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Comment 28 Sep 2014

Why not snap it to Barrett, with Braxton as a very very serious threat from the backfield. Like the ultimate h back ever. Ten times what Antwaan Randle El was.  Is there a rule that you can't have two QBs out there? Are football coaches not able to change the offense to develop that?  It would change the landscape.  Pitch out to Braxton, who can tuck and run. or step back and throw?  

Comment 12 Sep 2014

I don't feel good about the long-term value of my football card collection.  My son doesn't even want it.  The NFL went from being a near-religion for me, to now, where I watch it, but don't like it. I imagine that is what a long-term heroin addict must feel like. Corporations and lawyers have destroyed Rock n Roll, now football. Luckily alcohol is boldly going where it never has gone with new drinks coming out by the hour, because I need a drink thinking about my two favorite things.  

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Great stuff EzE!!

Since the loss the other night, I have re-assessed my relationship with football games.  I just want to have fun and enjoy myself and be proud of something too.  OSU makes me so proud, and this really really made me feel good.  In life you lose. Some days I can't even open the fridge without spilling the milk, but better days are always around the corner. We have the best band in the world, the best autumn skies, the greatest stadium, and the most passionate fans around.  And we have had athletes that have turned the tide: Jesse Owens, the greatest athlete ever IMO, and amongst the greatest men of the greatest generation.  Elliot, Meyer: you both made me very proud.  OSU, you make me proud. You can't win 'em all, but we'll try.  

Comment 07 Sep 2014

That play crystalizes the problem with the good-old boys club NFL.  They let the Steelers away with murder, and punish the Browns for every little thing.  If Gordon did that to the Rooney's kicker, he'd be done for life.  I Hate Antonio Brown now, but that will make him a hero in Pitt.  I also don't truly believe the Browns even wanted to win the game, from the front office down to the player. Bell's td run looked like a bull running through the matador flag. No contact whatsoever.  Pathetic.  

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Sadly, I agree with this.  Urban's honeymoon is over. Way over.  I can't stand this brand of football, and I hate subverting everything our football culture has done for 100 years, just to recruit faster players.  There is power in our normal uniforms.  These new uniforms have a horrible track record, aren't appealing to many fans.  Police uniforms can be very intimidating.  If they changes their uniforms in order to look more attractive to people, they also lose the power that uniform commands.  I know this is small fry, but marching in and changing the culture to  And the tx are 150 for big night games.  If I went last night, I'd want a refund.  This fans got abused for paying that, and then seeing that performance.  Seems they should drop ticket prices. Many fans won't even be able to get face value now.

Hey...maybe we can fire Urban and hire Beamer.  We certainly have precedent of running guys out of town and replacing them with their' superior.   

Comment 07 Sep 2014

The band ruled? After that I got nothing. We didn't even show up in our right uniforms. Who was that team?

Comment 07 Sep 2014

No, but the fact the coaches play certain players over other players, leaves you scratching your head about the coaches decision making skills.  And we know the players have been scratching their heads when 3 or 4 or more players in two years have vented major frustrations about playing time and their' understanding on why they should sit.  Hyde. Thomas. Bell. M Mitchell.  Etc.  we are alienating kids the second they commit.  Some bail.  

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Those fans paid extra for the big games. The team should refund their money when they don't perform. Like any other business that shorts you and knows it.  Those extra $$$$$ tx are bullcrap.  Our fan base is spoiled, but it looks like the people making decisions like that are flat out greedy. Sucks but that is a ton of $$$$ to see this clown show with no funny parts. 

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Why are you worried about yards. They had two offensive TDS, one of which took multiple plays to be pulled out of their' ass.  We had one Defensive TD, with another turnover that could have been called early in the game.  We did not create turnovers last year. This year we already made a very veteran, experienced Navy team turn it over twice to us.  Good start there.  Your gonna give up yards to Navy unless your Defensive is made to stop the run.  It didn't worry me.  

But your point is still valid. Who would expect us to stay or go up, the week following our Heisman hopefull's injury as well as a non-blowout.  I think most of our reaction to this is based on the fact that the DO indeed hate us at ESPN and in the SEC.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Alabama won two championships in a row.  In sports, when you win the big one you get the benefit of doubt.  

Comment 03 Sep 2014

Dude has always reminded me of Marcus Allen, size wise and athletically. Put him at H back or Tailback. Also, he would be way more effective, IMO, in the NFL doing what Antwan Randle El did, only better.   Or he could go own Canada. Braxton on a wide field?  Nice

Comment 03 Sep 2014

One thing that has hurt this IMO is a very hard running QB gets tired.  Braxton sometimes ran too hard.  A runningback takes a 20+ yard run and he is subbed.  Braxton made us unable to do this.  I think that really hurt his own ability to settle down and into the game.  Generals in war try to stay clean.  I want Barrett to remember that.  Let the athletes get winded.  I also think Braxton was such a unique QB, that we have been trying things more than most would like.  I expect to get far more balance this year, And more consistency from a QB that isn't making 80+ yard runs.  QB should be another coach on the field, not necessarily another toy.  Love Braxton though. I recognize his career ark will be like Pryor's if he doesn't change his role though.  It isn't the hitting, though that hurts...its all the running a QB should try to limit.  Tortoise and Hare. You know, stuff we learned as a kid.  

Comment 03 Sep 2014

I think we started to establish an identity , as far as the running game, in the second half against Navy.  For all the talk of Carlos Hyde....we didn't have him or Braxton at this same time last year.  It took quite a few games til El Guapo was churning like we remember.  El Guapo was more like Jefe.  Small yards, no Plethora.  The line seems to take a few weeks to really get the 'tude and the push they need.  I feel very good about all three RBs, and the others too.  Rod has been forgotten by some, even after Navy. But I haven's seen the play, but Urban gushed that Rod blocked a dude for 11 seconds then pancaked him. Called it one of the best football plays he has ever seen in his life.  He'll be getting work, and I think he is even more physical than Hyde. though he doesn't seem to have Hyde's center of gravity.  

So my #1 is the same: Continuity and push from the line. This game we face a D-line ranked up there with Mich St and even ours, so its a big week.  

#2 Stop looking like we are a chef with too many ingredients.  It needs to blend into a stew and become one, like a good sauce.  Its early, but Herman does have a few things that he has done that leave me scratching me head.  Stop focusing on outsmarting, and focus on pure unadulterated execution.  You knew what Lombardi was going to do, but where was it going, and could you even stop it, when it is developed so well?  We know the answer to that. So Herman needs to coordinate more during the week and less in games. IMO   Our athletes are superior.  Our coaches can be, but need to work more on instincts and less on intelligence.  

#3:  Screens. Period.  We did this last time. More please.  More Jalin, more Dontre.  More of the receivers. Get them going early, especially if the D is overaggressive on runs, which I expect to start the game.  

Comment 02 Sep 2014

They hate us. Get over it. Makes it harder but SOOOO much more fun when we win.  MSU deserves to be ahead of us, but I am feeling good about this team.  Georgia is overrated though.  As usual.