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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002/03 fiesta bowl. But thanks tOSU for many many more moments and ones to come.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: For me, most memorable would be Jimmy Jackson.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: The Crew

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Comment 18 Aug 2014

This shit makes me feel sick for Braxton. He's been doing nothing but work! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and healthy arm. Selfishly, yeah I want him 100%, but mostly I feel terrible for him. 

Comment 29 Jul 2014

I usually spell foneticly when I type. Also, I frequently misspell "twurk", or is it "twerk"! Damn you, English!

Comment 22 Jul 2014

I literally could care less what Weird Al thinks: Its grammer police like he that can go to hell.

Comment 03 Jun 2014

Hove, my son turns 4 on Monday! I cannot imagine if he had to go through this. There are times my son smiles at me and says "I love you" and I just think, despite my flaws and what a dip-shit I am, my kid loves me, looks up to me. Kids that age have an amazing way of influencing us as much as we can influence them. I do not envy the mental/emotional struggle his mom and dad must be going through. 

My boy is a huge Buckeyes fan too and he sleeps next to a small stuffed Brutus every night, and he'll be praying with me for little Joshua and family every night before bed!

Comment 20 Jan 2014

Let me break this down for you... See the step mom. I say step mom because she's a little too blonde to be real mom. She shit her pants- if you read her lips she's saying "whoops!", right as the hershey squirts. As for the "roof", don't get too caught up in that- you can see the thermos which obviously is filled with some poorly made moonshine- they have no idea where the hell they are having imbibed the elixir, which also explains the asinine attire chosen. This is a deleted scene from Deliverance where the guys look on the shoreline and see this to their horror. 

Also, congrats, and good luck, Brady!

Comment 07 Jan 2014

It was back and forth as I expected. I just figured Braxton would win it with the ball in his hands at the end there when our defense gifted him with a fianl opportunity. What a disappointment. Not a dumpster fire debacle, but a disappointment.

Comment 06 Jan 2014

Time for Urban to hire Chris Spielman as DC. The amount of games his eyes have been on, and the way he knows the teams he calls is amazing. He does his homework on each and every player, knows the plays that are called, and the players he is watching, and is one of my favorite analysts out there- of course I am biased, but he is ever a student of the game- always watching, learning, and telling us why/how a coverage was blown- why a certain schem worked or not, not just saying it was blown play or misread. Maybe it is an extreme risk, but something tells me he is an untapped resource.

Comment 11 Dec 2013

My guesses:

THE and our insistence/correcting of others in including THE in The Ohio State University

"Overrated": killed/lost in BIG non-conference regular season matchups: USC x2, TX x1.

We are everywhere and that in and of itself is annoying to non Ohio State fans.

"Lucked" into the one NC win we have. Haven't beaten anyone "relevant" in the BCS bowls- we've only beaten other "overrated" teams (ND, K. State, Oregon)  The only win against the SEC in a bowl game A) was against an Arkansas team that is mediocre in history i.e. not the perennial powerhouses the other SEC teams are and B) was vacated- the tat 5 were allowed to play and "Would have been completely different had they not been able to play" etc.

Lost, thus proving how "overrated" we are two years in a row against SEC teams in the NC games.

Until we for several years in a row beat top 15 teams in nonconference play and go to and win the playoff games, we will be hated because of the above reasons.

And, no matter what we do the goal posts will be moved.

The above that are in quotes are used to say that's what the national perception/words are...not mine. It is hard to argue though, to be honest, and yet I am constantly defending our greatness to those outside of Buckeye nation.


Comment 30 Nov 2013

"...they're the number one team in the nation. We gave them all we could give and came up short. What a great team they have. I give credit where credit is due."

Comment 30 Nov 2013

Hmm, I am not sure if this could be considered consistent or not, but hmmm...maybe the fact our defense has not lost a game when it has been up to them to do it...for at least 24 games in a row. 

Comment 30 Nov 2013

I can't explain why shit happens. It just does. How could a team like that lose to a team we beat 63-14? You explain for me please. How did a Notre Dame team lose to UM and how did MSU lose to ND? For some reason there is more to it than simple Xs andOs. Pride? And so it's all of a sudden luck, when our defense comes up big?? You sound like Mark May.