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Comment 59 minutes ago
20-17-1 including 2010 because it happened. Also today was my birthday, and it was on this date in 2011 that we hired UFM. Only lost 4 games since then. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!
Comment 4 hours ago
It is Adolphus in that second clip. My favorite part is where Adolphus goes by him and Kalis stands there looking for someone else to block, like Diesel wasn't his responsibility.
Comment 21 hours ago
I edited my comment. I meant to say Timmons, who was some recruit (I think from Kentucky) that a poster on 11W kept bringing up ad nauseam that Urban was never actually after that ended up going to UK maybe? It became a joke.
Comment 23 hours ago
Everyone thinks Herman is a genius because this offense put 49 points on MSU last year vs. 14 this year. The MSU defense is, in every way, not as good this year. I watched Houston today put 52 on Navy (who is much better than they were last year BTW) with a makeshift O-line and a former corner at RB. Coaching matters.
Comment 23 hours ago
Urban has never been an OC or "a main play caller". My guess is that there is something about the chemistry between Urban, Warriner, and Beck that just isn't working. I remember a quote, maybe it was from one of the commentators during one of the early games, that Beck still wasn't totally up to speed on the playbook/jargon/verbiage of the playbook. That doesn't seem like it should be an issue for a true professional.
Comment 24 hours ago
I contend that Everett Withers was Urban's worst hire and it isn't close.
Comment 24 hours ago
P.S. the middle of the field being open in the passing game was Ross' criticism.
Comment 24 hours ago
No he meant Ross. I know he doesn't write for 11W anymore but I follow him on Twitter. You should check out his tweets from last week during the game (you don't have to join Twitter to see it if Twitter isn't your bag).
Comment 24 hours ago
Comment 26 Nov 2015

Also 12-3 this century. But past performance is not indicative of future results. After last week that is probably a good thing.

Comment 26 Nov 2015

Lay calling? That what lead to my divorce, my ex-wife was really good at it.

Comment 25 Nov 2015
Conspicuously absent from anyone's list: Johnny Manziel. Of course anyone (outside of the Browns front office and DJ) could have seen that coming.
Comment 25 Nov 2015
Leach was the OC at Oklahoma in 1999 and I think they still ran a watered down AirRaid in 2000 when they won the BCS.
Comment 24 Nov 2015

Okay so I think it's funny how we are all of a sudden supposed to be compared to Duke and Kentucky. Our freshmen do not equal their freshmen. Their freshmen can mostly go to the NBA without playing this year if they so choose and would have skipped college in the old days.

Just to play devil's advocate, there was a time where Thad brought in this kind of freshman (the one and done kind). I'm not on the #fireThad bandwagon yet, but it's obvious certain amount of rot has set in with the basketball program. Maybe he just needs some new assistants, Thad has lost some pretty good ones and hasn't seemed to replace them with anything close to the same quality.

Comment 23 Nov 2015
That was the story, but I also remember Herman saying that he had studied Urban's playbook already and had based his philosophy on Urban's style. He likely already had most of it memorized and just had to learn/relearn some terminology.