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Comment 04 Jul 2013
That guy is just awesome.. will miss this guy when he graduates
Comment 19 Feb 2012
Givin the direction this team is going seems like slowing down would definitely give us a better chance to win even though the thought of playing wiscy bball makes me cringe. It would save players from foul trouble (if we can figure out what a jump stop is) and save energy for our seven deep. Its just tough to acknowledge that this is the route we have to take after seeing what we did at duke and knowing what we are capable of.
Comment 19 Feb 2012
I don't think its the end of the world by no means.. Doesn't change the fact that they are struggling as a whole and its either a funk they will snap out of or its something more. Maybe a change is needed but maybe not. I just think some tweaking maybe to the starting lineup aka smith Jr could benefit us more come tourney time.. just an opinion
Comment 19 Feb 2012
I think Williams and sully down low together would create big problems for defenses. sully has been working on his faceup game so him not always being down low could be something that would benefit him. Amir would almost for sure at least score more points than smith but also would alter more shots and get more rebounds. Burke scored a couple times on kraft at the end but that was after he should have had a fifteen second call. Amir down low would have made those good but kinda lucky drives way harder. Kid is an all American and needs to be given a more prominent role
Comment 19 Feb 2012
Smith Jr.. good athlete but he just doesn't do much. Other than one game the guy just kind of fades to the background. What about having Williams start in his spot. We have noone who can block shots and he would be someone for kraft to throw it up to for a dun or easy bucket. i know that puts Sullinger against a four but teams are already taking him out of the lane on defense. just a thought
Comment 19 Feb 2012
Is it just me or is dt becoming your favorite player to watch? dude seriously hustles for offensive boards like a mad man.. sully needs to stop being such a kid/baby out there.. buford.. im at a loss of words for him. We all know what he can do offensively but his bad moments are becoming way to frequent. I definitely would not trade craft for burke. His defensive ability makes him way to valuable. I wish he didn't miss so many bunnies but the havoc he creates other point guards is such an asset. We are in quite the funk right now. Its painful to watch to be honest because we have all seen what they can do.. alas duke. Matta needs to inspire these kids. Whoever said earlier that it looks like they think they are better than they really are hit it right on the head. Come back down to reality and stop playing like a bunch of whiney girls.
Comment 18 Feb 2012
Games like this it really shows the lack of having senior leadership.. bufords demeanor just does not get it done.. Sullinger needs to stop whining to the ref