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Comment 26 Apr 2016

In my mind, it doesn't matter what Roy knew or didn't do - the basketball team played players who should have been ineligible because they were taking sham classes and the program benefited from the sham classes - yet the basketball team will likely get no penalty.

Comment 23 Feb 2016

How many tents/spots in front and behind you in line?  What is the unwritten code for how many actual people you can save a spot in line for?  For example, could 10 of your friends roll up about 10 minutes before and join you?

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Someone missed a layup.  Reverse those two in the photos and you get 911!  Emergency assistance at WR!

Comment 07 Jan 2016

I tend to agree that Herman was on the right side of the argument.  Everyone and their mother knew that Houston and Allen would had an interest in each other.  There was no story there.  The Lopez "headline" was something to the effect that Herman was meeting with Allen.  Herman felt (and I agree) that the headline was misleading at best and unethical at worst since it was clearly meant to one up what everyone already knew by saying "not only is there interest but they are meeting". In fact, they didn't meet.  Any of the UH beat guys could have written the same headline but didn't because it essential wasn't true.  Lopez didn't know anything more that anyone else but wanted to get the headline as if he had the story.

In this day and age of click-bait designed to get a page view, I am glad Herman still defends the facts.  Wouldn't be much different if a Buckeye blog site wrote "Rashan Gary to meet with Coach Meyer" when the fact of the story was Gary was simply answering another routine recruiting phone call.

Comment 10 Dec 2015

You left our some HUGE head-to-head recruiting losses to Notre Dame this year (including one today).  They really seem to have Ohio State's number of the recruiting front recently.

Comment 03 Nov 2015

My big wonder is if the three-day hotel counseling ends up effectively turning a one game suspension into a two game suspension.  Unless JT gets lucky and finds a Sunday-Tuesday session, I can't see how he can miss a week of practice and still start on Saturday.  This could be particularly bad timing if it's one of the last 3 games of the B1G season (including the championship game).  Anyone have any knowledge if these counseling sessions are allowed to be deferred for a couple months?

Comment 26 Oct 2015

Going into a bye week and with Minny and Illinois coming up, I'd like to know the if there is any predictive statistical correlations that can be found related to the biggest upsets in Ohio State history-- games Ohio State lost as prohibitive favorites.  Was it complacency (maybe we'd won a lot of games by big margins)? Or the opposite, were we living on borrowed time (lots of close calls prior to that)? Inexperience (lots of young untested but talented players)?  A glaring weaknesses on offense or defense or special teams which hadn't bitten us yet?  Poor recruiting 2 or 3 years previous?  Poor 3rd down conversions all year that finally killed us?  Or lack of red zone efficiency?  Any statistical similarities between those teams that lost to Michigan State, Illinois and Purdue?

Comment 19 Oct 2015

There's nothing in his post that's not true.  Our WR corps is super thin and largely ineffective.  Just because you and YTown support JT or don't support Cardale, doesn't make his opinion invalid.

It's obviously a big enough deal that Urban mentioned in his FIRST SENTENCES in the postgame presser:

"We're down five receivers right now, so we went with a lot of two tight ends, and that kind of gave them a hard time in the run game ... Dontre is banged up -- I think he'll be close -- he played a little bit but he should be full speed by next week. Johnnie Dixon is still not full speed. And we lost Corey Smith. And I think there's one other one. Parris Campbell was out because of a sprained knee."

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Meyer actually listed them in the presser:  

"We're down five receivers right now, so we went with a lot of two tight ends ... 
Dontre is banged up ... 
Johnnie Dixon is still not full speed.
And we lost Corey Smith.
Parris Campbell was out because of a sprained knee."

Plus Noah Brown, would make five?

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Do you happen to recall any game times or specific situations?  I am not seeing anything open 15 yards+ down field - especially across the middle.  I'd be grateful for the tips.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

The problem is if we keep physically damaging our opponents they are going to end up with poor records at the end of the year.  

Comment 05 Oct 2015

I watched and saw a TD called back by a questionable call, a turnover in the red zone and an offense that gained 500+ yards.  I saw a defense that punished their offense and knocked out their best players and dropped an interception and made some dumb penalties.  Indiana played a nice game, but if you think that was anywhere near "embarrassing" or if you think Indiana was the better team, I question how much football you've watched.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Good post!  I agree.  This team is analogous of an early version of Tiger Woods (insert joke here).  He wins the Masters in record fashion and decides (or is forced) to revamp his swing.  We lost Tom Herman and Warriner's been distracted from getting the offensive line is shape while trying to create a game plan.  Beck is new and his "rhythm" with Urban on playcalling is not there.  Someone up in the booth is not reading opponents' defenses well.  And we're moved away from a zone-read offense and while we adapt, we've lost the up-tempo.  There are going to be some growing pains but I firmly believe that Urban looked at our schedule and figured out that we would have time to work out the kinks before the "Majors".  

I think by the time we hit MSU and TTUN, we'll be rolling.  

Comment 24 Sep 2015

I wouldn't say the most important things is being a leader.  I think the most important thing is the ability to produce touchdowns.  The more I start putting this puzzle together, the more I start to conclude that Urban loved the spread option against the sisters-of-the-poor but started to see it struggle against defenses with better speed and athleticism.

Cardale's coming out party against top competition may have lead him to believe we can get the same mathematical advantage using formation and motion without the reliance on the QB making a critical read.  He seems not set on a game plan that includes a power running game and a devastating play action pass game.  

I, for one, think that's the right direction also.  How many read-option teams win a national championship? 

Comment 24 Sep 2015

I can remember at least two of the 8 where everyone recognized they weren't Cardale's fault.  I wouldn't call that "massive" and let's be honest -- he's 6-0 as a starter with 4 games against very good teams.  

I'm curious why you feel the QB is responsible for all turnovers or offensive performance in general?   I am also curious why you don't then credit Cardale for historically great victories where the offense was practically an unstoppable machine but you are more supportive of JT who has one great game to his credit against a top team?

Comment 24 Sep 2015

I think you might be making up some stats. Where on earth do you come up with 14 turnovers for Cardale??

The official stats say something different (including links to the official stats):

2015 VaTech:  1 interception, 0 fumbles, 0 fumbles lost
2015 Hawaii:  0 interceptions, 1 fumble, 0 fumbles lost
2015 N.Illinois: 2 interceptions, 0 fumbles, 0 fumbles lost

2014 Oregon: 1 interception, 2 fumbles, 2 fumbles lost
2015 Alabama: 1 interception, 1 fumble, 0 fumbles lost

(Hmm the links don't seem to work though)