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Comment 31 Aug 2015

Technically, Sunday is the first day of the week.  So, the Buckeyes don't have a game this week.

I know, I hate that guy too.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Because I am not about to let people rewrite history.  We beat a top 10 team in a bowl game and he dropped us 3 spots.  I wish I could find the blog apot that trahed this--but it will do to say this was completely unjustifiable.  Hell, his explanation is bullshit.  Nice try attempting to dismiss my valid point by trying ro label it a conspiracy.  Cheap tactic.  You wanna fawn all over him, go ahead.  I don't hate the guy but I am not going to engage in selective memory and make believe.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I have registered my complaints about Herbstreit and, given the state of events (undisputed baby), will let that go.  My complaint is something different entirely.

Where was Kirk on this a a year ago?  Or two years ago?  He was still part of the crowd singing the praises of the SEC (and what we were told was the best division ever in the history of organized sports, the SEC West).  So, after Ohio State wins it all, and the AP comes out and unanimously makes Ohio State # 1, now Kirk is on the Buckeye train, huh?  My complaint is more about what passes as analysis from the so-called experts these days--we take the team that won it last year, and just assume that things will remain status quo.  This essentially is the whole preseason poll save a few "dark horses" that are thrown in there so people can pretend that they are smart.  I suppose having read this one can just say, well, it's hard to repeat, so he's going out a limb.  There is some truth to that, but my bigger complaint is how long it takes the "so called" experts to figure out what is really going on.  Ohio State has had three top five classes the last four years, and this is when we finally here from Herbstreit about how good Ohio State really is, after they won it all and they are everyone's number one team.  I guess it's a good job if you can get that kind of work.

Comment 20 Aug 2015

I never thought of the Lebron situation (probably because I don't give a shit about the NBA).

Better example and more obvious is how we feel about Ohio kids that go play for that team up north.  It is hard to argue that in he nineties that playing for that team wasn't a good move for Desmond and defensive back whose name I won't say.  I am willing to wager that more than a few people on here have very strong feelings about this (I am one of them).

Comment 06 Aug 2015

That and don't forget that they their program started before ours.  I forget the numbers, but they won something like the first 15.  I don't mean it to be an excuse, it's just a reality.  It wouldn't be any different than if a FCS team moved up to FBS or an expansion team just got started in the NFL.  It takes a team or school a while to build a program that can compete with an established one.

Comment 06 Aug 2015

Since you asked Adolphus, I will tell you.

I want Michigan to go 0-12 every year.  The thought of even one person in Ann Arbor smiling for a few seconds is enough for me to lose my appetite.  Even when they lose, their fans are obnoxious with their September Heismans and were back mantras.

I also don't believe the nonsense that we need UM to be good for Ohio State's benefit.  Two years ago, they were mediocre.  We still would have played for the title if we beat  MSU in the CCG.  Last year, UM pretty much sucked (not even bowl eligible), and we still won the title.

For all those OSU fans who just blindly say "it will be good for the rivalry."  I will remind you of this when they get better and beat us and have to live with it for 365 days.  The rivalry is right where I want it now.  I guess I'm one of the few who vividly remember the nineties (and wanting to choke Desmond or that DB whose name I can't even remember, or all the Ohio kids who donned the piss and blue). 

Maybe that's just me.

Comment 06 Aug 2015

Actually DB's did great in that game other than covering the wide receiver  screens (that falls to scheme LB's, etc).  I know that is a little like saying "other than seeing your husband shot to death, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln."  Still, I don't blame the DB's for that entirely.


Comment 06 Aug 2015

Staples is a SEC homer.  I lost all respect for him 2 years ago when MSU was 6-1 and had statistically the best defense in the country.  Staples didn't have them in his top 30.  I tweeted him about this ("wait till you see where they finish,"), and his glib response was something like "we'll see what happens."  Meanwhile, like everyone else, he had 6 SEC teams in the top 25.  I don't mean to suggest he has some ESPN agenda, but rather, he's just one of those people who bought into the SEC narrative.   Lazy analysis and it was obviousl to me he hadn't seen much of MSU that year.  Anyone who watched just a decent amount of football could see how dominate that MSU defense was.  Not Andy though.

The one reason I might argue the Georgia job is better than the OSU job relates to expectations.  Richt, who I think is one of the class acts in the sport, annually underachieves, and yet, there is no real discussion about firing the guy.  If a coach did that at OSU, he would be gone (even with JT's success, a site called firejimtressel.com got a lot of hits).  But otherwise DJ, you are correct...

Comment 06 Aug 2015

The Browns have said Columbus is a "big part" of their marketing puzzle, and there's no question they're going to win that battle against the Bengals this weekend.

The people of Columbus have no appetite for terrible football and an organization run by a criminal buffoon.  Good luck with that.

Comment 05 Aug 2015

On the Terrell Hall thing, this is what I focused on:

"then showed up to the WHAC that Saturday in an Alabama shirt."

I completely agree that a kid should go where he feels is best for him.  And after NSD, no changing your mind, so honestly, these verbal commitments are a one way street in some ways.  In fact, I appreciate those who decommit early enough so the school can reasonably offer someone else.

