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Comment 23 Mar 2017

This is what's wrong with today's sports fan IMHO.  I call him Championship Guy, as in, all that matters is a championship.  Sure, I wish Urban won the B1G more frequently and had another Natty or two like Saban does at Alabama (and think we might before he leaves).  But winning steadily, almost every single week, beating your rival, and often being in a position to win a title still has value.  Don't believe me, ask ND fans or Texas fans if they would take a coach like Meyer with the track record he has had since he has come to Ohio State.  As I have often said, outside of the state of Alabama, Ohio State has some of the most spoiled fans in all of sports.  Sadly, people like you are only going to get it when Meyer moves on and inevitably Ohio State doesn't find a replacement that is as good as Meyer or better.  It's also too bad that Championship Guy is depriving himself of the full enjoyment of what very well might be the golden age of Buckeye football. 

Comment 22 Mar 2017

I would love feedback from someone who has studied his footwork prior to the ankle injury and after it.  My recollection is that he was much more accurate prior to the injury in 2014 and wonder how much impact that ankle injury might have had.  Fans take it for granted that players just rehab, heal, and things return to where they were prior to the injury.  I am guessing that isn't always the case.  I also think this was compounded by the fact that by the end of 2014, our line was player at the highest level we have seen at OSU in recent history where as there were clear struggles last year. 

Comment 22 Mar 2017

@OSU1978, ahh, Championship Guy* makes an appearance.  People who espouse this opinion apparently aren't aware just how rare championships are and thus set themselves up for regular disappointment.  Only 1 team can win the B1G and only one team can win it all each year, which statistically means most years it probably isn't going to be Ohio State.  For championship guy, 1 and 2 loss seasons are an utter failure.  The year I was born OSU won an AP title then didn't win one for another 32 years!!  Based on your handle, you are old enough to know better.  I feel sorry for you because you are depriving yourself of enjoying possibly the golden age of Buckeye football (just remember, every school is one bad coaching hire away from mediocrity and Urban won't be here forever.  Just ask Texas fans).  As for you taking wins over Michigan for granted, I am guessing you have completely forgotten about the nineties (can't blame you if you are blocking it out).  You will rethink this position if or when the rivalry flips (as history tells us, this is almost certain to happen).  I have been saying for a while now that Ohio State has maybe the most spoiled fan base in CFB outside of the state of Alabama, and you sir, are the poster child.  Mini-rant over...

* Championship guy thinks that only championships matter.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

Uh, ok.  He played against a split squad in a two hand touch football game.  Talk to people in the game, and the difference in talent among teams starting 22 isn't as great as generally perceived (often huge disparities are due to depth).  People who think the Spring Game is a strong indicator of anything have already decided their conclusion before that practice was held.  I don't know what it is about putting something on television that causes people to lose their minds...

Comment 21 Mar 2017

And don't forget this.  Nothing quite as funny as firing a football at a college co-ed and splitting her lip (I exaggerate, but not much):


Guy should be locked up.

Comment 10 Mar 2017

Someone fell in the Sar-CHASM.

I heard Pryor demanded $14 Fake Browns offered $10, and he left and got $8.  That is what a friend tells me anyway.  What the Fake Browns are going to have to learn is that they are going to have to pay FA over market value coming off a 1-15 season and  a fire sale.  Not a lot of faith in them out there in the business community...

Comment 10 Mar 2017

You should read my comments more carefully if you want to respond to them.

I said football players have said a lot of stupid shit to you means "I said Weber is stupid."  Don't be afraid to ascribe the ordinary meaning to the words that I write. Weber could have a 160 IQ and that wouldn't necessarily make him good at evaluating and projecting the talent of a, to date, unproven QB prospect.  The logic simply doesn't follow.

i already said these boards are for opinions ,so no need to wrap yourself up in the American first amendment flag.  You're good espousing your opinion with your big brain.  If you read my opinion carefully, it's that I support the judgement of the HC because I don't know what he knows, I am not at practice everyday, etc etc.  That guy who watches games on tv or in the stands thinks he is in a good position to contradict the coach, to whatever level, amuses me.

