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Comment 21 Nov 2014

Let’s add that Barrett would be the most wholesome and refreshing surprise freshman to crash the Heisman ceremony in history, not that JFF and James Winston set the bar terribly high. America is thirsting for a freshman QB sensation that doesn't make them feel gross inside.

I love this comment.  It is also a major reason why I have lost interest in the Heisman recently (that, and it now appears to be a MVP award going only to the QB or running back on the perceived best team rather than an honest attempt to give it to the best player in the game, RG3 being the only recent exception).

Comment 20 Nov 2014

It is only part of it.  They are also overranked preseason (can't leave that out of the equation).  This is necessary, so in the circle jerk logic, when you win early, then you beat a highly ranked team.    It's explained beautifully here:


I wish the committee had the cajones to come out and drop all of the SEC teams that play these games at least one spot in the polls (I know it isn't their job to send messages, but this bullshit needs to stop).   The SEC is supposedly the best conference in football, so how come it is only them doing this? 

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Charleston Southern at Georgia (SEC Network, 12 p.m.). Cool story, Georgia.

Eastern Kentucky at Florida (SEC Network, 12 p.m.). Cool story, Florida.

Throw in Western Carolina at Alabama too.  That's some real big boy football there.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Yes.  ANd a Missouri win does a few other things which put a smile on my face: 1) Makes it difficult for SEC guy to explain how their division winner lost to Indiana; 2) continues to bust the SEC myth of "add so and so to the conference and they would go 4-8); 3) would boost quality of Ohio State pummeling of Indiana (hey, they beat a SEC division winner).  This must happen.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

t would give Ohio State the opportunity to hand Michigan a 5-7 season as Brady Hoke prepares to exit stage left

I always root against Michigan, so I really don't need a reason.  However, is there any chance UM wins, becomes bowl eligible, they win that bowl, and Brady is kept around (let's say UM kicks the tires but can't line up a big time coach) because he can recruit?

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Finebaum was on Dan Patrick today saying he believes a 1 loss OSU will jump a 1 loss Miss St. team.  He was about as even-handed as I ever heard him on the subject.  Must of gotten some last night (hope you weren't eating lunch when you read that)...

Comment 20 Nov 2014

"Eight would be good (Power Five champions and three at-large bids)... but 16 would be better."

It would be worse, much much worse playoff guy. 

I know I am in the minority here, but I see the regular season as a playoff.  I tune in and watch games like Miss St. v. Alabama because I know the loser of that probably doesn't get in (I am predicting like many now that the good guys will jump Miss St)..  Expand the field, and they are both probably in anyway  It matters to me CFB crowns a team that is worthy, even if you can't say with 100% certainty they are the best (spolier alert, there is no such thing).  I have lost interest in the NFL because 5 loss teams are pretty much guaranteed to get in, and that's why you really never see any "so and so has to win this regular season game" until the last week of the season (and oh, many teams already in are resting players, another phenomenon that would be brought to college football.  Eh, let's rest our starting QB against Michigan, we need to win in the playoffs!  That sounds fucking awesome!).  The end result is the farce of selling us that a 12-7 Giants team was the champs over an 18-1 Patriots team, when the teams split head to head the last month (and save the "championship teams find a way to win platitude," it isn't true)--that is the direction playoff guy wants to take college football (and it will happen because playoff guy won't shut up about it and the greedy fat cats will eventually say, might as well give 'em what they want and cash in).  

I also tell people all the time that you will NEVER be able to remove the subjectivity out of the analysis because of the number of teams.  That does not matter to playoff guy, because, well, he just wants playoffs (how do you pick the last three.  I know, let's use that stupid polling system that I already hate.  Yeah, that's the ticket).  Apparently playoff guy is more worried about the seventh or eighth best team not having a chance to win a championship (those teams did, but they didn't take care of business during the regular season) than crowning a champion that is worthy or that the cost of doing this includes wrecking the drama that is the regular season.  I wish people would just stop and think about this--it isn't worth blowing the whole system up so Marshall can get drilled in the first round by Alabama. 

My hope is that they at least honor the contract until 2024 so I have another 10 years before the clamoring from playoff guy ruins the sport.  After that, I will continue to watch Ohio State (and other bowl games), but probably little else.  I can't wait until we have a shitty NFL type system both weekend days--I'm stoked!!

Comment 18 Nov 2014

I am looking forward to the big bump the Buckeyes should get by the Committee after this weekend for solidly beating a team that beat a SEC division leader (because I have been told the SEC is easily the best conference in college football).

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Objecting to these two headlines on ESPN.com requires two assumptions. First, one would have to assume that "escapes" isn't appropriate for how Ohio State defeated Minnesota on Saturday afternoon. I happen to think it's somewhat appropriate, even if weather and uncharacteristic turnovers qualified what otherwise looked like it was going to be a comfortable 17-point win earned in the second half of the game.

My problem with this doesn't completely stem from the comparison of the two per se (you could be right, two separate desks).  Because this isn't the first time I have seen an OSU game described like this, that's what gets my rabbit ears up.  You also fail to comment on the "TCU passes test."  What test is that exactly?  Keep in mind we are talking about college football, not basketball.

I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but how about not characterizing the games at all?  "Ohio State survives" could be "Ohio State beats Minnesota 31-24"  You do that, and no one is even talking about this.  Of course, this misses the point of what ESPN is trying to do with the "create a controversy" business model" in the first place.  ESPN will always be dogshit for me.  I will continue to ONLY watch them for live sporting events and don't waste my time at their website any longer because I know what they are doing.