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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sad to say, 8th grade year. Last minute red zone stand versus hated rival and I make a tackle at the three-yard line to save the game. Long gap... then I ran a marathon when I was 30. Not exactly Highlight Express.
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Comment 16 hours ago

Seriously. The reason this game looks so boring is Bama's crazy consistency. I do think they have one struggle left this year, but when you think it's going to happen, they generally curb-stomp their opponent.

Comment 16 hours ago

I think Helfrich could be fired this year. They've given up 161 points over the last three games and are well on their way to hurting that average tonight.

Comment 17 hours ago

I'm with you except for Bryant. He's a dumbass. Great talent, but a dumbass who is constantly making as many headlines off the field as on it. With the Cowboys progressing much faster than expected, I think he's expendable and should be traded while he still has value.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

He's less than a full year removed from a playoff appearance. A beatdown in a playoff appearance, mind you, but an appearance nonetheless. You'd have to see two to three years of a dropoff to put his job in danger. Remember that they had a down year in Urban's first year here and then had a nice little run. Due to the way he recruits (as noted several times above), he'll have those. Reminds me of Penn State in their glory years.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Probably a tough decision for them if they lose six or seven games as to whether they would take a bowl offer. For a program that is trying to establish itself as a perennial powerhouse, sitting one out after a shitshow season could be a message. Most coaches, though, love the extra practices with a young team.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

The mid-season is the new off-season as far as coaching searches. I think that this could be a great job for PJ Fleck, though I suspect he'll be offered much better gigs if it gets to the end of the year. Watch for them to make a very aggressive push for him starting today.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

This is so right, yet they got aggressive then later in the game and it finally paid off with the Wilson TD. That's the passing game we need-intermediate passing to our athletes in space.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

One thing I felt watching JT and the passing game yesterday was that they would probably bounce back the following week. That has been the trend. I am still very concerned that we cannot seem to adjust mid-game with JT, a situation we've seen several times now (PSU in '14, MSU last year) to save him from wretched games. For this week, though, I wouldn't be surprised if we go with a straight-forward, yet aggressive passing game and hang 40+ on the Badgers.

Comment 08 Oct 2016

Indiana has to throw a game plan at us. It doesn't mean we can't adjust. Today, we have not adjusted in our playcalling at all. Disappointing game from coaches and JT.