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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sad to say, 8th grade year. Last minute red zone stand versus hated rival and I make a tackle at the three-yard line to save the game. Long gap... then I ran a marathon when I was 30. Not exactly Highlight Express.
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Comment 14 hours ago

The number of comments for this thread (and most Skully's) says it all. People love to read DJ's stuff, even if it's just to get bent out of shape. Keep up the good work.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

I am a little surprised that he left as Jaylen Brown (Rivals no. 3 overall) returns to Wheeler as well. That team would have been unbeatable....

except against Oak HIll.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

You sound like you really enjoy recruiting other players. What are the points or ideas that you stress when you talk to them about Ohio State football and what it means to be committed?

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Yep, it's the kind of story that makes your blood boil. I guess I'm just always amazed at how many people go out of their way to protect other despicable, clearly guilty people.

Comment 12 Jul 2014

Kind of a "tweener" as far as position between LB and rush DE, but we do well with those types of athletes.

Comment 12 Jul 2014

In the NBA, 99% of the players would have little to no impact on a university (especially one they actually did not attend). A very high percentage of them, meanwhile, would likely make no effort.

As we know, however, LeBron is the one percent and coming back to Ohio is going to be very, very positive. It already is. Rarely has a free agency move silenced so many haters.

Comment 12 Jul 2014

Gotta move on. I'm guessing if the staff feels they can flip Baker, they'll continue to keep in touch with him while, at the same time, actively pursue other LB prospects.

The drivel about Florida negatively recruiting him or paying him, though, is tiresome. Durkin obviously recruited him well and were Fickell, Johnson, or any other of our recruiter's names substituted for his, ala "I really have a great relationship with Coach __________," we'd be rightfully praising them. Enough with the cliche kissoff statements.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

Do you think with this being a D-line battle, though, that Larry Johnson will be more of an asset for the good guys?

Comment 11 Jul 2014

I've heard Gustin is all-USC, but we should all know better than to presume a kid is a "lock" to anywhere, right?

As far as highlights, he's reminiscent of Katzenmoyer, if anyone need something to drool over.

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Birm, I'm only watching the 7-on-7 on TV, but it looks as if he is, literally, not sweating.

Is he human?