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Comment 26 Sep 2015

I want Arkansas to win as much as possible. Imagine if the the SEC West champ loses to Toledo a year after the SEC East Champ lost to Indiana.

Comment 25 Sep 2015

If he makes a mistake, and you point out the mistake with reasoned analysis, that's fine. We all agree Urban is an absolutely great coach. But even he makes mistakes. If you say, "I think Urban made a mistake here because of reasons x,y and z", then you're fine. People could disagree with your reasoning, which is also fine. But just saying "Urban is always right" and going no further seems really myopic. Especially since it curtails meaningful discussion, and this is a website specifically designed to discuss sports.

Now, if someone said, "Urban Meyer made a mistake because he stupid", that's a different argument.

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Then what is the point of having a sports related blog/website/message board? You could literally end every argument with this type of thinking. No real point in discussing anything, because we'll just assume that Urban always makes the right decision.

Also, Brady Hoke is a better football coach than any of us using this logic. He had an undefeated regular season at Ball State and won a Sugar Bowl. None of us really should criticize any move he made.

Same thing goes for Bret Bielema, Lane Kiffin and Ron Zook.

Heck, Mark May played college football and many years in the NFL. He was an All American, Pro Bowler and 2 time Super Bowl winner. He knows way more than all of us. He must be beyond reproach as well.

Comment 24 Aug 2015


Yankees are a deplorable organization and have extremely arrogant fans. But they own it.

Red Sox are a deplorable organization and have extremely arrogant fans. But somehow they like to think they are the likeable, everyman underdog.