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Comment 06 Mar 2016

In my opinion, Harbaugh had to come in as coach and treat it like a program that has never had a history of winning.  Michigan has to have publicity stunts and make news to get into the conversation for the kids that they are recruiting.  These kids don't remember when Michigan was consistently good.  My kids are in school at OSU and have no memory of Michigan being a threat to OSU at all.

Comment 22 Feb 2016

Best was 1985 vs Iowa and Chuck Long.  Spielman and Pepper Johnson were awesome.

Worst was in 2011 vs Michigan State at home in a 10 to 7 loss.  No offense the entire game until the end when Bauserman (yes Joe Bauserman) threw a TD pass.

Comment 09 Dec 2015

Almost all of my favorites have been mentioned but I didn't see Dazed & Confused.  Can't not watch it when I surf on to it.

Comment 06 Nov 2015

Still waiting to see how Cinci responds to injuries.  They have been one of the healthiest teams this year.  In the NFL, injuries are bound to come up at some point.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

There is no such thing as a bad Dazed & Confused reference.  Awesome.

Comment 27 Sep 2015
 I have watched a much improved UM team march down the field on almost every drive for 3 out of 4 games. And they did it against better teams than we have played.

So you are feeling like you would rather take TTUN's situation right now rather that what we have going with our offense?  Seriously?

Comment 20 Sep 2015

As long as we keep winning by at least one point, style won't matter and we will remain in the top 4 when the playoffs are announced at the end.  The rankings this early in the season do not matter, but it gets especially hard to do when teams get "upset" early on.  Upsets early in the season may not look so great later in the year.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Awesome result.  Congrats to Coach Herman.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

It seems to me that I see a trend among all of our skill players (not just Cardale and JT) that they are trying to make every play into a big play.  The battle for playing time gets these guys wanting to make every play into a touchdown and it seems that everyone who handles the ball is pressing a little bit.  In any sport, guys play better when they play with a relaxed and confident attitude. 

Now I don't think that competition is bad, but this is just a by-product of the competition in the early stages.