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Comment 31 Aug 2016

Different varieties of crap compared to each other are all still crap.

Comment 17 Aug 2016

FWIW, as a Head Coach Brady Hoke went 4-8 his first year (at Ball State), followed by 2-9, 4-7, and 5-7, before his first winning season as a Head Coach, a 7-6 season.

Comment 16 Aug 2016

2017, not 2016. 2017 is when the new contracts, with Fox and ESPN splitting coverage of football, begin

Comment 13 Aug 2016

In situations like this, it's generally good to follow the advice of Mark Twain:

"Never argue with a fool, they will drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience."

Comment 08 Aug 2016

Very happy for Nate, and pulling for him and the team to win the gold.