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Comment 20 Sep 2013

They do receive money for housing that would cover the cost of the dorm, I knew of a few college football players who would find apartments cheaper than dorms, and pocket the remaining money for living expenses. There is no way that the "4 or 5 guys" living with Arian wouldn't be able to pay the rent, and then some.

Comment 24 Jul 2013

Without knowing anything of these situations aside from hearsay, it's tough to say that these are not correct punishments for each individual instance. Maybe rumors are true and Gardner has been in the dog house since arriving, which would justify being sent home. Marcus Baugh was removed from the team, and I think lost his summer scholarship, hardly a slap on the wrist. Urban has a very clear rule about respecting women, which is why Hyde was suspended indefinitely right away. When cleared, he'll be back. Meyer will not tolerate disrespect to women in any way.

Comment 08 Jul 2013

Oops, I should have read through before posting. It's so frustrating how nobody wants to hold Hernandez accountable for his actions, he's a grown man who knows right from wrong, no matter where he grew up.

Comment 08 Jul 2013

Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick, two of the most well respected men in all of football, thought highly enough of Aaron Hernandez to give him a very large raise. That should be more than enough to make everyone realize it's not always easy to identify someone like that. Did Belichick know he would go off somebody? No, otherwise they wouldn't have drafted, started him, or given him a nice new contract. This whole thing is beyond dumb. 8/31 can't be here soon enough!

Comment 31 May 2013

I hope Bama drops 50 on him, as well as everyone else down there. Bert needs to be humbled in a major way. He has done absolutely nothing to act with the cockiness he has. 

Comment 14 Jan 2013

I will be interested to see what position he plays. With his ability, he should be able to dominate the competition at quarterback, or out wide. Good luck, Verlon! See ya in the fall!

Comment 04 Dec 2012

Outback gift card sounds right up Brady Hoke's alley. Wonder how many of those he'll try to swindle from the team.

Comment 25 Nov 2012

Unfortunately the fine folks in charge at Iowa gave Kirk Ferentz an insanely large contract. They probably can't afford to can him. Ferentz may be the most overrated coach in the history of organized tackle football.

Comment 25 Nov 2012

I would say that there is a less than .5% chance that Tress would have any interest in the Purdue job. The man had his dream job at Ohio State, there's no chance he coaches another B1G school. I really don't think he'll coach anywhere again, he has a stress free job making six figures at Akron, I think he's a satisfied man at this point.

Comment 22 Nov 2012

The possibility of an unbeaten season is too much motivation for the Buckeyes, they come out quick and blast the opponents back up north! 34-6.

Comment 19 Nov 2012

Are you sure Andrew Norwell doesn't want to chop up my family?? That is one scary looking young man!

Comment 03 Oct 2012

The offense has their "aha" moment and blow up all over the Husker D. Bucks roll 31-13

Comment 26 Sep 2012

Braxton shows the nation that he is unstoppable, accounts for 350 yards of total offense, the defense can't tackle Bell, but he finds the end zone only once. Sparty Sparts, Bucks roll 38-10

Comment 24 Sep 2012

The 2009 class is just tragic. There was a lot of star power without much success. I remember being extremely excited about Dorian Bell, among several others. Just the nature of the beast with recruiting.

Comment 24 Sep 2012

The Jim Brown comparison may be a bit of a stretch. Braxton is an amazing runner, and if his passing skills ever manage to catch up to his running skills...It will be game over for the rest of the B1G.