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Comment 04 May 2016
There is something that no one in the national media has pointed out. Tunsil claims that this video was when he was 17. But look at the flag on the wall behind him. It is a "confederate battle flag" with "Colonel Reb" (The Ole Miss mascot) and the words "rebel pride" on either side. He's from Florida and didn't commit to Ole Miss until signing day. So he's either lying about being 17, or this video was shot while he was on a visit to Ole Miss.
Comment 02 May 2016

One guy with an ax to grind, who posted information showing 2 athletic directors were involved in funneling money to a player.

Comment 30 Apr 2016
It's easy to sit here and say that a player who didn't get drafted made a mistake. Hindsight is 20/20, and we just don't know all of the facts. That being said, I wish Tyvis had stayed. He's one of my all time favorites considering he committed in the midst of coach Tressel's resignation and all that he said at the time of his commitment. Plus, he's a funny dude and would have brought some needed experience in the back end. But he's gone now, hope he (and the rest of the undrafted) catches on with someone.
Comment 29 Apr 2016
He played WR in their spring game. In the 4th quarter when his team was in a 2 minute drill to win the game. That tells you all you need to know of Harbaugh's opinion of Morris as a QB.
Comment 28 Apr 2016
Deadspin is reporting that there were 2 conversations posted between Tunsil and 2 separate assistant athletic directors. One where he asked for money for himself, another asking for money for his mom. Can't post the link on my phone. Wow. How long until the NCAA says nothing happened and they can't do anything about it anyway?
Comment 27 Apr 2016

but after reading the article, there seems to be some sort of personal agenda against Eli for some reason or another. 

Any possibility that this anonymous scout works for the Falcons? Maybe they didn't appreciate the fact that he told the world that they asked him if he likes men.