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Comment 29 Apr 2012

He spoke last Monday at the annual JCC Sports Dinner in Akron.  His speech was fantastic.  I got to talk to him before but I clammed up like a little school girl.  Love that man.

Comment 31 Dec 2011
Remember how the George Mason game started last year? I was in a lower level suite and within my wingspan was the George Mason fan section. So fun watching Lighty and the boys quickly drain their bravado and enthusiasm, and then destroy them. Was a great vibe in Cleve that night because everyone in the building knew it was a Lighty homecoming. Wish the season ended that night......
Comment 03 Sep 2011
DC definitely looked legit out there today.
Comment 04 Jan 2011

Re 1/1 bowl games:

1. Michigan sucks.....what did we expect?

2. Penn St should have beaten UF if only we hadn't knocked McLovin' silly two months ago such that he started throwing to the wrong team.

3. Michigan St game was a combination of Michigan St being Michigan St and the classic "we were snubbed" face plant.  How many times have we seen a team who thinks they've been snubbed re their bowl bid fall flat (think Michigan against USC 4 years ago). 

4. Wisconsin v TCU was a good, tough game.  Wiscy got all crazy and abandoned the run, which arguably sealed their fate.  In any event, it's not as if they got blown away or manhandled....and they were playing a tough team.

I just hope everyone has their mind right tonight.  No panicking, no stupid 15-yarders, etc.  I do think we have to be prepared for plenty of "bending" on defense.

The wait is killing me.  Can't focus for shit.  Work......pfftt

I'm confident this game will take years off of my life.