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Comment 18 Oct 2014

Most butthurt fanbase in the B1G.


Comment 03 Oct 2014

I said even before Braxton got hurt that playoffs be damned, I'd be happy with winning the B1G. 

It starts tomorrow. 

45 - 27 good guys

Comment 27 Sep 2014

I'm quickly approaching my mid-40's.

Two summers ago I worked for a place that supplied the companies involved with the many construction projects around campus. Boss told me to take a delivery up there, the first of many.

I get up there, I'm told it'll be a little bit before they can get me unloaded, so I relax and get ready for some "sight seeing" in Central Ohio's premier spot for such an activity.

Black, skin tight yoga pants everywhere...attached to girls barely older than my daughter.

I lower my head in sadness, get back in my truck and just listen to 97.1. That was the day that I accepted that I was old.

Comment 27 Sep 2014

Those Bearcat fans that drop allegiance to Buckeye Nation whenever we play Cincy should have their citizenship revoked.

You can't leave us, side with the terrorists, then expect to be let back in after your defeat.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

When you call plays to have your QB throw deep from the pocket, when your oline can't form a pocket, that is a coaching issue.