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Comment 12 Aug 2012

Good point.

I read that as a compliment to Zookster, as we all know, as does all College football Tress was a great coach with a super conservative offensive style, I think Urban was being kind to Ron Zook there.  

IMO you are correct.  Performance shows they are in different galaxies.

Comment 09 Aug 2012

Well Matt, if this or any circumstance in life led you to be in this place, would you want to be judged before due process played out or after the fact?  Maybe he did it, maybe he didn't, in this country he is entitled to let the process work, and thankfully fo rthose who have defended these rights, so are you.

Comment 08 Aug 2012

I saw the same article and was shocked.  Seems like an aggressive comment.  In the big ten you can't be too deep at RB.  Hope it was meant as a targted motivational comment.  

Comment 07 Aug 2012

Love offense - worship the defense!  So happy we have so many options coming.

Haven't been this excited since 2006 with Troy Smith being cut loose in that years spread attack.   A real live diversified I ponder what always vexed me about TOSU playcalling (Aside from being able to call them like most of us and D coordinators) in all the years was why we could NOT execute a simple screen pass to slow down defenses like Texas, USC, TTUN and more recently Sparty.  We would call them occasionally but they looked horrible.   

Looking into the offensive crystal ball, yes there it is, I can see it now, a tight end screen to Stoneburner for a big gain, and later in the same game a screen to Hyde for a TD. 


Have to believe the offensive players feel they have a lot to prove and carry a chip into 2012.

Comment 07 Aug 2012

Florida fans and media are pandering to their audience.  Lest they forget Meyer was successful at BG, and Utah, prior to unprecedented succes at Fl. and has had other successful QB's in his system (Josh Harris-Alex Smith).  2 full years in any program is enough for a talented coach to get results.   I believe many top coaches Tressel included won NAT. CHMP. in their 2nd year.  I do not buy the Florida cupboard was bare or players didn't fit Muschamps Pro style.  Top coaches adjust - even Meyer is likely doing so with this group of Buckeyes.  Muschamp and staff are the problem at Florida.... 2012 will tell the story further - bottom line is they simply can't get over Meyer leaving.  We are lucky to have him!