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Comment 18 Jul 2016

I talked to him after OSU beat Iowa. What a night!  Adam Disabato and Mark talked with me and my son for a few moments and they both recognized me from wrestling and we spoke more about family and stuff.  It made me feel really good.  I remember Mark coming to the Jordan club in the early to mid 90s and we were always very proud of him.  I second your take on him being a very cool and gracious guy.  He is one of the great studs of Ohio in the fight game.  HIs legend will only grow, and that makes me feel good. 

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Yeah I know.Sandusky is the poster child of sicko, except for Jimmy Saville.    Sandusky is only the patsie in the sense that I personally believe that he ran those boys clubs as a recruiter a la Jimmy Saville in London roughly around the same time.  Saville and Joepa are now dead and Sandusky is in jail.   Sandusky has family and reasons not to talk.  So the Saville and Sandusky things happen on going for 20 plus years, then get brought into light after the fact?  I say its something of  a red Herring and that there is more.  In fact, this case was over a while ago. But obviously someone is digging and could find out more. So suddenly McQuery starts remembering more and stuff?  I'd say McQuery has been gotten to, and that whoever is threatened is leading the trail away from the real source.  I just think this is deeper than Sandusky fooled half the state of PA and that Joepa died of pure grief.  

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Well of course I'd stop that act.  But I think the seeing him in the shower thing can't be real. What was there some bleachers there?  I suspect that Sandusky only tires that shit when there is no one around.  Who knows which coaches have axes to grind with each other and are now suddenly seeing it with such clarity.   

Comment 12 Jul 2016

The Sandusky thing is much, much deeper than anyone is letting on. IMO.  This was being protected, by people very very high up. Much higher than law enforcement or NCAA or Joepa.  Joepa or Schiano or anyone couldn't do anything to stop it until the people in power became threatened and went into save-themselves type thinking. Then Sandusky becomes basically the patsie.  There is no doubt in my mind Schiano's career and even life could have been in danger had he tried to tackle this problem head on, by himself. I'm guessing that many coaches knew about this to some degree, but knew it was too big to tackle.  Like a pee wee player tackling the William Perry.  I used to hate Joepa for his part in this, but now think he knew a whole lot more.  Isn't it amazing he died within a year of this story breaking?  Something is fishy. 

Comment 24 Feb 2016

I didn't miss Nickle a pitcher night at Coeds for at least two years.  South F'ing Campus was the bomb back then man.   And unless I'm mistaken the people that were robbing people are still living nearby.   The corporate buildings have nothing to do with the change. I remember times when, after beating UM, that South Campus High street was littered with over 250 cops to keep the peace. 

Comment 24 Jan 2016

He is wrestling at the hardest tournament in the world including the World championships and the Olympics: the Yarygin tournament in Russia.  So is Logan S.   To win the Yarygin, one must beat at least 3-4 Russian or Middle Eastern studs. This is a big one circled for Kyle.  He is only supposed to wrestle Big Tens and NCAAs, so the dual recently was a big bonus.  

Comment 21 Jan 2016

This is a big time Win-Win for OSU and Thomas Haines.  Obviously, OSU would love to keep Haines, but the reality of wrestling only getting like 10 or so scholarships for the entire team, and Tav getting at least a partial scholarship and Kyle likely getting the full, left OSU needing that Scholarship for a wrestler at a different weight or in another class of eligibility.  So OSU can use this scholarship to get one of the country's great studs, while Thomas can work to become an All-American.  If he knocks anyone from Penn St, Iowa, Oklahoma St or UM, then he is doing OSU some favors in the team race anyway, FWIW.  That is kind of cool.  Good luck Thomas.  

Comment 11 Jan 2016

Curtis Samuel reminds me of Marsall Faulk in so many ways. They even look a bit similar.  Faulk's NFL playing size was 5-11 211.  Right now, Curtis is listed as 5-11 200, so if Curtis can put on about 5 pounds of muscle in the off-season then he would be the same size as Faulk was in college.  So I see Curtis Samuel as a potential poor man's Marshall Faulk, but perhaps faster than Faulk, though Faulk had better moves.  Still, very similar skill sets.  

Comment 10 Dec 2015

My dad has been a season ticket holder for 30+ years.  I have been a season ticket holder for two seasons. I was even recruited to OSU as an athlete and saw it from that side. I am entitled to my opinion that there is an OSU bias.  I didn't realize you were tracking my posts lately and have come to point out to me that I am both wrong, 100% insane and lacking in intellect.  I didn't realize that you were making this a point to use me to show that people who think there is an anti-osu bias in both the national media and the Big 10 are insane.  Then you insult me further by calling to the table my intellect.  First of all, let's get one thing strait: the dumbest guy in the world still says some right things. Discrediting people has become a popular way of discrediting their' word.  But even the worst book in the world will have something of value in it.  This has been known for thousands of years.  Further, some very clinically insane people have done and said great things.  So, I don't feel so bad about my overreactions, now for a few reasons. You jumped on my opinion, after taking my previous posts personal, then baited me by calling me insane.  Again, I even empathize with insane people and don't see what good it is to castigate.  But then you called into question my intellect and had the arrogance to act like people below your intellect are beneath you in any way and have less of a valid opinion.  I really just don't get it.  Sorry if I offended you about my OSU bias opinons. I am sorry you see that as afront to your membership in the Buckeye fanclub. I am sorry if you deem me, from am internet post, both less sane and less intelligent than you are.  

Comment 10 Dec 2015

Our best players in 2014 barely ever played in 2013.  Hyde got nearly every carry, but Zeke did have one good day that year. I argue Curtis Samuel has seen way more playing time and looks.  We only had Grant returning at DB last year, actually Bell too.  Our Linebackers almost completely turned over.  The Line was very green. Barrett hadn't played a down yet.  Marshall was very very green as well.  Your points are legit, but nothing gets these players ready like competing in PRACTICE.  Don't forget the premium Urban places on competition and practicing right.   A ton of these players next year have been pushing this year's starters.  For example, our outside linebackers will be just as talented, if not more.  Worley, Booker, and Baker at least were pushing hard on Lee and Perry.  IN know Booker was right there with Perry, and Lee himself said Worley was a beast and wouldn't miss a beat this year, and I would expect him to improve still for next.  DBs will step right in. WR too.  The biggest worry would be O Line and D tackle, but I actually think we will be as good, if not better at D tackle. I think no one is as talented there as Washington, but I see three-5 or more rotatable D tackles, so we could be pretty fresh.  Our QB position will be the most experienced since 2013, and I have big expectations for JT this offseason. I think he really can turn it up and get better than what we saw this year or last.  I can't wait to see a more mature Junior version of Barrett.  

Comment 10 Dec 2015

You misquoted my very first post on this topic when you said I though the whole world was 100% out to get OSU, when all I said was that the is OSU bias.  So you have neither the intellect to even know what you are saying, nor the empathy or respect needed to be an adult.  You keep calling me insane and dumb, but you are both dumb and a hypocrite: Practice what you preach.  It works. Your screen name of Cincy buck makes me think you either live there or were a grad. Apparently you are neither.  Next time you feel the need to but into a conversation in a bar, don't call the guy insane.  No matter if that how you feel or not.  I apologize for calling you names, but feel pretty pissed that my pinion was worth you calling me insane.