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Comment 04 Apr 2014

As Dan Dakich likes to say "Water finds its level" meaning although some schools may seem to be hot now, in the end the best recruiters and schools will get their guys eventually and it will all work out.

Comment 12 Sep 2013

Loved every second of that video!

Comment 10 Sep 2013

I agree completely about Hoke as a person.  Seems like the type of guy that would be great to hang out with.  I can't stand Michigan enough to really get into an analysis of whether or not he is a good coach.  I would actually have to watch them play to do that.

Comment 30 Aug 2013

I'm not sure that I was ever cool, but man I did a lot of stupid things in college.  I hope that my 17 year old son never finds out about those things.  Of course, my bigger fear will be when my 15 year old daughter heads off to school.  I hope she doesn't run into someone who acted like I did in my college years.

Comment 28 Aug 2013

He was also a defensive back in high school.  My guess is that he would probably be put on that side of the ball.  Even in basketball, defense is his specialty.  He might force some fumbles and grab some interceptions.  Of course, taking a charge wouldn't be a skill that would help on the gridiron.

Comment 07 Aug 2013

Seems to have pretty good hands in this video.  I also like that he blocks shots with either hand.

Comment 26 Jul 2013

How awesome is technology in the 21st century?!  I feel like I am there even though I am nowhere near Columbus.   Thanks so much to the 11W staff!!!

Comment 26 Jun 2013

I would be more concerned about Northwestern than either of these games however, we can't take anyone too lightly and I'm sure the coaches will stress that.

Comment 24 Jun 2013

The real problem with relegation has to do with the difference between a professional league and college football.  A professional sports team has many ways that they can attempt to change their team in order to avoid relegation or to get back to the upper division.  Trades and free agent signings are just two of them.  A team in NCAA football is very limited in how they obtain players for their roster (unless you want to break the rules).  Recruiting gets even more difficult when you are dropped to a lower division/conference and have to try to sell your position to recruits.  This is similar to what PSU is going through right now in attempting to bring in players who can't compete for a championship.  Relegation benefits the traditional power schools more than it does the marginal team that has a good season every once in awhile.