Where did I say Tebow won "all of his games" prior to the Alabama game?  That's right, I didn't.  I said he got them to that point (playing in that game).  That's all I ever said.  Must have been able to throw some to get there, at least you would think.

You are part of the reactionary chicken little crowd that overreacted to one really bad loss and needed a scapegoat.  For you, a disproportionate share of the blame was laid at the feet of JT, and you did what most fans do, scream "put in the back up."  You and I have had other conversations in the past where it was abundantly clear to me that you "aren't really all-in", at least if JT is the guy next year.  I am not pretending this conversation occurred in a vacuum.  I will not respond to your juvenile ad hominem attacks, but instead, will point to the fact that nothing I said about you was personal in nature, but instead, a criticism of your opinion and perspective.  Seems like you are a bit thin skinned, and as such, I can refrain from responding to your posts in the future.  Hope you have a nice weekend.

Comment 10 Mar 2017

THis is all you need to know about business as usual with the Fake Browns:

They value the rights to a second round pick ($16 million) more than franchising Pryor, arguably the only offensive threat on the team last year ($15 million).

After a 1-15 season, they began another fire sale (if that is even possible), made abundantly clear by yesterdays actions.  This is at least the fourth or fifth rebuild in a row depending on how you want to count them.

Keep drinking the kool aid if you must. 

Comment 10 Mar 2017

Your problem AllINOSU is that you are a great monday morning QB. That doesn't help coach on Saturday.

That Tebow year that you speak of, you, you apparently forget that they were in that big game because of Tebow's play up to that point.  But now that he lost the "big game," well, with your revisionist history you now know that Meyer should have made the switch at some point prior to this (you know, sometimes you lose the big game because the other team is just better.  I know, that's crazy, huh?)   Just get that Delorean to coach and we should be set to go.  I really am getting so sick of dealing with "championship guy." 

You are entitled to your opinion (and that's what these boards are for).  But the moment that you even pretend for a second that it is any where near as valuable as the opinion of the coaching staff, one lead by a coach this decorated, is where I take issue (and whether you realize it or not, when you start second guessing Meyer's qb decision, that is exactly what you are doing).  You aren't at practice every day, and I am going to go out on a limb and say, whatever it is is that you do for a living, it isn't winning football games at one of the highest levels of the game in the world.   

I also have to laugh at the back up RB claiming Burrow is the next Tom Brady.  Wake me up when "that guy" has coached three teams that have won titles and he has a .850 winning percentage.  I would give you a list of stupid shit football players have said but I can't afford to take the next month off from work.  Jesus.

Comment 10 Mar 2017

My objection is not to those asking the questions (why has Barrett's accuracy seemingly declined?  Or has it?  Why did the offense struggle last year?  Or did it?)

It's the people who draw rash conclusions on data that doesn't exist.

There is this guy: "Joe Burrow is the most accurate passer on the roster."  Yes, because he looked good in a glorified practice and mop up duty against second string players for directional schools.

It's okay to have opinion so long as you recognize the limitations of the information that forms the basis of your opinion.  I may have an opinion as to how brain surgery should be conducted, but should probably realize that with zero medical training, that opinion has some serious limitations.  People who trade stocks, or sell insurance, or closed Quicki Mart each night and have never coached football at a high level or seen one practice think they have a better idea of who the QB should be next year then one of the legends to ever coach the game with 3 titles and a winning percentage over .850.

That is not critical thinking my friend, that is buffoonery. 

Comment 09 Mar 2017

The only people who know if  that is true is Urban Meyer, his staff, and anyone he has told (which is not you).  You are confusing the concepts of fact and speculation.  What bothers me about this narrative is that people are setting it up so that if JT is the starter next year, it can't possibly be because the staff truly believes he is the best man for the job, but because people who have no way of knowing if this is true have already decided that it can't possibly be the case.