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Comment 20 Jan 2014
Never realized how much gold dust looked like darth maul...
Comment 06 Jan 2014
Entrapment isn't a "get out of jail free card," it's a protection for innocent people from rogue cops fabricating ersatz crimes.
Comment 06 Jan 2014
http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/_/dict.aspx?rd=1&word=entrapment I've had many dealings with under cover police who have approached me and solicited me for "services" I would not normally have committed. I would imagine in this case the individual "would previously be disposed to commit" this act since he had set up shop.
Comment 06 Jan 2014
"All aboard the S.S. Date Rape" -Jameis Winston
Comment 06 Jan 2014
Remember folks, if you are unsure if the individual you are dealing with is a cop, ask them. If they reply IN ANY WAY affirmative, proceed under the assumption they are a cop regardless how much they backtrack afterwards.
Comment 31 Dec 2013
Dr. Spurgeon Cole of Clemson University decided to do an experiment to see how good police officers were at distinguishing someone who is under the legal limit from someone who is too drunk to drive, based entirely on watching them perform field sobriety tests. 14 police officers were shown videotapes of 21 subjects taking six common field sobriety tests and were asked to decide which “had too much to drink and drive.” On average, the police officers determined that 46% of the subjects were legally intoxicated. So how did they do? Not well, especially considering that not a single subject had consumed alcohol. In other words, the blood alcohol level of every subject was .00%—as sober as you can get. The officers might as well have guessed randomly. This is a particularly disquieting result considering that, if the officers and pulled these individuals over, they would have arrested an innocent person half of the time. (Cole and Nowaczyk, “Field Sobriety Tests: Are they Designed for Failure?”, 79 Perceptual and Motor Skills Journal 99, 1994.) Http://www.duianswer.com/library/are-field-sobriety-tests-accurate.cfm What has Clemson ever done you ask?
Comment 30 Dec 2013
"When you  were 19, did you think all your personal issues might/had to be public?" No disrespect, but this is the era of CIAbook...er, facebook and social media. Kids air out all their petty problems for everyone to see...(really has nothing to do with Spence and what he's dealing with, just a general observation of society today)
Comment 27 Dec 2013
That was so creepy...when I got to the point where you began talking about the players as fine chocolates I could go no further...uugh
Comment 18 Dec 2013
http://cga.ct.gov/2011/rpt/2011-R-0113.htm For those of you who don't want to read this, it says (among other things) you can argue that your 6th amendment rights are being violated because you cannot confront your accuser.
Comment 14 Dec 2013
Look, I get what the Brimsfield police chief is doing. He has a book coming out and all this is for publicity. If he wants to perpetuate a pissing contest about how dangerous his job is, maybe he should talk to a roofer, a fisherman, a steel worker, loggers, licker store employees, electrical power line installers, or a trucker which all (including many more) have a higher fatality rate per 100,000 workers. I'M NOT SAYING POLICE AREN'T IN A DANGEROUS JOB, they really are, but they're certainly not in the most dangerous job in terms of fatalities. That award goes to.....fishermen (at least a few years ago it was). So by his logic, he has no business saying that he puts his life on the line like a fisherman every day (and I know he didn't say that, but it is valid within the context of his argument against Kanye).