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Comment 26 Jul 2014
I knew many band members back in the day (mid 1990's) who felt uncomfortable participating in some of these rituals. Male and female. They complained to/commiserated with friends rather than take action because they didnt want to take on the previous director or cause themselves to become ostracized among their peers.
Comment 26 Jul 2014

Thank you for this perspective. I'm a graduate from the School of Music and have done graduate level work there too. Hughes Hall is a dump and quite frankly dangerous. There was concrete crumbling in one of the stairwells this year and it had to be closed off to student traffic. He didn't get fired because anyone in the SOM had it out for him.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

What a lot of posters here seem to be forgetting here is this: Waters LIED to the investigators. He said in his first interview that he NEVER cursed. The day after the report comes out, and we hear of him possibly fighting to get his job back, we hear tape of him doing exactly what he claimed he hadn't done. That puts a big damper on any of his claims and denials. The tape itself is, in my opinion, not bad at all. But he said nothing like that had ever happened, when in fact it did. 

Comment 23 Jul 2014

I like the idea of adding a second deck to the south stands. Hell, while we're at it why don't we add a third deck to the rest and bring her up to 200K. If those seats are priced right I'm sure we could fill that consistently.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

This was from a BBC documentary I believe. If you haven't seen the whole thing you should.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

I hate potato salad. Except potato salad from City BBQ. That stuff is the bomb.

Comment 21 Jun 2014
It will be one of the brothers, laugh all you want and call me a lunatic. UM will make them the highest paid, or second highest paid coach in the country. It would have happened last time around if it wasn't Jim's dream to experience coaching in the NFL. 

Yeah it isn't like we have the secind highest revenue AD in the B1G (next to Wisconsin) or anything...

We probably cant afford it...


Comment 19 Jun 2014

I was a GTA in the School of Music at OSU and I got half tuition and a $350/month stipend. This was as a Masters student working 20 hours per week. If I worked 40 hours (usually reserved for folks in the Doctoral programs) it would have been free tuition and $600-ish/month. 

Comment 18 Jun 2014

If you want to get technical, West Virginia was in the Union but is also south of the Mason-Dixon line.


Comment 18 Jun 2014

I made the drive down U.S. 40 through Pennsylvania into Maryland enough times the remember the "Mason-Dixon Line" sign as you cross into Maryland.

Comment 17 Jun 2014

Did you know Craig Krenzel was a molecular genetics major? I heard that once or twice.