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Comment 26 Apr 2017

What exactly is your belief based on?  He was a former Buckeye and you are a Buckeye fan?

I have no idea what happened here.  Every rape allegation should be vigorously investigated AND every accused person should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

This is the appropriate position.  Beliefs are for things like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

I will always be grateful for what Thad has done and I am not a knee-jerk fire the coach guy.  But it feels like this program desperately needs a fresh start (and I am not necessarily saying OSU could hire someone better than Thad).

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Clebuck, you are arguing with yourself at this point, as I already said I would pick Tebow (just that it isn't a landslide).

Tebow's QBR is significantly higher (and I did correct the typo) which is one reason I went with him.  Still, JT's overall numbers, assuming he stays healthy and plays close to his statistical average, will be better than Tebow in total yards and TD's.  But again, I was never arguing that he was better than Tebow (don't think that), just that comparing the two isn't completely absurd like some people think.

BTW, I don't give two shits about the Heisman.  It has become a complete joke of an award, typically awarded to qb or rb on the team ranked number one at the time of the vote (or just given to some Alabama player because, well, Saban),  It's a glorified beauty contest which carries absolutely no weight in my eyes whatsover (but in fairness, I have predicted that JT, if he stays healthy, gets an invite to NY because I know there are people like you that think this award still matters).

I think we are pretty much on the same page so I don't see a reason to keep arguing.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Let's take a look at this just for discussion sake:

Totals now:

Barrett : 6381 yards passing, 69 pass TD's 21 int's (QBR 148. 9); rushing 2465 yards, 31 td's

Tebow :    9285 passing, 88 TDs, 16 INT (QBR 170.8) rushing 2947 57 tds

Now for fun, since JT has one more year left, let's throw in a season that meets his statistical average:

Projected Comparison:

Barrett Projected: 9075 passing yards; 98 passing tds, 29 INT (QBR 148.9); rushing yards 3406 rushing yards 41 rushing TD's

Tebow :    9285 passing, 88 TDs, 16 INT (QBR 170.8) rushing 2947 57 tds)

So we are clear, for the averages, I only averaged the two seasons Barrett completed (did not use 2015 as that would have skewed the totals.  But lets not lose sight of the fact that if JT started and stayed healthy for the full 2015 season, his yardage and td's/int's would be significantly higher).

Ask me which is better, I probably give the nod to Tebow based on a higher QBR, better td-int ratio (which is a huge part of QBR), and more total TD's.  But it isn't a landslide, it is very close (JT would have more total yardage and more total TD's per game played)..  If JT plays 13 games this year (scheduled 12 and a bowl), his numbers would be in 49 total games while Tebow played 55 total games.  If OSU wins it all and JT starts, well the games go up, but so will the numbers (hopefully).  This is why a lot of us find it absolutely insane that people are calling for unproven back ups to start for a guy that compares statistically to one of the greatest college qb's of all time.

BTW, don't bother me with talk of championships, as I don't humor championship guy.  A lot goes into winning a title--qb is a big piece, but it is a team effort, and I don't credit qb with titles won (it is the same reason I didn't bother with team wins either).

Comment 20 Apr 2017

I don't think constructing elements that might lead to another title (as we had in 2014) is a problem at all.

I am not arguing that JT is one of the best college qb's ever or that he doesn't have holes in his game or issues.  Based on past performance, experience, and the lack there of for the other guys, he is the clear cut choice to start for a team that has title aspirations and a shot to achieve them next year.

Only people confused by this are those on the hype train who have fallen in love the with second string qb based on nothing but said hype.  I guess that is why guys like Urban are hired and paid the money they are instead of just hiring internet wise guys to run the show.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

That is not what I said.   You can't make a point by assuming the outcome of an event that hasn't occurred yet.  You should read more carefully.

The larger point is that this is an irrelevant red herring anyway.  The discussion is about the best qb for OSU next season, who should start, etc.  Whethet he ever plays at the next level is irrelevant.  Plenty of great CFB Qb's washed out at the next level (Tenow, Leaf, Couch to name but a few).

But since you asked, to my untrained eye, educated guess, no, he will not.  But it is just a guess, nothing more. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

You are classic championship guy, in that, you are attaching too much importance and weight to a very small number of games.

The fallacy, of course, is that without all the success in the games before those games, those games wouldn't exist.

Odds are you will be watching someone else in the natty next January, because statistically, any one team's chances of getting there in any given season isn't all that great (which is why it shouldn't be ALL about the championship in the first place).  This could happen even if JT has his best year ever and wins the Heisman.  True story.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

I believe he has more wins than any other Buckeye starting QB (or he is right up there).  Many of Ohio State's all time passing records.  Two Silver Footballs.  Fifth in Heisman voting in 2014.  Was the starting QB for most of the games on a championship team.  Fifth year senior, knows the offense inside and out. 

I could go on and on.  Have you been following Ohio State football the last 4 years?

Clemson was better than Ohio State.  JT didn't play well, but really, the whole team didn't as well. Get over it.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

"J.T. Barrett is the Buckeyes’ starting quarterback.  Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer stated that numerous times the last few months and quarterbacks coach Ryan Day once again reaffirmed it Wednesday afternoon."

We now have a contingent in complete denial on this site about this fact that has taken to parsing out the wording of particular statements to suggest that we still have an open QB competition.

There are going to be some real pissed off puppies on this site a few minutes after kickoff in the IU game.  Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

My man, try and be concise.  Use fewer words and get to the point.

Your sarcastic jab is out of place--I never insinuated that I have spoken to Urban or know any of the detailed discussions of the inner circle.  My comment wasn't a literal one but tongue and cheek on that point, instead underscoring the absurdity of benching one of the most accomplished qb's and winners in Ohio State history for guys that looked good in garbage time and in glorified practices.  A 2,500 word stump speech befitting a presidential state of union address did not need to follow.

I am getting tired of dealing with championship guy and the JT haters.

JT, if healthy, is starting game one.  (TO END ALL CONFUSION,I HAVE NOT TALKED TO URBAN). 

If I were you, rather than composing soap box speeches, I'd figure out how mentally you are going to deal with this and incomplete passes that will surely happen from time to time.  I wish you luck.