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Comment 18 Apr 2017

These guys need to realize that college is about making yourself the best you can be, It really isn't about starting.  Tom Brady started 2 years at TTuN and anyone would love to have his talent and career, even us Buckeyes.  Plenty of great pro QBs only started 1 college season.  That is all these guys need to get to where they need to be: 1 good college season. Heck even a sort part of 2 seasons like Cardale had will work.  Braxton, and Cardale got drafted. Jt will get a 3 QBs on one team can indeed make the pros.  This competition will make these QBs better. 

My money is on Martell being the best eventually.  He would be too hard to defend with his legs, accuracy, and will. 

Comment 17 Feb 2017

They were unofficial Olympic team champs with 4 medalists.  They always have one or 2 world champs and are likely pound for pound the no 1team in the world.  

Overall I rank the world teams like this (this is all-time and not just current)

1 Russia

2 Iran USA or Turkey

5 Japan

6 Azerbaijan

7 Cuba and the Koreas

9 Romania and Bulgaria

Currently though it is more like a toss up between Iran and Russia, with Azerbaijan at 3 and USA following closely.  I think moving forward USA may be no3, but that is highly debatable.  Aszeris have at least 4 Gold medal threats. 

Comment 17 Feb 2017

PSU's David Taylor pinned the Iranian Olympic champ and beat another World Champ and went 3 and 0. He was one of the main reasons we had a chance to beat Iran.  Molinaro could have done more but was right there too.  The one Iowa guy absolutely stunk though. 

Comment 17 Feb 2017

FIrst off: the Iranian fans were off the Chains.  It was insane. By far the best fight or wrestling environment I have ever seen. Potentially the best pound-for pound crowd I have seen in all of my life.  The travel or the schedule may have gotten to Kyle in his match with Azerbaijan.  He wasn't really shooting, when he normally does left and right.  He had a takedown at the end of the first period that at the minimum could have been a pushout but he didnt challenge or act too concerned. Then he got multiple pushouts to go up 4-1.  But he wasn't really pushing the pace like he normally would. At that point he normally smells blood and pours it on.  The Azerbaijani gets a lucky single and has Kyles leg up in the air. They were going out of bounds and Kyle kind of let up and tripped. They called it a 4 point move, correctly so Kyle was down 4-5 with the oher guys holding criteria due to the 4 point move in should Kyle tie with a pushout.  Kyle still got in on a single, but the Azeri flicked his foot out.  Kyle was better, was not really into it, and made a few mistakes.  An Iranian Olympic champ got pinned by David Taylor, so its no big deal to lose at the beginning of a cycle, but it might make some sense to back off the schedule a bit for Kyle, which means perhaps fewer Dual meets moving forward.  Just a guess though. 

Comment 10 Feb 2017

How many games missed this season? Did he even want to play for the Aggies? LOL  What a chump.  I wanted him, but had reservations based on missed games this season. Now I'd rather draft Steve Urkle.  

Now looking at his stats, they have gotten worse each year of college. Was he better in High School than he is now?  The Browns need players that have gotten better and can contribute now.  Not guys that get worse by the year.  Trade Down Browns!

Comment 06 Feb 2017

Brady is great, and obviously in the conversation, but as pointed out by others, his titles are as much to Kraft, Bellichick, and the organization.  Also his championship record is behind Otto Grahams.  It bothers me Otto Graham's career has been buried under the modern game.  And had Peyton Manning played for the pats and Brady for the Colts and Broncos, I'm not so sure he wins many titles while Peyton wins tons.  And Brady has some ties to multiple cheats, though those easily can be disputed.  But none of that applies to Otto, so we need to keep Otto in taht conversation.  Its like calling Colin Powell or Stormin' Normin the best general ever, and forgetting all the greats from WW1 and WW2. 

Comment 01 Feb 2017

You can actually be second....third....fourth....or anything.  Last is last. Over-rated, underrated: who gives a #$%^

Comment 29 Jan 2017

Kinda reminds me of the Wall Street bailout.  Alabama keeps getting bailed out. Bu the bailouts are wrong and only put into place to make sure the status quo is protected.  I always found it funny that Saban was usually in second or third in recruiting at LSU, then immediately went to 'Bama and hasn't relinquished the no. 1 recruiting spot yet.  I'd say the kids LSU wouldn't let in were being let in at 'Bama...or worse.  More people are paying them to go to 'Bama.