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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2015 Sugar Bowl beating the almighty SEC, and 42-20 in the first ever Playoff Championship
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Too many to pick from. Growing up, favs would have been Chris Spielman, Keith Byars, and Cris Carter
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jim Jackson. Just memorable in the 90s. Since then, I don't have a favorite, really.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Fan of USA & Spain during World Cup only

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Comment 18 Dec 2014

HAHAHAHAHHA! He looks like my 4 year old son when I tell him it is time to put the iPad down.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Unless they have update the rules, here is an excerpt from SBNation regarding rules :

This one is based on another rule that helps keep things orderly and gives defenses a fair shot at things.

With one exception, on any given pass play only eligible receivers can cross the line of scrimmage before either A) a pass crosses the line, or B) a defender touches the ball. The exception is on a forward pass that doesn't cross the line of scrimmage (like a screen or shovel pass). On such a play, the linemen can cross the line and be on their merry ways.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Hmmm, not only did we beat Wisconsin, but we beat the sanity out of many fans, apparently of both teams.

Comment 07 Dec 2014 I looked today, and it seems similar to 11w in the sense the Bama players (at least according to their own members) lurk there and the admin has a current ban on LSU fans posting, haha. Also there is a fair mix of opinions on the upcoming game. They also have a resident buckeye fan there who seems to be a fav, but he doesn't talk about OSU much. Would be a good place to have respectful discussion or lurk I think. I'd go to ESPN or something for trolling. Nothing but trolls on the ESPN sites. Also, a member there started a "Say Something Nice About Ohio State" thread and it ranged from funny sarcastic shit (like "Well, they gave us DePriest") to more serious ones.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

The Titanic hit Cardale.

Cardale ate Gilbert Grape.

Cardale takes a knife to a gun fight...and wins.

Cardale made and lifted a rock even he could not lift.

Cardale went to Pamplona- bulls are extinct, sadly.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

My Perception before 11W:

It never bothered me they wanted to dress up and show their fandom. Not my thing, but I don't blame them for wanting to relive their youth and/or express their fan spirit. That is how I see it and that's it. I watched the Browns growing up and I actually like the Dawg pound characters I would see on TV. I don't think it's as much an embarrassment there are middle-aged men doing this, as much as how they are representing themselves outside that's embarrassing to me. To each his own. There is something about wanting to relive your youth, connect with your childhood idols, whatever. Ever been to/see a comic book convention going on? Weird. But even then, to each his own, I don't judge. I believe the public assumption is they are fans, and not super or better than any other fan, they just have fun with their gig. Good for them. They are enjoying the Buckeyes just like we all do. They don't take themselves that seriously. 

Perception after joining 11W:

Now, honestly, I didn't have a problem with any of them until I joined 11w and read of their exploitation of other Buckeyes fans and those fans' love for Buckeye Nation. Now I kind of see them as the Ron Burgundy's of fans- thinking they are big shits, and "kind of a big deal, people know me." and I just laugh at their self-promotion whilst they ignore how ridiculous they are.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

I hope Sunday is not another day that will live in infamy, for far lesser reasons.

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Thanks brother. I recall this time last year I was foolishly questioning the relevance of that school as well as the luster of this game. Then, some fellow 11 dubbers led me back to the path of hatred, and of course, then The Game happened. When Hoke went for it all- it's moments like that that make these games historical and memorable. Go Bucks!

Comment 25 Nov 2014

He had a carton of Big League Chew on the line. You know how hard that is to come by?

Comment 24 Nov 2014

I don't buy it. This game is worthless win or lose? If I were a fan or player of that shit team, I couldn't think of ending the season any better than beating the B1G title hopefuls and ruining a shot (however remote) at the NC for the hated rivals. He says this only because he thinks they have no shot. If they were to win, his tune would change dramatically.

I worry about overlooking/disrespecting a desperate, hungry, pissed off team this weekend, and this game matters so much more than I would have given it credit for in recent years, and they, much like MSU will fight to the very end. I agree, however, nothing will save Hoke's job, but even he has something to fight for. 

Last thing while my stream of consciousness is still running: anyone who says shit like this is managing expectations- expect to lose so you are not disappointed if it happens, and elated if the unexpected occurs (see: Fans, Browns) I recall their fans even being elated with the close loss last year.


Comment 12 Nov 2014

I don't think they would take a chance on someone who does not have elite head coaching experience. I would take Tom Herman, but I think UM is thinking even bigger. They need a home run with the AD and HC hires. If they miss on yet another it is lights out for them. I mean 10 more years lights out. And while there may be an under the radar super-star in the making (see: Tressel, Jim of yore) I do not believe they have the balls right now to take another chance. They need one of the H-baughs, Chip Kelly, Pete Carroll, or even Bill Cowher or someone who still has coaching left in the tank.

Comment 07 Nov 2014

This made me laugh! My mom and grandma always said, "You are the funniest person ever! You should do stand-up!"

I thought, "Oh shit, I better keep my day job." 

Comment 06 Nov 2014

I don't care about "vanilla". It's when I, as a stupid fan with no football edumacation, can predict a QB draw simply by seeing the formation and the motion that makes me scratch my head. How can I predict that? If I can see it, Narduzzi is going to have a field day unless our offense becomes less predictable. That is my one and honestly only fear in this game: if you are going to call a predictable game plan you are stacking the deck in favor of your opponent.