But I am not down with the lack of respect.  Show up at the WHAC wearing Alabama shit (you can tell what I think of the SEC and Alabama specifically)?  Really?

Best of luck to him, but I look forward to him him holding his helmet on the sidelines and staring helpless as the Ohio State QB (one of may Heisman types) takes a knee.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

I don't like getting in a Buckeye fan's grill, but with shit like this I have to.

This is going to reflect negatively on Nick?  Really, what did he do?  Last time I checked, Joey and Nick were two different people.  I wish people would think to themselves, "what if the kid is on here and reads this?"  I am sure at some point Nick thought, "do I really want to walk in Joey's footsteps."  Then, someone like you comes along and cements this notion.

I will do with this what I do with all pieces of toilet paper covered in feces.  Flush it.

Think next time McFly.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

"When Ohio State won the first ever college football playoff in January, bringing home the 2015 national title..."

This is a pet peeve of mine, but, while the game was played in 2015, it was the 2014 title that was won.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

One thing to consider is that Devin's greatness tracking the deep ball really made Cardale great. It remains to be seen if someone can fill that role.  While Cardale's numbers aren't as good, his came against 3 of the 4 best teams we played last year (MSU being the other).  So i would not make this decision based just on numbers.  Personally I think JT is the all around better qb but obviously am not at practice every day.  History tells me both will play.

Comment 15 Jul 2015

Well, this is where the subtly comes in--OSU really didn't have that many kids that graded out that high last year(read: this was a very young team).  Alabama simply had more of those guys this year.  As you pointed out, this didn't stop Alabama from winning titles other years where kids graded out before the game.

Whatever.  He is saying his kids didn't have heart, he couldn't motivate them, or both.

Sounds like a you problem to me.

Comment 15 Jul 2015

So it was tough getting through the SEC title game?  You mean beating the team that was a middling Big 12 team a few years ago (remember, if so and so joined the SEC, they would go 4-8)?  The one that lost to Indiana on their home turf?  While you had that "tough" game, we had to beat a Wisconsin team, that well, beat your rival in a bowl game.

I thought the reason they lost was because they didn't take Cardale seriously?

Look, the SEC had a nice run.  But as was pointed out time and again, things are cyclical in CFB.  Win with grace, lose with grace.  I have wondered if the best of Saban was behind him (losses in big games, crying about the rules, hiring Kiffin).  Now that I hear these excuses, it cements this in my head even more.  Warms my innards to know that it was Ohio State that broke the SEC.  It's killing him (and his disciples).  Alabama used to be the best on the field.  Now, they are the best at making excuses.

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Stewart, is Ohio State's schedule so bad this year that even running the table the Buckeyes could miss the playoff? Does beating Virginia Tech, Hawaii, Northern Illinois, Penn State, Western Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, Rutgers, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan State and Michigan make them worthy of a playoff spot, when a team like Alabama is going to have to beat SEVEN preseason top-25 teams

Assuming this is a serious question and not just a hater trolling, it is amazing to me how people glob onto narratives and refuse to change them even when data suggests that maybe they should.  Look, I'm not gonna suggest the B1G is now dominate, far from it.  But this idea that the B!G is a complete doormat, akin to the MAC, is really starting to annoy me.  Why didn't success in the bowls change this perception, at least a little bit?  JMO, but a lot o this stems from Ohio State losing big games in 2000's under JT (two really).  Was I the only one that saw Ohio State roll through Wisconsin (yes I know, weak B1G team), then Alabama and Oregon?  Why do people refuse to consider new information and reevaluate (and all of this assumes the narrative of the B1G being weak had merit in the first place.  In the 38 bowl games played through the 2012 season, the B1G Ten split with the SEC 19-19.  This was during the SEC's great run.  I don't get it!!)

Comment 01 Jul 2015

And so we are clear, I hope my post didn't sound like I was dumping on JT.  He took a 7-5 team (that we know had talent) and won our first title since 1968.  We dominated Michigan and the B1G in that decade, and just getting to the NCG with a field of two teams two more times is an accomplishment.  Yes, the team lost games it shouldn't have, but I give JT a lot of credit for getting the team to bounce back after disappointing losses, the season never went in the tank.  OSU played in more BCS bowls than any other school I believe (or they are tied for this honor).  He was a great coach, and his misdeed aside, a worthy HOF'er.  But I don't think it is unfair or inaccurate to say that some of the teams that he coached were not "national championship" worthy.  In fact, the facts support this.  I don't think pointing this out should mean that my fandom gets questioned by someone who knows almost nothing about me.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Way off base my friend.  41-14 is a fact.  So is 38-24.  You think those are opinions?

I love you pulling the fan card because I am an honest fan who will call it like I see it.  So I don't suck at the teet of all things OSU (we are the best team every year, records be damned!!) and somehow you think that means that when they aren't winning as much I won't be a "lifelong" and "honest" fan, huh?  How would you even presume to know such a thing?  I saw EVERY play of EVERY game in the 6-7 season BTW (and even traveled to Ann Arbor to take in "The Game.").

I don't like Buckeye fighting Buckeye, but you want to respond to my posts, check this ignorant shit at the door or just scroll on by.