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Comment 19 Jun 2016
Born in Bluffton, grew up in Bryan, now living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Make it back to Ohio about once a year .
Comment 03 Apr 2016
It was usually omelettes and dinner left overs on the Kennedy .
Comment 29 Dec 2015
I want to thank everyone for the kind words. I debated for awhile if I wanted to bring this here and I am glad that I did. The people on this site are why this is the best site I know. I have talked to the therapist and my son's siblings. They have agreed to have the casket open for the viewing and will then close it shortly before the service and allow my son to say goodbye with it closed. Once again, thank you to everyone here for your kind words and thoughtful advice, May God bless you all in the new year.
Comment 29 Dec 2015
I think at his age that he is small enough that he might not be able to see in it without help. I'm debating asking him if he wants to do it .My fear is he will say yes and it will scar him .
Comment 09 Nov 2015
How about bring Marshall in motion in front of Miller with Zeke behind and setup the triple option with keep, shuffle pass to Marshall or pitch to Zeke. Just my completely unqualified .02
Comment 23 Oct 2015

the team was 12-12. Cardale threw a 19 yd TD pass to Miller.  So JT was 11-11.

Comment 22 Oct 2015
As someone who is from Ohio and calls South Florida home, I have an easier time dealing with summer humidity than winter cold and snow, and I rarely eat at chain restaurants. But back to topic, I did some work in Huron a couple of years ago, and I agree with the statements here. Cute town with some nice houses on or near the lake.