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Just a fat guy killing time at work. THE Ohio State University, Class of 98.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cie Grant in Ken Dorsey's face for the win
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Marcus Hall, for the obvious
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  • SOCCER TEAM: Hockey on grass. Meh.

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Comment 9 hours ago

If the AD at Louisville is a man of integrity they HAVE TO pay him that much to get him to work with Petrino.

Comment 9 hours ago

An old man is sitting in the shade on a riverbank, lazily fishing and watching the water go by. A frog suddenly crawls out of the water and tells the old man "Sir, I was once a beautiful princess but had a curse put on my by and old witch and was turned into a frog. Kiss me and I'll be at your service as long as you live." The old man said nothing, just picked up the frog and put it in a bucket. The frog said "Sir! didn't you hear what I said???? One kiss and I become a beautiful princess and you'll be free to have your way with me in any way you desire!" The old man looked in the bucket and plainly said "At my age I'd rather have a talking frog"

Comment 10 hours ago

One day a chemical factory caught fire. It was so dangerous not even the local fire dept was willing to go in. The owner of the plant was at his wits end, watching his life's work go up in flames. Sensing his desperation, one of the employees went to the owner and said, "Hey, I understand there's remnants of an indian tribe living in the hills outside of town that will take on ANY job for the right price." The owner figured it was worth a shot, so quickly contacted the chief and struck a deal. Within a half hour, a flatbed truck loaded with indians came flying down the hill, crashed through the gates at the plant, and drove headlong into the flames. All the occupants piled out, and quickly went to work stomping the flames out and beating them back with their clothes. Within ten minutes, the fire was out. The owner was ecstatic and quickly went to pay the chief. As the chief was counting the money, the owner was heaping praise on him and his men and asked "so what are you going to do with your money?" to which the chief answered, "first thing i'm going to do is fix the brakes on the goddamn truck........"

Comment 10 hours ago

Speaking of goading M Man, I hear the guy in your new avatar was forced out of coaching because he couldn't beat Tressel and wanted to have fireworks at the games that nobody showed up for because the home team stunk.

Comment 11 hours ago

Man comes home, tells his wife "Honey, I won the mega millions, pack your bags!!!" Wife says "ooooh great!!! Should I pack for the mountains or the beach?" Man says "I don't care, just pack your bags and get out!!!!"


Comment 03 Mar 2015

I think the troll realized the error of his ways when the boxer tweeted the pic of the street sign.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

Reminds me of another good one from a couple years ago, when an English boxer went looking for his troll.

Good stuff-


Comment 03 Mar 2015

No shit. I doubt there's a ton of talk about doing illegal (and nasty) things to underage women in MLB locker rooms.

Strippers and hookers galore, but leave someone's probably 17 year old daughter out of it.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

The last damn thing they want (aside from an angry Curt Schilling knocking at the door) is for everyone in REAL LIFE to find out what they're up to online. Have fun facing your mothers/sisters/girlfriends after this, punks.


Comment 03 Mar 2015

I don't think we want to know what works for that guy.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

Now when you say "I wonder if Ricky put peanut butter on his tail" are you referring to the coyote's tail or Ricky's tail?

Comment 03 Mar 2015

But where else can you get a Terrell Pryor 2014 Orange Bowl jersey!?!?!?!?!?!?


Comment 03 Mar 2015

Read the text on the website. It's sketchy as hell. Those are knockoffs coming from overseas.

Please confirm your shipping address before pay for it; you are best to leave the phone number for contacting. Please provide a valid email address, and check emails after you have purchased any updated information.

Comment 02 Mar 2015

So were you in jail or just laying low?