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Comment 11 Nov 2014

Please , NO NIGHT GAMES AGAINST THE FUCKIGANS!!!!! I can remember all the way back to   My young very young teenage years by taking the six pack sized RCA transistor radio into the front yard with all of the neighborhood boys and rake the leaves from the Giant maples into the end zones and my nutty friend would have an air canister boat horn and we would all be our favorite Buckeye and then the horn would blast at every quarter signaling  a break in the wild action. At the half we would head to the porch for some of my Moms killer cookies and Kool Aid. Pretty soon it was the second half and we would emulate evry play on that damn radio. Every _ichigan game was played at noon. 

Now its get to the Liquor store before 11 am and get the grill or smoker ready for when ever you want to eat. Crack open the Bottle of TITOS Vodka , tune in the Radio pregame show  and wait for the game to start and hope that the Internet transmission is synced to the Asshole announcers on TV.. I'm much older and more wise, but Damn... It was a Fucking blast being a kid and remembering today who you be on this cold Saturday early afternoon. Late night games are cool but I almost have a nervous breakdown trying to find something to keep my mind off of the game at 8 pm. To me, it just seems to rob from tradition and it seems that I lose soooo many hrs just Dickin around waiting for a game..... Please stay daytime and keep the tradition going. By the way, Diving into those pile of leaves into the end zone were a bitch. Go Buckeyes and I just love this team regardless. The future is very bright!!!!!!!!  Right Urban... Your Godamn Right!!!!!!

Comment 10 Nov 2014

I wish him the very best but I am tired of seeing him run a punt or a Kickoff right smac dab into the middle of the pack on returns. Valuable player but still has a lot o mental growing . Get well Dontre and let get Jaylyn into to action. 

Go Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 25 Apr 2014

I have an ex friend in Ohio who's son was passed out behind the wheel with the motor running and when the Police woke him up and asked him if there was some type of problem , he said NO. They continued to interrogate him and he admitted while sitting behind the wheel that he had consumed a six pack of beer, Took prescription pills, smoke 3 joints and crushed up 8 Corcidin cough pills to trip on. He was never given a breathalyzer or field sobriety tests, blood test, and the car was never searched and  was left on the side of the street.it was the day after Christmas. They charged him with the lowest charge that they could. No DUI , PILLS ,  Keys in the car while running ect ect ect. I think you get my story.  He is looking at a hundred dollar fine and 90 days in Jain with all suspended while undergoing some type of BULLSHIT training. To top this off. He has had 10 priors with similar incidents. No big family money or ties. I'm a white person and this pisses me off. If this had happen to me 20 years ago or today, I would be sitting in jail for a year or two. Please don't tell me there is no racial profiling. As they say in Florida.... " arrive alive, leave in a body bag" don't forget to tan!!!!!!! 

Comment 01 Feb 2014

Espin would have us 20th if they thought that they could get away with it. Every time  I see Luginbill (sp) I want to kick him n the nuts. He has such an impeccable football record. How many Championships did he win? Oh that's right, None!

Comment 22 Jan 2014

There is Zero sense in talking about anything they do. The NCAAssholes are not going to stop the Greatest Conference in the history of the World on anything. Hey Players! Need a loan? Join a SEC team. Need a Rolex for the old man. Go to Auburn. Uncle Bill out of work and your a 5 star recruit? Join Florida and he will be working for the FDOT.

My son played at a beach High School in Jacksonville Fl. And they were two killer backs in the state. One of them lived in the hood in Jax and got a scholarship and went onto a prosperous NFL carrier. My sons teammate was married with 2 kids and another on the way and the Gators gave him a full ride as long as his wife got a track scholly. He played fairly well for three years and the went pro. He couldn't spell his own name on his letter of intent and the Gaturds had to assign a speech coach to teach him how to talk on live TV. It was ridiculous . I live in the Murder state and people that I have met in my journeys have had tremendous players as sons and you would not believe the stories about what the children have been offered to attend SEC schools. They will never stop them. They are like a runaway train. Go Bucks!

Comment 17 Jan 2014

Thank God that you guys don't discuss this at the dinner table!!! You wives would have you sleeping in the dog House and it's very cold out side, even in Fla. chill out and let's see what the hell happens and when you take your Ambien , you can get in the car and drool in the windows of WHAC and dream of what's to come... And then the cities finest can shake you you till you awake and explain your dilemma to them and have a good conversation to them on your way to the pokey. Chill the hell out and let's see what happens. You can't change it and the staff could care less what your opinion is!!

GO BUCKEYES AND THE HELL WITH THE DOUBTERS. the job was open, you should have applied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 12 Jan 2014

I think that there should be more Kudos for both Collier and OSU on the the effort do do some serious digging for those players that do not carry these Bullshit 5 star and 4 star can't miss pain in the asses that cause more problems than the problems they solve. Just think about the CANT miss players that we have taken with the PRIMA Donna attitude and we came up empty. I am very happy to have this fine young man because he has class and not a case of the Ass!!!! Our recruiter will bring us some fine players and all of the naysayers will say " I loved that guy the second that they got him". I saw it with the Little Animal and many more. There are probably less than 25 percent of our reader with any SERIOUS coaching abilities and the job has been posted. If you can handle the heat, The Kitchen is open for business...... 

