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Comment 25 Aug 2015

Is calling a man a girl's name seriously still a put-down?  Or was it ever really?  Keep it real.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Oh I will still be at all the OSU games and wrestling matches. I will not listen to an idiot constantly talk great about Professional wrestling, then dog my stones. OSU news is EVERYWHERE.  

Good luck sittin through comparisons of OSU and HHH.  Fuck that shit. 

Comment 25 Aug 2015

This site is getting stupid. Waxing poetically about pro wrestling and dumber, then repeatedly ripping the stones?  I don't even want to try to convince such a person.  This site is not woth it anymore.  Back off to read the articles on Bucknuts.  This feels like daycare 

Comment 16 May 2015

Anyone notice how much people digress these days.  Is it mandatory to both digress, and to point it out to the reader? Sorry, I am really worn out on that expression.  

Comment 10 Apr 2015

Orlando Pace: all of them.

Bosa vs Penn St.

Braxton has a couple. His gamewinner to D Smith against Wiscy

Comment 10 Apr 2015


Ginn had so many.  

Eddie George when he shed the Illinois dude like he was nothing then got on the bench and waved the towel was ridiculous.

Cie Grant's play brought grown men to tears, including mois. 

Krenzel to Jenkins anyone????..........???

Troy Smith vs TTUN almost all of them. 

Katzenmoyer's hit on Corby Jones.

Gamble int return vs Penn St.

Returned block fg try before halftime vs Mich St and coach Smith

Terry Glenn or Eddie George vs Notre Dame

Comment 28 Mar 2015

I thought the same thing....then I realized that it wouldf have been easier in the 1920s to get the mic to work.  I bet in the arena today there was a thousand cell phones sending signals.  Major issues with a mic, any mic, that is cordless. Phones create a mess for remote devices.  

Comment 27 Mar 2015

Actually that will be very relevant in TTUN sustaining any success, which is the real trick we all know.  

Plus Harbaugh himself shows problems sustaining success. His handling of Alex Smith and Kaepernick will haunted him forever.  He shows he can get a team good, but that he does things that will undermine lasting success in order to do so. Just by his actions and such.

One thing the OP missed that matter more than perhaps all the above: OSU has been the best team since the '50s in the Big Ten with very few Pro-calibre quarterbacks.   Troy Smith. Art Schlichter.  Maybe Tomczak.  Maybe Tupa.  Maybe Germaine.  A lot of maybes. Turning that around will change everything for us in the big picture nationally.  We will always, ALWAYS, have Warfield-like or Galloway-like players.  Forever.  Our QBs have been great leaders; however, if we add to that real ability like we are seeing ever since Pryor: we will be nationally relevant. Period.  

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Kosta K came to my attention first as a Buckeye reserve wrestler that was thrown into the mix because of injury.  He did pretty well, then I saw he went out for the football team. To say my heart was and is broken by what happened to him would be a vast understatement. I felt so low. The football team, and Mike Bennett in particular was able to use Kosta's memory to help propel them to the championship, which would have tickled Kosta. Kosta died leading up to the end run that was the most insane crystalization of all of our hopes and dreams as Buckeyes.  

But wrestling, and Kosta's roomates Demas, Bo Jo and Nate T, were his Number 1.  As a former Buckeye wrestler for a season, I have always had a dream that OSU would win the title, as have sooooo many of us wrestlers, both in the OSU team, as well as guys that weren't quite that driven, but were former HIgh School wrestlers.  I will forever remember Kosta already because of the small part he played in the Playoff title, it will magnify much more should the wrestlers bring it home. 

In fact, Tom Ryan was given some crap on some wrestling internet boards about letting Hunter wrestle injured out there this weekend.  But I know why Hunter did: it means everything to any Buck wrestler to see us win it.  Even more to see it with Logan as a senior.  He left EVERYTHING out there to help.  Self-sacrifice of the highest order, and I can guarantee there isn't a Bucks wrestling fan around that won't respect him forever because of it.

Anyway Go BUCKS!!!

Comment 28 Feb 2015

PEARL STREET???? WTF!!!???   I have a white boxer named Pearl....and she is named so because Pearl alley is THE thoroughfare fro OSU and not many people know that, so naming my dog Pearl was a little wink to OSU.  The campus is just one big corporate partnership now. Stupid

Comment 24 Feb 2015

You ever cooked for a group where some want it rare, and others want it burnt? Its all good, but the dog comes after the Boss. (women do like steaks too, and most like them cooked more than most men) 

Comment 24 Feb 2015

Tis done purposefully when you don't have high quality steak guys.  Good steak alway should be medium rare or less.  But tough or not as high quality steaks: I am cooking them through and through.  You buy a whole cow, most will get cooked med rare, but some cuts MUST be cooked a little man.  

Comment 24 Feb 2015

NOt sure if I like the facemask change.  I like the old ones. Oh well...this will be a new creative way to watch my team shoot themselves in the foot, while being run by a crook.  

Comment 24 Feb 2015

The Lamest joke.  Poop turns black after time too.  

Good things that are brown: Steak when cooked.(Do you flush steaks that are cooked above Medium?)   Earth.  Military colors.  Brown-eyed Girls: you don't compare that to poop do you?  Brown skinned women.  

So if you flush down anything Brown are you flushing down every player to play for OSU named Brown, like Philly Brown?

I LOVE Fall colors and brown orange and such.  Shit should be flushed, not random brown things.