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Comment 05 Jun 2012

My stepfather was a traffic cop.  He definitely worked on a quota.

And then there was this:


Comment 05 Jan 2012

I know this is an OSU fan site and all, but don't you think the SEC love is warranted a bit?  5 titles in a row.  If LSU wins they'll have beaten the Pac-12/Rose Bowl champ, the Big East/Orange Bowl Champ and Alabama twice in the same season.  That's a remarkable season.  

Face it, they play better football than we do down thar.  Hopefully Urbz raises the level here, and the re-ignited OSU/Michigan rivalry raises the conference up as a whole.



Comment 03 Jan 2012

Holmes.  They gave up ONE touchdown.  

21 of Florida's points came from special teams.

Comment 21 Dec 2011

Tressel's cover up had nothing to do with protecting these kids.  It had everything to do with protecting his chance to win another title.


Comment 20 Dec 2011

This isn't on Posey, Herron and the other three who got free tattoos.  This is on their coach who lied to cover it up.  And it's on the dipshit AD for acting like a spoiled child regarding the NCAA.  The NCAA made an example out of tOSU because Smith has been parading around the country saying we were safe.

Comment 15 Dec 2011

41-14 happened because UF's d-line DOMINATED the tOSU line.

If I were Dave Roth or Greg Dulli, I'd say something like "Having too many awesome Defensive Lineman is about the same as having too much money, or getting too many blow jobs."  

I try not to by a misogynist, though.  But you get my point.



Comment 08 Dec 2011

Jim Delaney is the main reason this will never happen.  ESPN figured out a way to make money out of televising card games.  They could make bazillions off of a College Football Playoff.  Mike Slive is the biggest playoff advocate out there.  Why wouldn't Alabama's or LSU's smash mouth football work in the cold?

Comment 27 Nov 2011
Dudez! Give Michigan credit, man. They scratched tooth and nail to beat the worst Ohio State team since 2000, a team held together by model airplane glue, at home. They are fucking back, you guys! Seriously though, if a man isn't wearing a headset on the sideline or in the box, what the F is his input?
Comment 27 Nov 2011
We all thought Berry, Hyde and Smith were 'special' at one point as well. Maybe with coherent OLine coaching, one of them will pan out. Although, Berry may not be worth the drama. What is his status anyhow?
Comment 20 Nov 2011
I find ESPN to be irresponsible and manipulative too, but please accept that the SEC WEST is a monster that needs no help from ESPN.
Comment 17 Aug 2011


Comment 01 Apr 2011

My only hope is that those two morons eat each other.

XM saved my sportsradio life.

Comment 23 Mar 2011

It's no different than people with blind faith in Tressel.

Calipari is the sleeziest, but at least he doesn't pretend to be something he isn't.

I'm still heart broken over tat gate and the only cure will be a title by Thad and the dudes.



Comment 15 Mar 2011

I haven't done much searching, but I'd like to hear Luke's take on the Herbie exodus.

One thing that OSU fans have always wanted was to be ranked amidst the SEC's best.  Well, the backlash against Herbie, the "OSU is a victim of an ESPN conspiracy" ramblings and the blind loyalty to Tressel have proven that we can hang with certain SEC fans in one way: stupidity.  Every new post that invokes an "at least we're not Auburn" or "ESPN hates us" comment galvanizes the notion that we, as a fanbase, are nothing special.  We're just as wacko as 'Bama and Auburn fans.

Take a step back and listen to your fucking selves.  It's embarassing.  





Comment 10 Dec 2010

Or Pryor against Michigan (3-0) or Krenzel against Michigan (2-1) and in Bowl Games (2-0).  Troy also won at Texas and against ND in the Fiesta.

Comment 10 Dec 2010

Sweatervester doesn't get it.  It's like arguing with a foam finger. 

Comment 06 Dec 2010

When your O-line continuously under achieves, having a mobile QB is essential: see Krenzel, Troy, Pryor, etc.  The real question is, "WTF is up, Jim Bollman?"

Comment 23 Nov 2010

I agree that he is awesome.  But Steve Addazio was also a finalist, which makes the award less prestigious.  Orson Spindle / Spencer Hall wants to pour a pot of McDonald's scalding hot coffee on Addazio's head, and the (lack of) production from UF's offense would warrant it.

Then again, they may just be crediting Addazio for holding the program together when Urbane went batshit crazy in the spring.  But then again, did Addazio even do a good job at that?

Blah blah blah.  Hold on to Fickell.  I predict he replaces Tress after they win the MNC with Braxton.


Comment 22 Nov 2010

I think he understands the notion of a legacy, but has no clue what building a positive one entails.

Comment 22 Nov 2010

Chris, your take on Pryor is absolutely correct.  I root for him because he's a beast and because he's leading our crew now.  However, I won't follow him once he leaves because he's a punk with zero perspective on his role and potential legacy, and punks can't win my unconditional affection.  However, there are plenty of players on this team that will go down as awesome on and off the field, especially Sanzenbacker and Heyward.