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Comment 30 May 2015

If the Hawks pull this out it will be proof of their greatness and resiliency.  The Ducks have looked like the better team in almost every game - hard hitting, crisp and intimidating.  

Comment 25 Mar 2015

I like your thoughts on Brax to some degree.  

I agree that we shouldn't forget what Braxton did for this program - his breath taking running ability, cannon of an arm and soft spoken star power set the standard for the QB position in the Urban era. Yes - the thought of a Braxton vindication via triumph sends chills down my spine. However - Braxton - even if 100% healthy - is not the best QB on this team and competition IS in order.  

JT is an outstanding vocal leader, the best decision maker, has the most accurate arm.

Cardale is the biggest, most powerful and has the strongest arm.

Braxton is the best athlete.

I think JT will win the competition. 

Side note** - Your Wilson example was ill conceived. Obviously he will play when he's healthy but Jalin Marshall is the starter now and rightly so. 

Comment 25 Mar 2015

WE DONT KNOW IF THEY ARE TIGHT OR NOT.  WERE NOT ON THE TEAM.  The 2nd or 3rd hand resources you rely on probably don't even know whats going on inside the locker room.  

Fall back

Comment 02 Feb 2015

I don't think people even use Scout anymore.  It's 24/7, Rivals and ESPN.