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Comment 16 Apr 2014
FSU proved last year that strength of schedule is nice, but not necessary. I'd rather see convincing wins over all opponents.
Comment 01 Apr 2014
One of the best explanations I've read for the jumbled, hot mess that was the series finale. Somebody upvote this man.
Comment 09 Feb 2014
The new site has potential. Things do seem harder to find, graphics might be too big, and ad placement distracting, especially on the main page. Still, lots to like!
Comment 06 Feb 2014
For some reason ... everyone was pretty diplomatic responding to defense related questions, including Meyer. It made it sound like some of the details still need to be sorted out.
Comment 05 Feb 2014

The fact that he might be decommitting from Michigan State, makes it sound like it might be the other way around, especially if a certain five star follows his heart north...

Comment 11 Jan 2014

I would have also been surprised if he left for anything other than a head coaching position. After Mack “decided” to step down, everyone was out spinning Texas as the mecca of coaching. It must be hard for them to deal with all the rejection.