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Comment 2 minutes ago

What is interesting to me is that the schedule for first three years of the College Football Playoff has been known for over a year, but ESPN is acting like they just found out about it.

Comment 20 hours ago

Shows the short-sited view of ESPN, that they noticed this well AFTER they signed the contract.

The simplest solution seems to be to play the Semifinal games (Orange and Cotton) on 1/1, and move the Sugar and Fiesta to 12/31, if the CFP is dead set on playing games on 12/31 and 1/1.

Play the Cotton before the Rose Bowl and the Orange after the Rose Bowl  on 1/1.

However, I believe both the Sugar and Rose bowls have contracts that stipulate that their games will be on New Year's Day, unless New Year's Day is on a Sunday, then they will play on 1/2

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Here is a link to an article posted on 11W:


Comment 23 Jan 2015

Weber is being respectful to Harbaugh and the Michigan staff when they contact him, but he is all Buckeye.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Let's assume that your source is a  friend of a current member of the coaching staff. And, that this coach shared internal information with his friend.

Then, in my opinion, your source is a jackass for sharing this information with you, to post on a message board while the staff is in the midst of working with Braxton on a decision.  And, if he really is a friend of this coach, I'd guess that the information flow (and his access to closed practices) will soon dry up.

Comment 22 Jan 2015
My recollection is that Michigan started with stickers before OSU did.

Ohio State started them in 1968.   If Michigan started them in 1969, Schembechler's first year at Michigan, then it would be after Ohio State

Comment 20 Jan 2015
I bet one of those networks can make a play for both, a deal to help run the BTN and get 1st Tier rights, but remember BIG wants to keep control of BTN so what ever deal they make the BIG will Own 51% or more of BTN.

So, are you stating that the Big Ten Conference will want to have a 51% ownership with the new contract?

Currently the Big Ten Conference owns 49% of the BTN, and Fox Entertainment Group owns 51%

Comment 20 Jan 2015
Do we know if they are allowed to buy things on credit?

As long as whatever credit line they may receive is the same as any other student would receive, it would not be an issue.  The NCAA-related issues come in where they would receive benefits based on the fact that they are football players, that is, benefits not available to every other student. 

Comment 20 Jan 2015
But he will most likely charge them less because they are Buckeye players and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Actually, there is something wrong with that, per current NCAA rules.  Student-athletes, including their relatives and friends, may not receive preferential services from a local business. In order for the benefit (free/discounted tanning, tattoos, haircuts, etc) to be permissible, the benefit must be available to the rest of the OSU student body.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

The Semifinal games for the 2015/16 CFP are the Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl.  

For the 2016/17 CFP the games are the Fiesta Bowl and the Peach Bowl.