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Comment 05 Feb 2016

Yes, here is his coaching experience:


2013 Cornerbacks/Special Teams Coord Ohio State
2012 Cornerbacks Ohio State
2009-11 Assoc. Head Coach/DBs/Special Teams Cincinnati
2007-08 Defensive Backs Cincinnati
1991-06 Head Coach Colerain H.S.
1989-90 Head Coach Loveland H.S.
1985-88 Assistant Coach Lakota H.S.
1983-84 Assistant Coach Greenhills H.S.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Remaining Targets:

  • Mecole Hardman, ATH Elberton, GA: Announcing 8:30AM Wednesday. (Expected to Georgia)
  • Malik Harrison, ATH Columbus, OH: Announcing at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday (Expected to Ohio State)
  • Rodjay Burns, DB Louisville, KY: Committed to Ohio State, but still considering a flip back to Louisville
  • Malcolm Pridgeon, OT JUCO: Announcement expected any time (Ohio State , Baylor)
  • Jamar King, DT JUCO: Announcement expected at any time (Alabama, Ohio State, or UCF)
  • Carlos Becker, CB Kissimmee, FL: Announcement at 9:30AM on Wednesday (Expected Florida State)
  • K'von Wallace, CB Highland Springs, VA: Deciding on Wednesday (Ohio State, Clemson, others being considered)
Comment 29 Dec 2015

Sorry for your loss.

I can pass along my personal experience:  My Grandmother on my Dad's side of the family passed away when I was 7 years old, and her casket was open for the funeral.  For me, that is how I remember my Grandmother. It is an image I have never forgotten, and I wish I had not seen her in the casket.

Ever since then, I have never viewed anyone in an open casket.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

So again you believe one should profit due to lack of information

If you can explain how the original poster profits from selling tickets at face value, I would appreciate it.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

Or, they could leave the Rose Bowl at 5:00PM ET, and play the Playoff games before and after it.

The Sugar Bowl can be played on New Year's Eve when not a Playoff game, as it has several times in the 70s, and then two spots are open on New Year's Day.

In the past the Cotton Bowl was an early game on New Year's Day and the Orange Bowl was the night game, so it is not a stretch to play them that way, now.

Comment 22 Dec 2015

Not sure why they would pull out of the NCAA, as the College Football Playoff is not an officially sanctioned championship event by the NCAA.

The CFP can expand, if they desire to do so.

Comment 18 Dec 2015

Try this link:


Comment 11 Dec 2015
We've seen pretty much all we need to see.  The Grind is over and my guess is, for this year, the team is glad it is and might not even give a shit anymore. Feeling a lot of what we sensed at the end of 2013.....a limp-wristed effort vs. Michigan bailed out by Tyvis Powell's interception; shitty play calling and at times, a curb stomping at the hands of Sparty in the B1G champ game;  a mailed in effort vs. Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

I'm trying to understand the analogy to 2013.  Where does the 42-13 victory over  Michigan this year fit in to the comparison to the end of the 2013 season?