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Comment 17 Jan 2014

I'd like to see the sleeve stripes from #2 & #3 make a comeback to our regular unis.

I think I'll be getting #3 as a birthday present to myself this year.


Comment 16 Dec 2013

Just to think, 1,408 yards & 14 TDs were only over 10 games - translates to 1,830 & 18 without the suspension.  Probably wouldn't have been enough to win the Heisman, but I'll be damned if he wouldn't have been invited to New York.

Comment 16 May 2013

Ah touché. This was used during a dinner (I believe for the seniors) the first week of December. My apologies. I do have the video I was referring to somewhere.. I'll try to locate it and post a link tomorrow. Never can have too many videos right?


EDIT: I was too impatient and uploaded the video tonight. Enjoy.



Comment 15 May 2013

This video was the intro before the uniform unveil for The Game.  Playing it through concert-grade speakers and subwoofers was unreal.  I've had it on my desktop since then and still got chills watching it this morning.