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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sad to say, 8th grade year. Last minute red zone stand versus hated rival and I make a tackle at the three-yard line to save the game. Long gap... then I ran a marathon when I was 30. Not exactly Highlight Express.
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
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Comment 21 May 2016

I love recruiting and teach 8th graders. This is stupid. They can't commit to a catchphrase, let alone a university.

One of my students a few years ago was ranked in the top ten of 8th grade basketball players nationally (we have two 7th graders in our building similarly ranked right now). He went on to be a fine, if unspectacular high school player. He stopped growing.

Comment 20 May 2016

Much of the pre-draft hand-wringing with Bell had to do with his "lazy" on run D comment. Rarely in this day and age are players so candid or reflective and it probably hurt his draft stock, to be honest.

Comment 08 May 2016

As much as we want him, DPJ to ND would be a bigger blow to Michigan and MSU. We seem to be working on a set of Plan B's that are pretty impressive in their own right.

Comment 03 May 2016

Yes, it was referred to in code ("leadership qualities", "personality"). Interesting that even the sports world, which has brought us Barry Bonds, Gilbert Arenas, Lenny Dykstra, and so many other "tables for one" still places such emphasis on not being a total jackwagon.