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Comment 26 Nov 2015

Also 12-3 this century. But past performance is not indicative of future results. After last week that is probably a good thing.

Comment 26 Nov 2015

Lay calling? That what lead to my divorce, my ex-wife was really good at it.

Comment 25 Nov 2015
Conspicuously absent from anyone's list: Johnny Manziel. Of course anyone (outside of the Browns front office and DJ) could have seen that coming.
Comment 25 Nov 2015
Leach was the OC at Oklahoma in 1999 and I think they still ran a watered down AirRaid in 2000 when they won the BCS.
Comment 24 Nov 2015

Okay so I think it's funny how we are all of a sudden supposed to be compared to Duke and Kentucky. Our freshmen do not equal their freshmen. Their freshmen can mostly go to the NBA without playing this year if they so choose and would have skipped college in the old days.

Just to play devil's advocate, there was a time where Thad brought in this kind of freshman (the one and done kind). I'm not on the #fireThad bandwagon yet, but it's obvious certain amount of rot has set in with the basketball program. Maybe he just needs some new assistants, Thad has lost some pretty good ones and hasn't seemed to replace them with anything close to the same quality.

Comment 23 Nov 2015
That was the story, but I also remember Herman saying that he had studied Urban's playbook already and had based his philosophy on Urban's style. He likely already had most of it memorized and just had to learn/relearn some terminology.
Comment 23 Nov 2015
There has never been a championship team that didn't have good to great assistant coaches. Other than OSU in 2002 with a certain oline coach.
Comment 23 Nov 2015
Urban Meyer didn't become Urban Meyer by being passive. That's the most frustrating thing, I've never seen such a passive game plan (punting on 4th and 1 and 4th and 2 in MSU territory, conceding the line of scrimmage almost entirely with rollouts and speed option/Q run). I need to forget about it, I'm getting frustrated again.
Comment 23 Nov 2015
I've heard some talk about the real situation with "Dr. Smith" and some of it has been posted here in the past. Along the lines of the fact that he was in a position to choose between practice and class was actually his fault and could have been avoided. Also it probably didn't help that the reason he played as a freshman was because Carlos Snow was injured and missed the year but was returning in '91.
Comment 23 Nov 2015

From his work and write-up, it's clear that OSU did not execute well at all.

Sometimes execution is effected by play selection and scheme. We conceded that we were going to lose up front against their D-line, hense the roll out passes that we ran a lot Saturday but hadn't seen much of all year. These tweets from former 11W writer Ross Fulton sum up my feelings about the game:

I knew we were in trouble when this happened.

There was no variety in the running game like we saw last year. It was QB run or tight zone, even though power was working.

This was the gist of Zeke's comments. Power is working so hey let's completely abandon it. Makes sense.

This would have never happened last year. We attacked the weakness the previous 3 seasons and used tempo to get teams to line up wrong like this or to keep exploiting matchups. That aspect of our game completely disapeared this year.

This was my feeling all game. It isn't just about the individual playcalls, it's about context and setting things up in a coherent strategy. We opened the game with speed option left. Speed option, in this offense, has always been a counter to what the defense is doing, not an opening salvo. When we started with speed option, we effectively conceded the line of scrimmage, just like we did when we rolled Barrett on passing plays (TO THE LEFT ACROSS HIS BODY FFS). When I saw that I knew we were in trouble. When we didn't go on 4th and 1 in MSU territory I knew we were going to lose.

Comment 22 Nov 2015
Urban has mentioned several times that Samuel has had back spasms and has been limited at times this year.
Comment 22 Nov 2015
Addazio was the OC in 09 when they were undefeated but completely underwhelming and then got blown out by Bama in the SEC championship game. This year has been eerily similar to that year.
Comment 22 Nov 2015
Funny thing is that Zeke basically said at some point that it wouldn't happen again. Not with the same intensity of Tebow. No one remembers that part now, just the I'm leaving and the playcalling stunk part.