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Comment 25 May 2015

Horford pulled - literally pulled - Delly down, then gave him an elbow drop. Delly did literally NOTHING to provoke Horford on that play, other than box out.

In the Gibson case, Gibson had thrown Delly down twice in the previous couple of possessions, then stomped on him. All Delly did was "crab lock" him after being thrown down twice. Gibson was the agressor.

The Korver play was unfortunate. But the media was quick to come to Olynyk's defense "because he was going for the ball". Um no he wasn't, he pulled Love's arm in the opposite direction. You know who was going after the ball? Delly. You know how I know. BECAUSE HE ENDED UP GRABBING THE BALL. Olynyk ended up grabbing Love's arm. If Delly had grabbed Korver's leg and twisted it, then he would've done essentially the same thing as Olynyk. Since the media defended Olynyk, they should defend Delly for doing something not nearly as bad. But no, Delly gets crucified.

The reason is simple. The media is so in the tank for big markets it's embarrassing. In game 6 of Chi-Mil, Mike Dunleavy literally punched Michael Carter Williams in the throat. Giannas retaliated by hip checking Dunleavy into the 3rd row. Giannas was ejected and suspended (which was deserved) but the media barely mentioned Dunleavy's punch. The Chicago player skates by, the Milwaukee player is vilified. The Boston player skates by, but the Cleveland player is vilified.

The media just can't handle the Cavs without Kyrie and Love could go through the Celtics, Bulls and Hawks like they have. There is no way David Blatt could take a bunch of scrubs this far. If Spoelstra had swept an ECF against a 60 win team without Wade or Bosh, ESPiN would've built him a statue in Bistol. Blatt only gets mentioned whenever he screws up, not for turning the Cavs into a defensive juggernaut on the fly.

I know it's a long shot, but winning the Finals would be so sweet this year. Seeing Delly raise a trophy next to Dan Gilbert would be the ultimate troll move.

TL;DR F the media, Go Cavs

Comment 25 May 2015

The video clearly shows Horford pulling Delly down and then elbowing him near the head. What else do you need?

Comment 25 May 2015

He's pesky, so he deserves to be elbowed in the head.

Seems to be missing a logic step somewhere

Comment 23 May 2015

Imagine if last year the Heat had swept Indy in the ECF with Bosh and Wade hurt. ESPiN would've been all over Spoelstra nutsack for the great job he did.

Blatt is about to do basically the same thing. Sweep a 60 win #1 with his 2nd and 3rd best players hurt. Will anyone give Blatt any credit?

Comment 10 May 2015

I wonder if he ever fudged to rules a little to stay out of trouble. Because that's what Tressel did, and MGBLOG was all over the "fire Tressel" bandwagon early.

If getting in a fight once exonerates Clark, then fudging the rules once exonerates Tressel.

Comment 02 May 2015

Unfortunately, if the NFL finds the slightest kink in your armor, it kills your stock. I am guessing they find him too short. And given how many draft eligible players there, one little knock can plummet you a couple of rounds. It's rough, but that's the NFL.

Obviously hopes he proves everyone wrong.

Comment 27 Apr 2015

A couple of theaters around the country are showing all MCU movies in a row as a prelude to the opening Thursday night. If I didn't have to work, I'd seriously consider it.

As it is, I am planning on going Saturday.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

JR Smith's shooting woes are a smidge troubling. Only 2 games, so small sample size, and he isn't taking many bad shots. But if the Cavs are going to the Finals, he'll have up his shooting

Comment 17 Apr 2015

Scot Tenorman Must Die is #1. Only other I would even attempt to put near it is the "Here Comes The Neighborhood" episode when all the rich, black celebrities move to South Park.

Comment 16 Apr 2015

I really liked the Abrams Star Trek movies. Part of the reason was I was never a big Trekkie, so I didn't care if he really strayed from canon.

I am a big Star Wars fan so I would care if he really went away from canon. But I remember reading an interview where Abrams stated he was a big Star Wars fan growing up but never a big Trek fan. So I think he knows and respects SW canon better.

For years, Lucas claimed he never even thought about episodes 7-9, never had even an idea. Then says he has a script for Disney. After the prequel debacle, I am glad Abrams is going on his own.

Comment 31 Mar 2015

The article with Jim Delaney photoshopped onto the "Dewey Defeats Truman" image is still on the front page. Seems like we were also enjoying the accomplishments of the conference. Is Miles not allowed to because he's the coach? Because I would argue that trumping up the image of the conference does him more good than fans doing it.

Comment 30 Mar 2015

That's awful passive aggressive. You're trying to vilify CCC and when we point out your misconceptions, you pull the "agree to disagree" card. Sorry, that won't fly. Admit you have no clue about CCC, and then we can agree to disagree.

Comment 30 Mar 2015

As someone who works at a Diocesan school, Cleveland area Catholic schools actually tend to operate at a disadvantage, financially, as compared to public schools. The tuition, which the Diocese likes to keep relatively uniform across its schools, is about $3000 less than what the state determines as "sufficient" to educate a child in Ohio. Schools like Eds and Ignatius, which have some uber wealthy alums, make up the difference via donations. CCC, Bennies and the like don't have that luxury given the population they pull from. It's why schools like Regina and Chanel have closed down in recent years.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

He also said "I plan on being a Cavalier either way" when asked if winning a title this year will affect his decision. Somehow, him saying he's going to play in Cleveland next year isn't the headline, but some quantifying of his friendship with LeBron is.

Normally, I would chalk this up to the national media, but this is the freaking biggest paper in Cuyahoga County. The Plain Dealer hired Chris Haynes, Joe Vardon and Chris Fedor to cover the Cavs, and all 3 have been awful. Fedor is so bad I put him on a Mark May level.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Good. I didn't get into the X-Files until a couple years after it ended. I liked the 2nd movie, but it just a long stand alone episode and did nothing to help close the major mythology arcs of the series. Even if it is crappy closure, we need closure.