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Comment 10 Mar 2017
If you have followed 11warriors for the past few seasons you would know that Cardale and JT and Joe Burrow and Kenny Guiton all mocked each other. Sometimes they put the needle in pretty deep. Yes, publicly. This is nothing.
Comment 09 Mar 2017
The only time I've ever seen him lose his cool was with the coaches on one drive late in the _ichigan game. He wanted to hurry and the plays weren't being sent in and they barely got the play off before the play clock ran out. Happened on 3 straight plays. I thought that was telling.
Comment 21 Feb 2017
The only Radiohead album I've liked immediately was OKCOMPUTER. I'd seen the video for Paranoid Android and liked the song, bought the album and was hooked as soon as the drums come in on Airbag. Otherwise I'm with you it takes some time.
Comment 03 Feb 2017
Politics has been involved in art for hundreds of years. Check out the story behind Beethoven's 3rd symphony, or the entire history of opera as an example. To say nothing of Greek writing and entertainment, which I'm not as familiar with.
Comment 28 Jan 2017
I don't know how it happened because I wasn't there and I don't believe the police report indicates how he aquired the weed. I'm not making the accusation so there is no burden of proof on me. If a current player gave him weed, lets call that out. It has also been known to happen that high school kids have their own stash/supplier.
Comment 25 Jan 2017
Yeah when his bud Jason signed with Nike for apparel but would stay with Taylormade for clubs I figured Tiger would follow. There were rumors for a while that Tiger was buying Taylormade since Addidas was trying to sell them. That's probably not happening but this makes Taylormade more valuable now if they do get sold.
Comment 14 Jan 2017
I always wondered if the reason Brady Hoke recruited Taco Charlton was because he was hungry.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
As a teacher I have dealt with millennials (and younger) all day every day for a few years now. This stereotype really needs to die.