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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sad to say, 8th grade year. Last minute red zone stand versus hated rival and I make a tackle at the three-yard line to save the game. Long gap... then I ran a marathon when I was 30. Not exactly Highlight Express.
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Comment 06 Dec 2016

With as much talent as they have, this was not a dominant D this year. It won't be a popular opinion, but I think Don Brown is much more deserving. The reason we were still talking (or, in many cases, laughing) about Michigan being a playoff team even up to Saturday was Brown's D, not the offense.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

But, my, how this year pales in comparison to Woodson's year. I think Jackson will win, but there are significant issues with each candidate.

Comment 04 Dec 2016

I think PSU-USC could be great as both teams were red-hot to end the season. I know it's pragmatic to hate PSU, but they were a great team at the end of the season and will bring an enthusiastic fanbase to Pasadena, and USC would be a dangerous team in an expanded playoff format. The coaching stories are pretty compelling, too, as those looked like two openings early in the year.

Comment 04 Dec 2016

No, your point, in your wording anyway, seems to be that he was hired due to race or some other orientation. As the other poster noted, he is a former college football great that says outlandish things, ala Mark May.

Comment 04 Dec 2016

I agree. What's more, Kanell speaks in theory instead of the "no way could I possibly be wrong" for which ESPN rewards douchenozzles like May and Stephen A. Smith.

Comment 03 Dec 2016

These two teams look about even and, based on their cumulative record vs us and Michigan, would be considered the second tier of the conference (or third if you're giving us top spot.