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Just a fat guy killing time at work. THE Ohio State University, Class of 98.


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Comment 20 hours ago

I swear I'm just the fall guy. 

Comment 26 May 2016

He missed he first and they called for Burrow. He missed again and it turned into #firebeck.

Comment 26 May 2016

How does limiting it to the regular season make it a legitimate argument? 

Do you realize that michigan hasn't played against a ranked Purdue squad in over a decade!?!?!? (see what you can do when you restrict your population to fit your narrative?)

Comment 26 May 2016

Ohhhh...you mean that you get blamed for MOD actions during the MOD Meetings. Well, that is certainly true. AV and I always plan how to pin things on you while we sneak Zima in the back room.

Yes. Frankly, everybody farting and then blaming the fat guy is getting old.