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Comment 35 minutes ago
Maybe it isn't that they don't trust the quarterback. On a pass play there are 10 other guys on the field and I can't honestly say that any of them are consistently playing well.
Comment 15 hours ago
I hear you, and honestly a screen name shouldn't upset me but it does. That play happened right in front of me during my freshman year. Still haunts me and my friends that I sat with for 5 years. Especially after MSU 1998. Anyway, I just hope everyone remembers that the 2014 Buckeyes didn't really click until MSU, took a few weeks off, and really only started kicking ass the last 3 games.
Comment 16 hours ago
Oh look, it's the guy with the screen name that commemorates one of the most painful moments in OSU football history trolling a thread about OSU football. Totally a legit OSU fan though. P.S. Do you believe me now about Devin Smith being a huge loss?
Comment 17 hours ago
To everyone bitching about Cardale, take a look at JT's performance when he's been in. This runs a lot deeper than who is the starting quarterback.
Comment 20 hours ago
Not only did they melt down in that game, it was game 6 so they had another game to go that they could have won but didn't. That whole thing made me sick, especially after I watched the 30 for 30.
Comment 20 hours ago
I can't wait to see UM vs. Northwestern.
Comment 01 Oct 2015
I miss Craig Ferguson. He was my all time favorite but I'm a bit of a crackpot.
Comment 01 Oct 2015
I just find all of this hand wringing over participation trophies to be so over blown. The 0-10 HS team was my high school team my senior year. There was almost no "beating out other players for a spot" because there were just barely enough players to field a team. Do those guys deserve anything for "participation" in that case?
Comment 29 Sep 2015

Lets take a look at recent OSU history.

2012: The team didn't really start to gel until MSU. The Defense had quite a few breakdowns but solidified in the back half of the season. Finished 12-0

2013: Started pretty strong overall (especially on offense), but defensively got worse over the course of the season. Finished 12-2.

2014: Didn't play consistently on either side of the ball to start the year, but slowly gained an identity and confidence until the "explosion" at MSU. Ended the year playing as well as I've ever seen.

The 2 really good seasons had a similar trajectory, similar to this season so far. 

Comment 29 Sep 2015

I hear you. I'm just trying to keep the ridiculous expectations that we had for this team going. To answer your question, I started school at OSU in 1996 and watched a filthy defense for my first 3 years there, and then was spoiled by 10 years of Jim Tressel defense. These last 3+ seasons have honestly been a little hard to get used to. But the defense is making a comeback. I like defense.

Comment 29 Sep 2015

I wasn't expecting to read about clown sex this morning, but here we are. Thanks DJ.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

This was always one thing (among many) that annoyed the hell out of me with John Cooper. "We just didn't make enough plays", as though all 10 losses vs. Michigan were the fault of the players and never the coaches fault.