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Comment 20 Apr 2016

I don't know what all you guys have been drinking (or smoking) and I don't know what year OSU lost that white out game but it wasn't in 2012.  Ohio State went undefeated that year, Urban's first year.

If you are referring to the table of games and scores in the story, the listing is Penn State's history in White Out games (the title above the table is 'Penn State White Out History', and Penn State lost the game.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

Virginia Tech is not in the AAU, though, and UVA is. 

Regardless, Virginia Tech will need a comparable landing spot to UVA, as I posted above.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

Splitting up Virginia and Virginia Tech will not be easily done, unless Virginia Tech has a new landing place already set up, that is as good at Virginia's.

When the ACC tried to expand in 2003, by raiding the Big East, and not including Virginia Tech in the plan, the Commonwealth of Virginia prevented the University of Virginia from voting affirmatively for the expansion, as it would leave Virginia Tech in a diminished Big East. They were successful in getting the ACC to revise their expansion plans, to include Virginia Tech.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

It will be interesting how these schools plan to get out of the grant of rights deal that they all agree to after Maryland left the ACC  

The ACC's grant of rights makes it very difficult financially for a school to leave, guaranteeing in the years of the deal that a school's media rights, including revenue, for all home games remains with the ACC regardless of the school's affiliation.  This deal does through 2027, I believe. 

Comment 17 Apr 2016

When comparing Spring Game attendance numbers, one thing I rarely see the national media mention is that Ohio State has the highest attendance, and fans are paying to go.  

Alabama, for example, has big crowds, bit it is free.  

This further shows how dedicated Buckeye fans are.  

Comment 15 Apr 2016
Cardale Jones gray shirted.  So did Tim Todd Boeckman.  Probably a lot more.
Comment 14 Apr 2016

FWIW, in  Louisiana:

Whoever commits the crime of second degree murder shall be punished by life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence.

If the shooter is convicted of second degree murder he will be in prison the rest of his life.

Comment 14 Apr 2016

I'm really getting tired of the defense attorney having press conferences, and trying to try this case in the press.

I understand that he is doing  his job, but it does not make it any less annoying, given that his client shot and killed a man by shooting him the back multiple times.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

This quote was part of the 11W story on this topic:

"When I was at Bowling Green it was 'Come to Ohio State's campus to see all these players,'" Meyer said. "I didn't realize that was part of the conversation. I wish they'd revisit that part of it. Once again, sometimes I think there's knee-jerk reactions from people complaining and all that and I get that. I think it's a slippery slope.
Comment 07 Apr 2016

Not a bad day for Simon, signing a $1,671,000 deal. Glad to see him doing well.