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Comment 01 Feb 2017

Comment 17 Jan 2017

PSU personally for me.  

I still remember the one guy (45+ years old at least) arguing with a couple of college age WISC fans at this past B10 game, BEFORE the game even started, and most definitely not drunk.  By the end of 10 min back and forth, he was getting nowhere so he decided to yell out "SUCK MY D$&^" while grabbing his crotch.  It went on for good 2-3 minutes, and in that span, probably belted out that phrase at least 10 times at the top of his lungs.  It was borderline psychotic.  Everyone in the section was getting fed up and finally called the security on him, who showed up fairly quickly.  There were at least half a dozen kids within the earshot of him, age range from 3 years old (mine) to young teens.  Two young teens (if that, probably 10-12) sat literally in front of him and were chuckling nervously/sheepishly the whole time.  He had zero reservations about his behavior around kids.  I wish security had tossed him out but alas, he piped down by walking out to (pretend) to get some food/drinks, presumably the compromise security had offered him to not toss him.  This is in addition to seeing unfortunately at least half dozen PSU fans pissing on the side of their RV lots FACING the road as we drove in.  Publicly pissing after all day drinking at a college game normally is not a big issue (I've done it enough myself admittedly), but it was just weird and bizarre that not a single one of them even tried to hide themselves and their private parts from the busy street people were driving on, it was like a show for them.  How do you act like that when you are visiting another city?!  I've been to other B10 games, PSU fans just seem to take it to another level when it comes to game day antics. </RantOff>

Comment 16 Jan 2017

I remember reading a piece (might've been 11w) how Devin Smith used his high jump experiences to position his body in the most optimal mid-air posture for the actual catch itself as well as blocking out defenders.  It's not just his vertical speed.  Had that been the case, all the "speedsters" we'd be recruiting should've solved our issues by now.  I would give the "height" here an advantage (in combination to the speed), though that's also a questionable differentiating benefit when you are running at 15-20mph for vertical threat purposes as opposed to red zone contested jump balls.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I went and dug up his HS film, wow, talk about a "development" guy that worked out for MSU, 24/7 ranking, Natl Comp-1815, Pos RB-131, St OH-12, can't even fault for anyone missing on him looking at the film (there's literally nothing that stood out in that film), but kudos for Dantonio and that staff for taking a shot and then develop him.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Won't set the world on fire with his speed, but good hands, ball-hawking skills at those contested catches, good 5 practice series here against DBs on Day 1 (starts at 2:08 mark, youtube timeline embedding not working for some reason); His day 2 (start at 1:39 mark) however, not good.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

With the Jamal Dean situation, then Kyle Berger, Nick Connor, Eric Smith, Lattimore, Hilliard, maybe the staff is finally getting worn out by our recruit's late HS-career injuries, especially with the immediate needs for WRs to step up next year.  Just a guess, they probably want someone with the potential to realistically step in at the slot position in this September and don't feel he will be ready for at least a year if not more (injury plus the need to bulk up).

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Good read, never followed UCLA much, but boy, is it a ticking time bomb the way biz sounds like it's conducted there.  

More interestingly though, that thread led me to this clip of St John Bosco's Freshman QB, dood's like a Samoan 12 Gauge Cardale, chucks 40-50 yarders like breakfast cereal, trucking over defs, and once in a while, runs a nice read-option.  Can we get Wyatt to put in some good words into his ear for the good guys before he comes on campus?  Kid's got UCLA/USC offers already, class of '20.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I respectfully disagree.  I enjoy all three,

  • 11w for comprehensive, straightforward and highly organized reporting.  Best website design of course! While podcast is great, it's getting a bit dated with the weekly frequency.  Can't beat the Forum and dry-goods sections!
  • Landof10 for hands-on,  in-depth and johnny on the spot breaking recruiting reporting.  Best App IMHO.
  • Cleveland.com for off the cuff, opinion-driven and contrarian editorial and opinion pieces.  Best podcast IMHO when it comes to sports radio style time wasting, in a good way.

We are definitely in the golden age of OSU football having all these "free" resources at our fingertips as fans.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

Your comment made me go watch Harris's HUDL highlights then compared to Grime's.  Leaving the OP's comments about summer's FNL  aside, I wanted to focus on what the gameplay films looked like.  A few takeaways by my 100% untrained eyes and of course, being "highlight" films that they are, they are pretty biased, to begin with, so I can't see the "regular" game plays which would give me a more complete picture,

Grimes' HUDL: Top end speed is glaring compared to his competition (we'll see how that translates at D1 level); Stretches the field really well; very little hand-fighting to get separation, uses routes and speed most of the time; for a big guy, he sure goes in the middle of the field a lot (maybe that explains why he enjoys Tyjon's tag-teaming so much as his current team apparently doesn't have a slot guy). He is 6'4" 189lbs, 4.61 40 time.

Harris' HUDL: Really seems to enjoy blocking for others; For some odd reason, steps out of bounds much more often after a catch rather than fighting to get into end-zone, I guess it's good self-preservation for longevity, but odd considering my aforementioned point about physical blocking, there were couple of plays I really #SMH on apparent lack of effort to get easy extra yards; top end speed isn't quite there compared to Grimes, however, seems to enjoy running into DBs and do hand-fighting to get the needed separation.  He is 6'5" 210lbs, 4.85 40time.  20 pounds heavier than Grimes, but obviously slower, both in 40 and on film.  Ultimately, I think wherever he goes (hopefully the good guys), he can benefit greatly from watching Michael Thomas's films as I see a lot similar physical traits.  

Comment 20 Dec 2016

Thought this was very telling in our future direction and current uptick in our DB recruiting sheer numbers.  '17 DBs and '18 DBs, c'on down, you WILL get play time regardless how many * we have on roster, as long as you make plays of course.

"Part of the key is we have three roll-over corners," he said. "I don’t know the official numbers, but when I looked at the participation chart (from 2015) our two corners played over 1,000 plays each. That’s hard. It takes its toll on the body. Now, if you’ve got three corners playing, I’m guessing they’re at 700-800 each. That may not sound like much, but 250 plays is a lot over the course of a season.

"If you watch a game, their wideouts will run deep routes and a lot of times they go off to the sidelines and a new guy comes in. They don’t do that much with corners. The corners need to run all the way back to the line and do it again. So to be able to roll over the corners and keep them fresh has been critical to our success."

The cornerback rotation and the consistency from the Buckeye safeties have allowed Ohio State to produce the nation's best defense in terms of pass efficiency.

Source was this Ozone article by Tony Gerdman