Comment 04 Jan 2014

I know that I'm at the bottom of the posting , but whoever goes to the Browns(Clowns) they will ruin anything that they touch. I have been following the Browns before the first NFL Monday night game in Cleveland against the Jets... That's  a while back for you beginners. Since they have been back after the Corpse in Baltimore and  The Wizard went with him and Biledick went to New England , we have had a curse from Arts Hatred and Mike White screw ups , if you can remember these guys. Trade all of your picks for cash and get out of the game. Please do not take any Buckeyes with any picks. These guys have been through enough shit in their career and do not need to end up in the the Stadium that is built on a Fucking Garbage dump... I really glad  with our new recruits. Now we can play with Urban players and and hopefully get some defensive coaching help.      I love you Buckeyes!!!! we will be alright and we get the  national Title.....  Urban will get everything straightened out. Go Bucks!!!!!!

Comment 02 Jan 2014

I must be missing something! Please tell my dumb ass how many players can a SEC team sign after getting 50 commitments. I live in Orlando( Lucky me ) and I can tell you what I see here in Fla.  they get so many commitments that half of the talent never see the field on a regular playing basis. Urban did not leave the cupboard bare. The Asshole coach they have now had so damn many Blue chippers that he couldn't satisfy the player or their parents. It is always the same down here. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon of who is on top at the time. The University of Florida should be ashamed of themselves. 

Here is little old UCF from the woods of West Orlando and they make the Gators and Miami look like Division III and to be honest they take the players that no teams in Florida wants( plus they couldn't make the grades ) and they kick Baylors ass. Remember them? That's the team that said they could beat anyone on any field.

Hmmmmm. I guess that they didn't get the field that they wanted! Again my question is....... How many commits do the SEC get to sign and do they have a Taxi Squad..?  I thought that there was a limit for everyone else. In the mean time, let  me go take some over the counter PED's  since I live in SEC Kuntry and not in the Big Dick 10!!!!!

Comment 15 Dec 2013
Michigan 222! Didn't your your Headmaster ever flip you the bird in in Boarding school? Mumsy and Father might have gotten pissed and not let you wear your Blue and Piss Blazer! Oh My!!!!!!!!!
Comment 14 Dec 2013
Fine balls operates out of Tuscaloosa and is looked upon down here in the south as a Savant, knows all , sees all! ESPN has to have these clowns so they have one agenda. Make sure that make EVERYONE knows that the SEC is the best in the world and F the rest of the country. I have lived in Florida now for 20 yrs. and he has been running his mouth on every syndicated radio show since I have been here. What kind of Hell do you think you think that I go through every time there is a blurb or a loss or someone in Columbus farts down wind. You cannot begin to understand the hatred for the Bucks or anything that's related to Yankee-ism. If you question the rebel flag to them, the answer is heritage. Bullshit. The word starts with an H but that word is hate. It is always going to be this way and IT WILL never change!!!!! What gets me is to see all of these fine young Black athletes standing in line to sign with the likes of Old Miss, Mississippi,Miss.State, and the Greatest believer in civil rights history, The one and only Alabama. If you are not a great young athlete in the South, There is No way in Hell that you are going to get a Scholly from anyone down here. So ESPN has the mouthpieces in place So they can make sure that the South will rise again..... F--ESPN. FOR real!!!!!!
Comment 24 Jun 2013

You are all worrying too much about these STAR rankings! They really do not mean Sh$&

unless the guy needs one year and then off to the NFL. Be very thankful that we did not get Darlington. My son played for his Father and even though they have very strong beliefs, they are a strange crew and he would not have fit at C - Bus!!! My son played his Junior year for Coach Darlington and then went Jacksonville and played with Ciatric Faison who Florida had to push thru school. Apopka went on to win the State title in one Division and we were runner ups in another with Faison who went to UF. and Leon Washington in another school and is still in the NFL. No offense intended but Darlington would not have been happy in Columbus. I am from O H I O and I see and watch all of these players in the South and the young man that we got from Ga. At QB is gonna be a Bitch in another year or two. Chill out and let the Coaches do what they are paid to do. They will build the TEAM and we will Cum..... Go Bucks

Comment 15 Jun 2013

I truly do not believe that the coaches made a concerted effort to get Darlington to come to C-Bus. My son played for his father and they are deeply religious and have put some great plays in the NCAA and NFL. Rick Darlington runs a great offense and his son is very smart. I live in Fla,and I really did not hear anything from my contacts in Orlando that spoke highly about the recruiting process of Darlington and I am sure that Meyer and Coach Darlington had a decent relationship!!! That is too bad. Oh we'll , he will do well at Nebraska.  They run the same offense as his Daddy ran!!!! Go Bucks and lets not let any more slip away.......