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Comment 18 Mar 2014

Had he stayed, I'd bet he'd still be the same seed, but Cleveland fans would hesitate voting Archie over him.

Basically, it would be the way Reds fans are conflicted over Rose v Tressel.

Comment 18 Feb 2014

"There are lies, damn lies and statistics"

So glad 11W embraces advanced analytics. So sick of sportswriters dismiss advanced stats because they don't understand them.

Comment 18 Feb 2014

This. A trillion times this.


The odd thing is that it is almost solely attributed to "team" sports, and never individual sports. Roger Federer would fit the description because HE wins matches by himself.

It is most infuriating when discussing QBs. Football is the only major team sport where players don't play 2 ways (special teamers notwithstanding). QBs are literally uninvolved with with defense and special teams. Yet we always here "This QB is 8-4 in these situations". No, extremely lazy sportswriter, the team is 8-4, defense included.

Comment 08 Feb 2014

Couple reasons.

First, until this year, they were D1, which always has a few nationally ranked teams.

Second, as much as I respect Ted Ginn Sr. as a person and a leader of men, he's not very good x's and o's. Glenville has very agressive schemes, but they are so basic and predictable. A good coach with decent athletes can beat them.

Comment 07 Feb 2014

Been going to Glenville games since the Troy/Ginn days.

Most talented team I ever saw from them was 2005 with Bryant Browning, Robert Rose, Arvell Nelson, Bruce Frieson and Cordale Scott. Team was just loaded.

Most talented individual was probably Dareus Hiley. Kid was an absolute freak. Was in the same class as Whitner. Never saw the field due to off the field stuff.

Comment 16 Jan 2014

Out of any Big 3 sports team, I want the Heat to win the least. I say this as a CSU Alum and son of CSU Alum who watched Norris Cole play live many times.

Comment 01 Dec 2013

I was reading Jerry Palm's projections last night. He had Auburn with a sizeable computer lead on us (2 to 2.75). I was pretty worried.


As of right now, Auburn would need about 40 voters in BOTH human polls to switch their votes for Auburn to jump us. And that assumes that no one else moves OSU up (like the coaches who have us 4th and 5th).


Win and in. ALso, Palm is an idiot.


Comment 06 Nov 2013

Here's to hoping Tom Herman doesn't land somewhere in the Big Ten.


I respectfully disagree. We can't complain that the suckitude of the Big Ten is killing our Title hopes and also root for good coaches to stay out of the conference. If Herman would elevate another BT school in prestige, it will help OSU.

Comment 28 Sep 2013

I don't blame the staff one bit. He's a necessary evil in OSU's book.


I do get kicks out of the espn fanboys who think he bleeds scarlet and gray. OSU is a big name right now. If OSU hoops/fball went down the tubes, you wouldn't hear an OSU related peep from him. I guess they forgot this game.