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Comment 8 hours ago

DJ, I didn't even comment on the increased number of games played now and how much harder that has made it.  I should have.

As great as Nick Saban has been, the train has been derailed 2 of the last 3 years with the extra round, and I think most would agree he has had a free pass in the SEC championship game the last few years.

Comment 12 hours ago

All fair points.  But you are talking mid-season last season.  I am not sure how practical it is to fire staff mid-season (remember you are also recruiting).  From what I can tell, Meyer had already begun courting Wilson and was going to make a change, but I think he implemented it at the soonest possible moment.  Many credit ousting Kiffin before the NCG as a factor in the Bama loss. 

Let's also not forget that OSU was 2 special teams plays away from an undefeated season and that there were times when the offense functioned at a very high level against good talent (e.g. Oklahoma). 

I don't know, I think you'd have to make an argument that it should have been done after last year, and I think too that would be a difficult argument to make (if they did, who would have been replacement OC?  Better than Wilson?) and that the real problem last year had to do with the qb carousel and JT returning from an injury.  I get people's frustration with how this season ended, I was frustrated too, but I am not sure how else realistically this could have played out.

Comment 13 hours ago

I could not agree with this more.  Lately I feel like people have really been riding the hype train at record levels. Every level guys jump there is a huge adjustment.  This one also comes with leaving home for most and adjusting to college.  It amazes me that people still think many are going to jump in that first year and dominate.

Comment 13 hours ago

That's just it though--it was mostly working if you look at the stats and wins.  We really are only talking about 2 games where it looked like the offense was completely dysfunctional, and one of them was the very last game played.  Please don't read this as there weren't issues, there were, but it is reasonable to think that those can be fixed with lesser remedies when on balance you are winning so much.  I think we are seeing a lot of revisionist history here.

Comment 14 hours ago

Yeah this is an example of "championship guy" that I described below.  We win 10+ every year, beat Michigan regularly, and play in a good bowl game.  Instead of standing back and appreciating this, you complain that you aren't getting more.  Just remember that every program is one bad coaching hire away from being irrelevant. Just ask Texas fans. 

Comment 14 hours ago

"While Meyer earns this blogger’s approval, this study truly reflects the embarrassment of riches Ohio State has had at head coach for the better part of the last 60 years. Here’s to continued success in 2017 and beyond."

I feel like in just about any other era, Meyer would be fully appreciated for what he has accomplished.  But we now live in an era where, for many, the only thing that matters is championships (B1G Ten, NC).  For me, championships are icing on the cake--a season of 10+ wins, a good bowl, and beating that team up north should not be taken for granted.  Just ask Texas fans if they would take that (sub in beating Oklahoma regularly).  I feel like for many, they won't understand this until Meyer leaves and we are forced to try and replace him.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

It's funny, I really never thought that threw, it was sorta of a throw away line for me.   My point was he got a free education, much less important to me who picked up the check.

But, apparently my comment is factually inaccurate, so I appreciate the correct info.  A bit surprise this generated such a long and passionate response.  Won't make that mistake again.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Why feel bad for him?  He got a tax payer paid for education (I understand the importance of this each month when funds are taken out of my checking account), he had better seats for Buckeyes games than we will ever have, and in 20 years he won't struggle to move around as every part of his body hurts!!  Win-win-win!!

In all seriousness, not everyone is going to come in and be an All American and get a seven figure check at the next level.  But kids like Stephen are the unsung heroes of a program--putting in all the work in case his number gets called, helping on scout teams, keeping a good attitude even when you wished things had worked out differently, etc.  With the stuff I have read, sounds like he has a bright future ahead of him and maybe even as a coach like smooth jazz in the near future.

Thanks Stephen for playing the part of an Ohio State student-athlete so well, and best of luck going forward...

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Let me break down fan speak:

open and objective competition means Meyer must select someone other than JT (because we already know he isn't the best option).  Pencil it in now--when JT is picked, many on here who won't have attended one practice and have never had to evaluate qb's on any level close to this will claim that JT got the job just because he is a returning 3 year starter.  \

Gotta love internet folk.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

There is zero percent chance of Martell starting next year.  Zero.  The only true freshman I remember starting recently was XBrax, and that only happened after Blauserbomb exploded.  But you have him not only jumping a three time starter and Buckeye legend, but back-up Butrow and a guy that red shirted in Haskins.  I am not sure you have your finger on the pulse there Sparky.

p.s. While I think an open qb competition of some sort will be held in the spring, barring injury, I will be shocked if JT is not the starter.  I know this will be frustrating for the passengers on the hype train, but it is what it is...

Comment 18 Jan 2017

I shouldn't chalk it up to one bad game, there have been issues from time to time all year.  I guess they stick out less when you win.  This year, when pressure, he started throwing off his back foot.  This has caused his accuracy to drop off.  The hope is that if the OL plays better and with better QB coaching, this can be fixed and he can revert back to 14.  I give him a pass on 15 for a variety of reasons (coming back from broken ankle, the qb shuffle, etc).  But it is troubling that 16 followed 15.  Where I think you and I disagree is the percentage of blame we put on JT--I saw inconsistent line play, poor receiver play, bad playing calling, etc.  My hope is a lot of that gets fixed next year and sets JT up to play more like he did in 14.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

That offensive line vastly superior to '16 OL.  But if you remember, the 13 OL had issues.  The beautiful thing about CFB is that teams can make significant improvement from one year to the next--we basically are bringing 4/5 of the line back.  You keep stating that things will or won't happen with certainty next year.  Crystal ball?  Magic 8 ball?  I know the '14 team will live in lore forever because of the title, but we have had top 5 recruiting classes two of last 3 and other was top 10.  I am not certain why it is outside the realm of possibility that next year's team could rival 14.  But whatever...