Comment 03 Oct 2015

A 155 pound Great Dane named Gingi. She sleeps wherever she wants and eats better than most people do.

please click on the icon and she's sitting on the couch with my wife wearing an Eddie George Jersey. Go Bucks

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Please , NO NIGHT GAMES AGAINST THE FUCKIGANS!!!!! I can remember all the way back to   My young very young teenage years by taking the six pack sized RCA transistor radio into the front yard with all of the neighborhood boys and rake the leaves from the Giant maples into the end zones and my nutty friend would have an air canister boat horn and we would all be our favorite Buckeye and then the horn would blast at every quarter signaling  a break in the wild action. At the half we would head to the porch for some of my Moms killer cookies and Kool Aid. Pretty soon it was the second half and we would emulate evry play on that damn radio. Every _ichigan game was played at noon. 

Now its get to the Liquor store before 11 am and get the grill or smoker ready for when ever you want to eat. Crack open the Bottle of TITOS Vodka , tune in the Radio pregame show  and wait for the game to start and hope that the Internet transmission is synced to the Asshole announcers on TV.. I'm much older and more wise, but Damn... It was a Fucking blast being a kid and remembering today who you be on this cold Saturday early afternoon. Late night games are cool but I almost have a nervous breakdown trying to find something to keep my mind off of the game at 8 pm. To me, it just seems to rob from tradition and it seems that I lose soooo many hrs just Dickin around waiting for a game..... Please stay daytime and keep the tradition going. By the way, Diving into those pile of leaves into the end zone were a bitch. Go Buckeyes and I just love this team regardless. The future is very bright!!!!!!!!  Right Urban... Your Godamn Right!!!!!!

Comment 10 Nov 2014

I wish him the very best but I am tired of seeing him run a punt or a Kickoff right smac dab into the middle of the pack on returns. Valuable player but still has a lot o mental growing . Get well Dontre and let get Jaylyn into to action. 

Go Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 25 Apr 2014

I have an ex friend in Ohio who's son was passed out behind the wheel with the motor running and when the Police woke him up and asked him if there was some type of problem , he said NO. They continued to interrogate him and he admitted while sitting behind the wheel that he had consumed a six pack of beer, Took prescription pills, smoke 3 joints and crushed up 8 Corcidin cough pills to trip on. He was never given a breathalyzer or field sobriety tests, blood test, and the car was never searched and  was left on the side of the street.it was the day after Christmas. They charged him with the lowest charge that they could. No DUI , PILLS ,  Keys in the car while running ect ect ect. I think you get my story.  He is looking at a hundred dollar fine and 90 days in Jain with all suspended while undergoing some type of BULLSHIT training. To top this off. He has had 10 priors with similar incidents. No big family money or ties. I'm a white person and this pisses me off. If this had happen to me 20 years ago or today, I would be sitting in jail for a year or two. Please don't tell me there is no racial profiling. As they say in Florida.... " arrive alive, leave in a body bag" don't forget to tan!!!!!!! 

Comment 04 Jan 2014

I know that I'm at the bottom of the posting , but whoever goes to the Browns(Clowns) they will ruin anything that they touch. I have been following the Browns before the first NFL Monday night game in Cleveland against the Jets... That's  a while back for you beginners. Since they have been back after the Corpse in Baltimore and  The Wizard went with him and Biledick went to New England , we have had a curse from Arts Hatred and Mike White screw ups , if you can remember these guys. Trade all of your picks for cash and get out of the game. Please do not take any Buckeyes with any picks. These guys have been through enough shit in their career and do not need to end up in the the Stadium that is built on a Fucking Garbage dump... I really glad  with our new recruits. Now we can play with Urban players and and hopefully get some defensive coaching help.      I love you Buckeyes!!!! we will be alright and we get the  national Title.....  Urban will get everything straightened out. Go Bucks!!!!!!