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Comment 18 hours ago

Same story for me. The best analogy that I can think of is an infestation. I still have family and friends there, but the infestation of the addicts is like a house being invaded by rodents or cockroaches; can't enjoy it even if you don't see it.

Comment 28 May 2015

Did Gustin fool us? Or was it, rather, just us getting him on campus a little too late in the process, after USC had established some ties? Those are the battles we'll take our chances with and I'd say Kelly, should he visit and keep us in his top two, would fit into the same category. These are elite West Coast players and to be a finalist is saying something and does some PR for us out there. Losing an Ohio player at the last moment, on the other hand, feels like a punch in the gut (see Baker, Jerome, Part 1).


Comment 27 May 2015

Mack is doing his due diligence and taking trips and seeing campuses, much like Bosa. It sounds like he has said the right words to the coaches to let them know what he's going to say on June 7.

Comment 27 May 2015

Marlon Humphrey was the same way for Alabama a couple of years back. He was a Bama legacy, yet waited until late January to commit. I wondered the same thing and kept waiting to see the "Is Humphrey wavering?" headline and it never happened. I think Bosa's recruitment will end the same way (not at Bama, of course, but rather following his own schedule).

Comment 22 May 2015


Who starts for Bama at QB? it looks like a Coker-Cornwell battle.

Comment 17 May 2015

I agree. I'm curious, though, to see how this "drop" impacts him as a teen. From what I've heard he's a very hard worker. I feel sorry for the weights he's about to hit even harder.

Comment 17 May 2015

Keep in mind, too, that once guys are committed, they're less beneficial to recruiting sites as the story lines of "Where will they end up?" and "Are they still looking?" are no longer in play (the headlines that get hits). I'm not so cynical to think that an uneven performance by a player might not impact his rating, but it's pretty consistent that they're no longer hot shit once they're committed.

EDIT: or, basically, what Teddy said above me. Slow-moving this Sunday.

Comment 15 May 2015

Without trying to incite more hostile posts, but rather to elicit some good conversation, it seems clear where our head is at recruiting-wise (cherry-pick the state and cast a wide net for top talent nationally) as well as MSU (strong regional presence that identifies as a very strong #2 option for Midwest talent). How are we defining UM's recruiting approach, though? 

Comment 15 May 2015

Isiah Thomas. Am proud to say I've hated him in every one of his incarnations (player, coach, GM, committed d-bag).

Comment 15 May 2015

This is the catch of committing early. Your headline, "Buckeyes visit commit Walker" just isn't as sexy as "Craig-Myers re-opens his recruitiment" and people stop paying such close attention. It's one of the reasons, IMO, you'll see kids long-committed to schools take fall trips for a little attention. And, no, I don't think it's diva-esque so much as it's being a teenager.

Comment 12 May 2015

Total speculation, I know, but I think the play we're going to see from Bell will be All-American play. I think he makes our D dominant this year.